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U-Rock @ Umeå, 20/7 -19 Part 1

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Alright people.

You all know I’m dumb. Like, real, fucking, dumb. It’s completely normal for me to be like “Hey, Sabaton plays there, I oughta go!” so I riled up my tourbestie Toivo by whispering that also Raubtier was playing, and with ifs and buts and like last minute decisions, we now found ourselves en route to Umeå.

From where I live, it’s a bit over 900 kilometers, and even further for Toivo. We had a drive time of eight hours – seeing that I first drove an hour to pick Toivo up along the way. So for me, a bit over nine hours, for Toivo around eleven. At this moment, while it isn’t the furthest I’ve ever gone for the band, it sure as hell is the longest we have ever driven for a band.

So… I left for Örebro to meet up with Toivo, and despite being the biggest time optimist, I actually made it there just a little time after his train arrived, and most of this was due to traffic and perhaps his train being a little early, which, by the way, never happens in Sweden. Upon arrival we dumped his stuff in the car and headed into the city to pick up some dinner and then head onto the road.

It was a long drive. But, it was indeed a fun one. We worked our way up through the country, about halfway before we found a nice little resting spot close to a diner with pretty much everything you could possibly need. And a few weird fish and snail signs. At this moment, it was around 2am, and we figured it was a good time to go to bed.

We planned to wake up at 9.30 to coninute our journey, but around 8.30 we woke up and pretty much realized that fuck this, we are dying in this basic sauna and kicked the doors open to the car and got up. Toivo cooked us some noodles for breakfast, and trust me, we had the most scenic view to have our breakfast too. Turns out there is a giant lake next to this place with a walking trail. Loving every second.

But, alas, we had to continue our road upwards and so we did. With new energy and a lot of excitement, we continued upwards and hilarity ensued. Various new songs such as “Umeå” in the vein of Alestorm’s “Mexico” and “Highway to Umeå” was written and a lot of other things.

Just 30 minutes after our initial plan of arrival we roll into the parking lot of the Festival, seeing the most confusing parkingsigns ever and catching up with some of Toivos friends who had arrived for the festival as well.

So, upon arrival we got ready the last bits and then got into line. There was already a bit of a line, but it wasn’t too long. So we weren’t worried. We met a few nice guys who stood behind us and we mostly talked about the difference between Norrland you know, our part of Sweden.

We took the chairs at first, and about half an hour before doors opened we ran back to the car with the chairs, or well, one of us did. And.. a little late the doors opened. But first they had the VIP people entering, and gladly for us, the VIP people were mostly older people or families who simply wanted some seats, and after some running and franticness, we made it to the front row of the stage where we’d spend the rest of our day.

And with that, it was time for the first band of the day

Pretty Maids

So, Pretty Maids is a band I’ve never listened much to ever. A band I never really fell for. I’ve seen them at least once before as far as I can remember, but despite that, they put on a fun show and it was enjoyable. At least the show.

Less can be said about the crowd. I had a mid 50’s man behind me, and despite it being like, 30 people there, he still felt the need to push around and rub up against me. Little did I know, this was only the beginning.

But, with this said, the band left the stage, and in just an hour, it was time for our own personal highlight, or the first one at least.


Okay so this doesn’t start well. The crowd starts getting closer, which isn’t so weird since this is BASICALLY, almost, kind of, a local band, or local heroes. So a big crowd. Here is the problem.

Behind us we get Alexander 22, who is as much of an it-guy as you can be coming from a town like Umeå who partied a little too much on the moonshine, but being “cool” by liking a band like Raubtier. Him and his gang. We already know from the start this is going to be an issue, so when the band opened with “Det Finns Bara Krig” (There is only war, fittingly enough) we might have exaggerated our headbanging a little bit just to establish dominance.

