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Crowd Control

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Started this off fairly chill by rebooking my bus to a later one, treated myself some hotel breakfast before it was time to get back to the other side of Sweden. However, walking around in Stockholm downtown gave me this smitten feeling. The smitten feeling of seeing all the banners for the best even in this world, Eurovision Song Contest. I thought about it a lot when I was around the Globe area too yesterday, when I passed by the bridge and heard all these Eurovision songs playing as one of their “singing tunnels”, it just… warms my cookies, as Facebook would have said it.

The more time I spend in Stockholm, the more do I love this town. Even the rude city people. Next week really can’t come soon enough.

Once home, I finished off some of the cleaning projects I started, and now the white shelf is a wrap, and not only so, but I also managed to clear out another shelf, by cramming together all my DVD’s. I don’t, quite frankly, watch movies and DVD’s that often, so I figured that if I really need one of those who are crammed in, then I’ll get it. It’s not like I’ve thrown it out or something, haha.

But, aside all of this, perhaps I should show and tell you what I got at the show yesterday. Well, it is as follows:


So, what I wound up with was one Sumo Cyco shirt – I’m still, quite frankly, debating if I should have gone for the tank top or not, but I’m quite satisfied. It’s better to go for the shirt and re-do it, than having a tank top you may not use. I got a new Butcher Babies shirt, and this time with a print I could actually use. I do have one from before, but the design is on the edge of being a bit too “extreme” for my taste. But it’s all good now, right?

Sumo Cyco’s first album “Lost in Cyco City” and an… EP? Of sorts? I’m not sure exactly how to call it, but I guess something like that. And, on top of that I got two buttons from Matt because… well because!

So yeah. Speaking of albums… My pile of new albums has grown so big that not even “Titanic Mass” fit in it. Let alone will the Sumo Cyco ones. I seriously need to get done cleaning my room so law and order can be restored. We can’t have it like this, now, can we?

// Sara

Butcher Babies @ Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden 29/4 – 16

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I’m going to be completely honest, because first and foremost, you blogreaders deserve that, and secondly, I think I already told you what I’m about to say. I had forgotten about this gig. When I stood with my co-workers and made jokes about some clubs that are closed, I forgot that I for REAL had this day off, and not that I the club I was working had closed. And I couldn’t for the life of me remember at first WHY I had the day off before I remembered I was going to see my dear Butcher Babies again. I think, in all honesty, that my brain is still you know, mashed potatoes because of my upcoming job and because I have yet to land after Australia, but like, how is it even possible? Like, this is Butcher Babies premiere in Sweden, so it’s not just any gig!

I spent most of my journey to Stockholm listening through Sumo Cyco’s debut album. I’m going to be honest – I had doubts in my mind last night about going in the first place because of stress reasons, but upon hearing Sumo Cyco and falling in love more and more for every second I listened to, I figured I had to go.

Once in Stockholm, I got to the hotel, checked in, bought some food and watched Gossip Girl before it was time to get ready and make my way to the venue. Unlike other times, I’m actually staying at Vanadis this time, which is my second choice hotel after Hotel Micro. I had completely forgotten Vanadis actually includes breakfast, but I’m not so sure about the damn hill you need to walk…

Anyway. I got to the venue about 30 minutes after the doors had opened, praying that Sumo Cyco really DID begin at 19.30 so I wouldn’t wind up missing them. But no problems, really. Once there… well. There were close to NO people there. The front row was covered, and then maybe… five or six more people? I just stood there and gasped and were like “where are all the people…?” So I went back outside to hit the merch. I picked up Sumo Cyco’s debut album and a shirt from both bands.

Back inside the venue and eagerly waiting Sumo’s start… which they did right on time and opened with “Cry Murder”.

And seriously… Like… This is a band in my taste. I don’t quite know how to explain their music to you – it’s metal, but very influenced by either like… hip hop? Or world music rythms. It’s very very funky, very rythmic at times, and I’m IN LOVE with their charismatic singer. She’s all over the place. ALL OVER.


Like literally. More often than not would she really run into the crowd to get it going, and during “Fighter” she got up on the guitarists shoulders and they both got around the venue.

Well, I… I’m sort of speechless. Despite being short, it was an amazing set. I’m not sure if they managed to pin all my favorite songs, or if the album is just that good, but I honestly couldn’t have had a better set with them, under these circumstances you know. Seriously, thank you Sumo Cyco, you guys alone made it worth coming out.

So, OH. By the way. After “Cry Murder” I found that Robert had just arrived, so I pulled him up next to me. I dumped my stuff on him before going to the bathroom, and by the time I came back he was gone. And I was like “what on Earth…” and then I noticed he’d just gotten us front row spots. Kaching! Thanks Robert.