Actually. Just wanna mention one thing. The intro they used for their show is a song called “Be Mig” by folkband Nordman. Which is… Where do I begin about this? Nordman has been a favorite band of mine since I was a child. And “Be Mig” Specifically, has been my favorite song of them, also since I was a child. So that one, went straight to the heart.

So, anyway, that’s how they started and they very quickly followed up with “Från min Kalla Död Hand”. I am not sure if I’ll even keep translating the band names, but anyway. Third song on the list got out as a tribute for everyone from the nordic region of Sweden, “Bothnia Blod” and then straight jumping into “Vittring”, which is one of my personal feel good songs. But because of Alexander and his gang, there was a mild disruption to everything. And it was about to get worse.

“Achtung Panzer” was about to come up, and for some reason, Alexander felt very very entitled to this particular song, and to the front row spot, so he, without a single doubt in mind, leapt for us, and said “I HAVE TO GET FORWARD”. But Toivo, being a long term Raubiter fan and pretty much doing this drive for them, and me, being a rabies infected Sabaton fangirl who will kill anyone, told him to fuck off and kicked him back.  So that was that. The song though, was amazing.

The band was. They really delivered. Next song on the list, was the new single “Ovtjarka” which made Toivo extremely happy. For some reason Alexander didn’t react much, proved my point about his state.

“Dieseldöden” followed suite before it was time to calm things down for a moment with “Polarvargen”. For several reasons this song is difficult for me, and I’ll not deny I teared up the direct moment I tried to sing along, but in a weird way I guess I was happy they played it? Does that even make sense?

“Besten” followed up, and then it was time for “Sveriges Elit” – And Toivo – it was Hulkoff who said it, that I was Sweden’s elite. They wrapped the set up with “Dobermann” for now, and swiftly left the stage only to return moments later to fire off “Världsherravälde”, “Kamphund” and lastly “Låt Napalmen Regna”. Well, there was no napalm rain, but it sure as hell was burning hot during the day. But not by the stage though..

With that said, Raubtier left the stage for the next band to take over. I think this might have been my second time seeing them, and I thought the show was really really good. I am really looking forward to seeing them later this year.

Toivo tried for a long time getting the setlist, and after some ifs and buts he got one. And funnily enough.. Some time later they threw out another one. So both of us now had one. Great huh?

To be continued

// Sara

Metalfest Open Air 2019 – Day 1: Friday, Part 1

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So! The festival has officially begun! Or at least it’s about to, and that is excitement! Got up relatively early, I guess, for being a festival day and having some breakfast and chilling. Toivo had chosen campspots with morning shade, which was great, but as soon as the shade was gone it was the kind of heat that’ll seriously burn you alive. So I spent pretty much half my morning laying outside my little tent with a wet towel over me, trying to you know, not die.

First band of the day for me today was Majesty. I want to say that it’s so long since I last saw them, but I’m probably lying. Last I saw them was two years ago when they supported Battle Beast on their Bringer of Pain tour – at least as far as I can remember. So I was pretty excited actually, to see them again. I had dusted off the old albums I owned, and heck yes. I will admit defeat and tell you that I did not bring my camera to this fest. I wasn’t sure regarding the rules, and figured it was safest to leave it at home.


So, they started off strongly with “Die Like Kings”. The crowd wasn’t huge – but still more than I perhaps would have expected. Good to see! “Hail to the Majesty” was followed next, and the energy on stage was amazing! At first, I’ll admit I didnt recognize the singer and turned to Szilvi durng the show like “Is it the same guy?” and she just nodded and said he cut his hair. Imagine, so little can change so much!

My own personal favorite, “Rebels of our Time” was third of the list, and hearing this magical song again.. Seriously. Majesty may never really have been a favorite band of mine, but this song has truly been a favorite of mine.

“Hellforces” was next on the list before it was time for a live premiere of a new song – “Wasteland Outlaw”. This is a song from their upcoming album, and I liked it sooo much! And the energy and response from the crowd was amazing!

“Thunder Rider” from the album with the same name was next, a big favorite I can tell, and yet another new song, “We are Legends” got its premiere today – how awesome isn’t that, to be honest?

At last, they wrapped up the set with “Metal Law” and left the stage. The show was so great, despite the heat and sun killing us, and I’m so glad I got to see them again after all this time! Thank you!

After this, we remained in our spots because in only 20 minutes, Kissin’ Dynamite would be gracing the stage.

Kissin’ Dynamite

Finally! While it wasn’t THAT long ago since I last saw them – only about seven or eight months, it still felt good seeing them again. I guess at a certain point all time feels long, no matter how long it actually is, right?

They opened the show with “I’ve Got The Fire”, which also happens to be the opening track on the most recent album “Ecstasy”. The crowd had grown quite a bit since last band, not surprisingly. The vibe and energy on the stage was amazing, as they continued with “Sombody’s Gotta Do It” from the same album.

“Love Me, Hate Me” followed suit before it was time for an oldie but goldie, if I may use that term. “DNA”, one of my personal favorites was fired off. Still, with an amazing chemistry on stage.

“Sex is War” and “Waging War” followed suit – not sure what to make of this selection right after each other, at least not namewise, but still, the show was so good at this point.

Hannes got up to be on the throne places on stage, full on with the cape and crown, and “I Will Be King” was performed. Always the biggest party, if you ask me.

The set was wrapped up with “You’re Not Alone” and “Flying Colors” before leaving the stage for the next band. Very average setlist, but I guess it is what to be expected of a festival gig. It was still beyond enjoyable!

After Kissin’ Dynamite, I headed out to the camp to rest a bit. This kind of heat isn’t kind on me, and I felt I wanted to lay down, eat something small and just take it easy. Something that I did, which I am pretty proud of haha, is that I invented my own little sofa, or chair.

I put my suitcase behind my matress, and thus could sit up, while resting. Loved it.

I got back toward the venue somewhere before or during Amorphis. I took company with Szilvi and Marci, and ate a small panncake to simply get SOMETHING in my system. We made our way all the way, or halfway, up the amphitheater to get some nice spots for Powerwolf, but also the next band – HammerFall.

To be continued

// Sara

Avatar @ Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad, Sweden 2/3-19

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I do not think there is a gig this year, boat included, that I’ve been looking more forward to than this particular one. Avatar, all at home. You see, eight years ago, On November 11 – so, 11/11/11, I was at this exact venue, discovering this exact band. My memories from the shows are shallow, my most prominent one being Johannes almost hitting me and Maria in the head with his stick during “Torn Apart”.

But is had passed quite some time since, and now they are here with their Avatar Country tour and I couldn’t be more stoked. Sofia and Toivo had arrived already the day before for some taco coziness, and we spent this day listening to Avatar, watching some old live shows while getting ready and then having a nice dinner at a mongolian restaurant before heading off to Nöjesfabriken to wait in line.

Much to our delight, it was no issue to wait inside the bowlingbar which made this queueing about hundred times more pleasant. There were a few people ahead of us in line, but not a problem nor a surprise.

For this particular event, or perhaps this goes for all events at this venue, but it was new to us. So, at 20, they’d open some sort of cashier where you exchanged your ticket for a wristband for easier entry. However, this way kind of messed up alot. Us who had waited forever no longer had any particular spot in the line, and us who HAD waited started to gather together to push away others.

There was this one particular group of people who tried to jump the queue, and we were very worried they would. As they opened the door we got ready… And they were all stopped in agecheck. All of us internally cheered as we safely gathered the front row spots we’d been waiting for, and watching the jumpers come second. There is a God somewhere, clearly!

With that said, we waited for the first artist to start, and in the blink of an eye (mostly because I was watching Melodifestivalen at the same time) he was on stage.