Right on time, the lights went out and Butcher Babies hit off their show with “Blonde Girls All Look The Same” (haha Heidi, very funny, especially now that you’re blonde again). And… Well, first of all, by the time they entered, a few more people had found their way to the arena, I can’t give you an exact number but at least a 50 – 100 people where there by now. So that’s good – but there wasn’t any major pressure, which was good for us.

They continued the set with “The Butcher” followed by “Gravemaker” and well, gladly, the crowd was… I must admit a little cold, I guess there were some pits going on, but not a lot. BUT – After “Igniter”, when Heidi asks if there’s any crowdsurfers there for “Jesus Needs More Babies To His War Machine”… then shit got started. Crowdsurfers came from EVERYWHERE, and I’m not sure if you guys know how I feel about them but… They are fine, as long as I don’t have to get them on me. And it’s hard to avoid them at front row, you know?


“Mr Slowdeath” was next on the list before one of the bigger hits of the night – “Monsters Ball”. I guess… I talked to a guy when I was at the merch, who didn’t really know either band, but “it’s metal so I’ll go”. And I got the feeling he wasn’t the only one, because everyone seemed to know this song. Which is all fine by me, but you know. You noticed the difference.

160429butcherbabies1fryshusetsthlmsweden (kopia)

As far as the band goes… Butcher Babies are Butcher Babies. Carla and Heidi as front women are absolutely amazing and charismatic, but… it was something that didn’t just catch it. I guess some of the things they said or so felt a bit forced. And you can sort of tell directly when that happens. But hey – everyone can have a bad day. Or perhaps I was too blown away by the woman on stage before them that it was hard to melt it in time for the Babies. BUT – despite this, they all had a good energy and a good vibe, despite the lack of audience response.

160429butcherbabies2fryshusetsthlmsweden (kopia)

One of my personal favorites followed – “Dead Man Walking”. Seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this song and how happy I was that they actually played it. Damn. “Thrown Away” was next on the list before they walked off stage, and everything went green. And then we heard it. Those small notes. Robert and I just looked at each other in excitement.

“They’re Coming To Take Me Away”.

It’s really a cover, but damn they do it so good! Seriously… it was about to become one of the highlights of the show… until they brought up Henrik Englund from Amaranthe to sing it with them. That moment, having Henrik join them on stage made it THE highlight of the night. Oh my god, seeing him on stage again was one of the best things ever. It reminded me of how long it was since I saw Amaranthe. Good grief.


“Magnolia Blvd” followed – and for those of you who know me for long, this is the song that got me into Butcher Babies in the first place, and it’s always a party when this song comes on. The song was followed by the Deathsurrond Medley, which consists of “The Deathsurround”, “Goliath” and “I Smell A Massacre”.

160429butcherbabies4fryshusetsthlmsweden (kopia)

They wrapped up the entire set with “Axe Wound”. They thanked for themselves, and left the stage.

Well… It was a good show. In all honesty, I feel they had a better energy at Graspop -but I really don’t blame them. But despite that, I did really enjoy the show, they put on an amazing show and I still love them. But you know… Sumo Cyco might have overshined them.

After the show, Robert headed for the meet & greet and I went back to the merch table to pick up on the other CD available with Sumo Cyco because, why the hell not? Met one of the bandmates and had the oppurtunity to tell him how much I loved the show.

After this, I left the venue and headed back to Vanadis. Seriously… Despite this night being a bit “outta sight, outta mind”, I’m so glad I finally went, so THANK YOU Sumo Cyco for with your music convincing me to go, because I enjoyed it so much. Thank you all, I hope to see you soon again.

// Sara

Fuel My Fire

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For the first time in a very long time I’ve actually taken myself the time to sort through my big white shelf, as a start I planned to simply you know, clean it out, but I wound up re-decorating the whole thing. Or sort of anyway.

When cleaning off the top shelf I realized I have a lot of Eurovision memoribila that I really don’t need broadcasted, like, nine or so of those glowing bracelets we got for Eurovision 2013, and ten or so of the waterbottles. So what I did is that I removed them and tucked them into the Eurovision / Frozen carton I got tucked away in the closet, which opened up for more metal stuff on the shelf. I lifted up the Serious Black box with help of the unopened Frozen mugs and made like a small podium with all the signed booklets. Frozen is still big on the top as well!


What is the biggest change though, is me clearing out the entire shelf worth of childhood stuff. As I started to clean through, I just got… tired I guess. And I throw it all down in a box, so now I find myself with a whole shelf completely empty. I’m not sure yet what to do with it – if I should extend the Lordi section to two (the shirts are becoming too many) or if I should dedicate it to general metal stuff.

However, disaster struck while doing this. So you all know how much I love Boda Borg, right? So then I guess saying the words; I just watched all my stampcard go down in the bucket of cleaning water will make your skin cripple right? Seriously. It was just a big shout out of “oh no oh no oh no oh no” as I dived to the floor to pick it up and perform CPR on the cards. Once separated I rescued all the magnets (this super cute little mouse, amongst others) and now I’m just watching my cards dry on an old Amaranthe shirt. Oh my fucking God. What the hell.