Dylan Walshe

First act of the night was Dylan Walshe, who is an Irish singer-songwriter. It was simply him, his harmonica, his guitar and a few percussion pieces tied to his feet. He was very very good – I enjoyed the calm before the storm, so to speak. He was also a very funny guy on stage. I liked him.

The Mahones

Next band up was The Mahones, and irish-canadian punkband. And now it was party time. They delivered a very very nice and energetic show, and got us in the mood so completely before Avatar. I’m very happy they were here.

And then… Oh man. The hype was real. Like, we were so excited and SO ready for this. It wasn’t even funny how ready we were. Waiting and waiting, getting impatient and what not… when finally… “Glory to our King” echoed throught the speakers and it was time for us to preach to our King.


The venue is very small, so obviously, the throne was not in place, so it started with the King walking onto the stage. Obviously, the band started the show with “Statue of the King” and the euphoria was set. If that was quite the firestarter, it did not slow down as they continued with “Hail The Apocalypse” straight up. Hello dead neck!

And there was absolutely no rest as the king stepped up the front of the stage to start the plucking intro to “Bloody Angel” and the band has us all ripped to shreds with the song. Seriously, what is it with this band, and absolutely destroying us?!

Johannes started speaking about bathing and painting himself in blood, and any person who has ever witnessed Avatar is well aware what song he’s referring to. “Paint Me Red” was next, I’m absolutely positive at this point that the band simply does anything it can only for the sake of slaughtering our necks.

I’ll be frank and upfront admit that I was foolish enough to believe that perhaps some kind soul would be documenting the setlist properly, or that I could look it up afterwards, which was all in vain. I do remember what songs was played, but I do not remember the exact order. So excuse me for that.

“The Eagle Has Landed” and “For the Swarm” was ripped off, and again – I said just a paragraph ago but I’ll say it again – NECK. MURDERERS.

“Get in Line” and the “Black Waltz” was also performed, the latter one much to our surprise. But the greater and more pleasant surprise for me was when they started off the intro to “Puppetshow”. I wasn’t exactly expecting it, so I was so so happy. One of my favorite songs, it was.

“Torn Apart” was also being played, much to my.. Perhaps not surprised, but my delight. When Maria and I first saw this band live on this venue some seven years ago, this was in particular the song we remembered as Johannes almost hit us in the head with his stick. So it was.. beautiful? In a way to get to experience it again.

And then.. an intro rolled. The intro I know so well from being my favorite song off “Avatar Country”. A song I was convinced was simply a filler, an outro, a song to never be played live (like Sabaton’s “Ruina Imperii”)..

“King after King”.

Unlike Sabaton, Avatar actually played this one live. I got to hear one of my top Avatar songs ever live. I couldn’t even believe it was happening, but it sure did. Holy hell.

There were a quick change of wardrobe before the bubbles started floating all around and they wrapped up their set with “Avatar Country” followed by “Smells like a Freakshow”.

And holy hell what a show. I mean, as someone who has followed Avatar for many many years, and at many times listed them as highlight of the festivals, I am still blown away, BLOWN AWAY with how great of a live band they are. It makes me so happy every single time.

Thank you Avatar, for this evening!

// Sara



HammerFall @ Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary 24/10 – 18

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So, third show down the road. The day started off as a real lazy day, actually. I slept until like 13 or something, but oh boy did I need it, after all. Tour is always a hassle, and it’s rarely you get time to you know, REST. Considering we had the show tonight, at this point I felt it was barely any point to get out and do anything, so instead, I focused on working and resting, and when time got closer, getting ready for the show.

Once the clock hit around 17, Szilvi came home, got ready real quick before we headed out to meet up with Marci, her boyfriend, and head off to a really nice burgerplace for some dinner.

After that, we headed off to the venue. We got started late, and that combined with me eating real slowly, we missed out on the first band, but made it well in time for HammerFall at least.

We met up with their other friends once there, and after some time, HammerFall finally started playing.