Aside, that, it’s been mostly tour planning. Autumn is looking sooo good!


// Sara

Hör vad du säger men har glömt vad du sa

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So, yeah, in lack of better things to write about I’ll write to you a bit about a song that I’ve more or less used as a drug these past couple of days to, well, basically get through the day.

Hör vad du säger men har glömt vad du sa” (I hear what you are saying, but I forgot what you said) by swedish popstar Danny Saucedo.

First of all; I’m proud of myself for recognizing it was him on the radio. I sat to myself and was like “Hmm. Could it be Danny Saucedo perhaps?” And then it was! Golden star to me.

So basically, this is one of those songs who just hit it straight to the heart. Struck me like lightning the way “Stand by You” with Rachel Platten did a while ago. And it’s… sort of fun in a way. I don’t really relate that much to the lyrics – perhaps a line or two, but on the same time, I totally do. I guess it reminds me of the times with my people on the road, in a weird kind of way.

But most importantly – what I like about, and what caught me is the production and the way Danny sings the song. I’m extremely weak for good arrangements, and this song got it real good. So yes. It may not be the sort of music I usually tip about but really, give this song a listen or two. I’m glad I gave it a proper chance.

// Sara


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Soo. Long day today. I’m still a bit foggy in my head because of the preparations for the temporary move to Stockholm, and as I write this I realize I might actually want to start packing for that, so I don’t find myself doing that like the day before.

Beside that, I’m trying to get into excitement mood for Butcher Babies, but it’s hard. I guess I’m just having one too many things on my mind right now, but it’ll solve itself I’m sure.

Today is, as you know, rehearsal day and I must say – it went a lot better than expected. We’re finally getting a hand of this song, and not only are we getting a hand of it – we’re also perfecting it, at such a rapid speed it’s time for us to start working on something new. It’s exciting and thrilling to see the progress work like this. I just love fast progress.

Evening has been spent with Kyo catching up on the latest, and we also had Paula joining us on Skype for a while. In other words, a pretty decent day. Despite the stress, haha.

// Sara

Tropic Love

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And if that wasn’t fantastic enough, Civil War will be the supportband, just like on Wolfsnäschte. How amazing isn’t this? How fucking incredible isn’t this, that we’ll basically get to re-live last year (minus Orden Ogan) and on top of that, up here? It’s amazing. This, this was good news. The kind of good news I needed today, because I guess we can all say that this week is the week before the storm.


This is more or less my last free week before I move to Stockholm for work, and it’s still so many things that needs to be sorted out. I have preparations to do, books to read and items to collect on the other side of Sweden, and on top of that, I have a concert to attend on Friday that I had completely forgot. My brain is like mashed potatoes right now and I have a hard time keeping up with everything. I guess it’ll all sort itself out once it’s all cool.

On a sidenote – 4 months later I have finally found “Blood of the Saints” and “Gods and Generals”. They were hiding out amongst the Disney and The Sims stuff, don’t even ask me why because I honestly don’t know.

// Sara

Introducing: Aria Cavanaugh

Posted in The Sims, Uncategorized on April 22, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve properly introduced Aria to you all, and most importantly, it might be a bit hard for you all to keep up on her progress if you have no idea where to start in the first place. So, let me get you all started on who she is!


This is Aria Cavanaugh, current age is young adult. She lives in one of the beginners houses, named Krickebo on Swedish. I’ve been rebuilding the house, by adding a second floor to be able to fit more things which she’ll need as we go along.


Her current personality traits are as follows; Genius, Muser, Quick Learner, Ambitious, Business mind, Independent, Creative and Schooled (?). She’s currently working in the Athlete career.  She’s currently in the Knowledge ambition, amining to become a Computer Whiz.


By the time I write this, she’s finished a total of four careers;
* Cooking – Mixologist
* Business – Investor
* Secret Agent – Diamond Agent
* Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler

So far, she’s finished 14 skills, which are as follows:
* Fishing
* Violin
* Guitar
* Gourmetcooking
* Cooking
* Charisma
* Logic
* Mixology
* Piano
* Programming
* Rocket Science
* Gaming
* Gardening
* Fitness

She’s currently at level nine of Comedic skill, eight in handiness and are just starting out in painting. I’m sort of working my way through the skills as I go through the careers, filling out the empty days with easily aquired skills.