They started off, as per usual, and very energetically with “Hectors Hymn”, and the success was a fact. “Riders of the Storm” was next on the list – and at this time it was quite obvious it was about to be the exact same set as it has been all throughout Built To Tour – which is okay, not a bad set.

“Renegade” was next on the list, and this song is always a killer live. I miss the way they used to play it like, 11 years ago? Yeah I know, old habits die hard but what can I say? It is still killer as hell!

“Dethrone and Defy” from the most recent album followed suit, and you know, sometimes you forget how big HammerFall actually is. It’s been some time since I saw a band where they were chanting the lyrics at all times.

“Bloodbound” was next on the list – have I ever told you guys how much I love this particular song? Right after this, my personal all time favorite of HammerFall, “Any Means Necessary” came. Oh, they never quite reached the level of this album again, did they?

Joacim started talking about growing up, buying his first album and all of that, and we all knew what was about to come – “B.Y.H”. Things are getting so predictable, aren’t they?

This was quickly followed by the heavy monster “Crimson Thunder” – words cannot describe how much I truly love this one. “Threshold” was next, followed by “Built to Last” and “Last Man Standing” before it was time for the little guitarsolo that wound up in a “Legacy of Kings” medley, ending it with the full version of “Heeding The Call”.

They wrapped up the show with “Let The HammerFall”, before leaving the stage. Once returned, they started off with “Hammer High”, later telling us the tale of “Bushido” before setting our “Hearts on Fire”.

The band thanked for the evening, and left the stage.

We stuck around the venue for a while talking and having fun before we finally made it home. It was a nice evening with HammerFall, and I look forward seeing them more on the festivals next year.

// Sara



Lordi @ Le Petit Bain, Paris, France 17/10 – 18

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THIS BLOG DOES OF COURSE CONTAIN SPOILERS – so if you wish to be surprised during Sextourcism, don’t read this just yet!

So it was time! First gig of the tour for me, and what better band to being with than Lordi themselves? No better band if you ask me. We started the day relatively late though, I’ll admit. Once meeting up with Laura we headed off to Starbucks for a quick breakfast / lunch / dinner (you know how it goes on tour – it’s all pretty much the same meal) and then stopped by a bakery to pick up some cake.

You see, it’s Nathan’s birthday today. And three years ago, we met Nathan because we were celebrating Paula’s birthday in the line, and offered him cake. So naturally, we had to do the same for him right?

Upon arriving at Le Petit Bain, we noticed he was together with Paula and Martine, so good thing we picked up a lot of cake! We gave him, them, two pieces of the cake and then we stood around and talked for a long time, all the time until the doors opened actually. Was really nice catching up with Martine and Paula whom I haven’t met in a long time. When the doors opened, we got into the venue and Laura and I placed ourselves on the “balconies” or however I should call them, for a really good view of the show.

So, a little sad thing going on. Egokills entered the stage when it was set to be their play time, only to tell us they would not be performing tonight. One of the guitarists had injuried his wrist so badly he was unable to play, but we still gave them a big round of applause. Must have sucked though – a sold out venue and everything.

However, nothing bad that doesn’t bring something good with it. This gave Silver Dust an even long set to play!

Silver Dust

Silver Dust, the swiss metal band who was the opener for Lordi last time on their Monstour as well are back, and this time they got their new album “House 21” in the baggage with them. The show had changed a bit since last time I saw them – and the show has been elevated a bit. The new show includes a lot more interaction and incorporation of the magic mirror, which makes it all to a new level.

The show on the other hand was really good. They performed a good set – got the crowd going – well, a french city would love a band who sings almost exclusively in French no? Despite having a mishap with Kikis guitarsolo, they got it through really well. Kudos to them!

After over an hour (!) they left the stage, and preparations for Lordi began. It’s funny, how even the smallest of waits like this can feel like forever. I guess it’s because I got tired. I’ve been very sleep deprived this whole week, I guess it was catching up with me. Not to mention when I finally sat down, haha!