As for ambitions; this is actually low prioritized for me as of now, as I focus more on the careers, but for now she’s cleared the following:
* Knowledge
– Renaissance Sim

My plans with Aria is to work through all the careers and aquire all of the skills, as well as get through all of the ambitions. Once this is done, I’ll have her marry her boyfriend, work through all the careers with him as well, just the opposite branch and once that is done, they’ll have a baby. At least I think this is what will happen. A little bit like what I did with Rose. The only thing that scares me about the baby thing is that it might ruin the family, like it did with Rose. Despite having my Cullens family in The Sims 3, I really do not like playing multiple sims. Who would have thought, eh?

So, now that I’ve given you a full introduction of Aria and what her up – to -dates are, it should be easier for you to follow, no?

// Sara



Last Kiss

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So, for the first time in probably two or three months, Michelle and I found ourselves back in the rehearsal lot. Seriously, I have missed this place so much. And as you can guess, there’s not a lot of progress to have been made today since we were both extremely rusty, although not as rusty as we thought we’d be. We went over the songs we already rehearsed from before, and we also managed to write the intro of our intro of our first album, or something. I guess that’s something?

Else from this, we’ve more or less made each other lose it because we mess up at the most stupidest of places, but you know. If it ain’t a bit fun, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. But I feel positive though. I mean, we’re getting somewhere!


And on top of that… no stable today. Not sure if I mentioned it, but my foot’s been injuried ever since I came home from France, and it still hasn’t gotten better, so I try to refrain from physical activities to save myself for the job.

Evening spent with Kyo though, and doing some progress on Aria. She’s by now finished the entire Astronaut career, and she’s at level 8 already on the violin, which I started today, which I had to pause because I needed to get going at rocket science. But yeah. What I love is that Aria is finally catching up on Anna. I believe she’s actually around the same level, or possibly a bit ahead of Anna so far. She may not have done as many careers yet, not sure since Anna made more Get To Work careers, and Aria has done none, so. But, all is well really!


// Sara

REVIEW: Dynazty – Titanic Mass

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So it’s finally here you guys! Dynazty’s fifth album, second with the new sound. “Renatus” (2014) really ambushed me BIG TIME last time, seeing I was expecting their previous sound. But seriously, all for the better. “Renatus” was such an amazing album, that despite being a band I don’t follow all that closely, it still holds a position as the most played album.

So, you could say that once I saw “Titanic Mass” being in the making I started getting excited, and once I had seen the video for “The Human Paradox” I literally couldn’t contain myself in wait for this album. I mean, “The Northern End” is really one of the best songs in modern metal history, but this sounded extremely promising.

Today was the day when it finally came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to put in the player to hear. So, lets get to verdict, shall we?


The album is opened by no other song than “The Human Paradox” which set the bar quite high, if you ask me with it’s big choruses and catchy melody lines, a bit of a slap in the face if you like. It continues onto in this tempo right into the second track of the album “Untamer of your Soul”, and seriously, what a rush this song is!

And most of the album goes in this vein – it’s a lot of “Renatus”, in the single “Roar of the Underdog” I’m certain you can literally hear some pieces from “Run Amok”. What I would want to say and add to this though, is that some of it’s material is a little bit heavier than the preceeder. The titletrack and “Keys To Paradise” are a few songs that proves it, but it still a whole lot of catchy melodies and epic choruses.

However, there’s one song on this album that my heart beats a little extra for.

“I Want To Live Forever”.

When taking notes I called it  a battle song, because that’s how it started off, but it just blossomed into this epic sort of song that just builds up all through the verse and just explodes in the chorus. Have I mentioned in this post yet how much I love Nils Molins vocals? I’m pretty positive his voice alone are a major reason I love this band as much as I do.

But all this aside – this is a worthy follow up to “Renatus”. Quality songwriting, flawless performance from the bandmembers (can we just appriciate Egg’s capability of doing double bass with one foot?) and the mixing is just as flawless as the rest. I was not disappointed, that is for sure. Holy hell. I now have two of these amazing albums, with what could possibly be the most underrated band in Sweden today. Why aren’t they getting any more recognition?

Seriously, get out and get it!

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara


Raise Your Fist, Evangelist

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So, today, was the first day of preparations for my job on a major television production. In a way, it’s been a very… Like. I got on the bus to Stockholm around 7 in the morning, and was greeted by the nicest spring weather you could ask for. And seriously, walking down Drottninggatan I realized how much I’ve actually missed this city while being away. Brisbane, Paris and Frankfurt in all honor – but nothing’s like rude city people in Stockholm during springtime. And of course, with the Michael Jackson impersonator out, you really know – spring is here!

I ran a few quick errands before going to the introduction class, and it was… surreal in a way. I can’t really believe that I’ll actually be working this production, nor can I believe I’ll work with core production on top of it. The introduction lasted three hours, and then I ran a couple of more errands (bless Europe and long opening hours!) before getting on the bus home.

It’s been a very long day in a way. I mean.. I’ve been on a bus for a total of nine hours, for a three and a half hour lecture. The things we do for the things we love, huh?

// Sara