But finally, “God of Thunder” started echoing in the speakers, and seriously, there is something absolutely numbing as well as adrenaline kicking whenever this starts. Intro started rolling, bandmembers walked on stage and they started off their set with “Sexorcism”.

To my.. I want to say big, but I have to say EXTREME surprise, “Would you Love a Monsterman?” was second song of the setlist. It’s pretty much set me off. I just stared at Laura like “what on earth are they doing?”. It’s like back on the Scare Force tour, when they had “Hard Rock Halleujah” very early in the set. I dont even know what to feel about it, I was just “ok..” the whole time, pretty much.

THEN. THEN my dear friends. “Missing Miss Charlene” was brought out. Seriously, I mean, the more they play from “Deadache” the better of course, but still, this was such a nice surprise. The song faded over in “House of Ghosts”, with a new trick that actually made me walk backwards straight into the people behind me – as they launch off the chorus in “House of Ghosts”, a ghost will jump out, straight over the crowds heads, from the door opening on the stage setting they had. Unexpected, and scared me enough to have my primal instincts getting myself out of there. Well done!

While on the subject of theatrics, lets take a moment to talk about the stage. It was massive. The set up. It’s closer to the castle from “The Arockalypse” than anything, but still very different. It’s like a.. cellar? I guess? A castle, but the inside of it? A chamber? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but it had the detail of the castle.

“Your Tongue’s Got the Cat” was next on the list, and seriously, this one really is a treat live. It’s so nice. The song launched into a pretty nice drumsolo, that apparently had tricks in it that I either didn’t pay attention to, or didn’t see at all because of my location in the venue, but all the same, it’s nice to see Mana in action.

“Blood Red Sandman” was next, and THE CRIB IS BACK. THE FUCKING CRIB IS BACK BABY. Oh yes. I’ve waited for this. Or have I? I don’t know if I have, but I’m glad it’s back. This time around, it is quite a theatrical show actually.

“It Snows in Hell” was next song – I must quickly admit something – this is the second show around now where I just can’t do my upside down thing, and it FEELS SO WEIRD. After all these years it’s just plop, gone! What.

Next up was Hella’s keyboard solo, which also, contained tricks that was impossible for us to see becasue of from where we were watching the show, but the solo itself was really cool.

The next surprise in the setlist was “She’s a Demon”. A song from “Scare Force One” that was very well liked, and it’s finally made its way into the setlists. And it was soooo good! It was unbelievable!

“Naked in my Cellar” was next on the list, and it was a rioter. Well, actually, the crowd has been pretty crazy all show I’ll say. This is why I almost prefer European shows to Swedish, the crowd is just that much better.

And then. Lights started flashing all around the hall, reminding me of the lights in “Night Witches”, and sirens calling and “Rock Police” started playing. THAT is a song I’ve wanted to have back in the setlist for so long, and seeing it make a comeback, without the electric chair though, is soo good. Wow, that was so awesome.

Next up was OX’s bassolo, which is a bit of an upgrade since last time – a little different, but conceptually the same. The song did however not erupt into “Bite It Like a Bulldog” this time, but rather “Hug You Hardcore”. Yeah, I may or may not have my own opinions of this song, but it is damn good live.

“The Riff” was the next song, always a pleasure. Amen’s guitarsolo was up next – and I noticed a little pattern in both OX’s and Amen’s solos, with a female voice over kind of selling the solos in a more sexual way, which was interesting and nice, I guess.

“Who’s Your Daddy?” was the last song, surprisingly without the sperm-machine or whatever you wanna call it, but it’s not the end of the world you know.

The band left the stage, and later returned to fire off “Devil is a Loser” With a NEW SET OF WINGS. I could tell right away that this was not the same wings as before – and they look so good! They are a lot higher, almost making him look like a bat, at least on a smaller stage like this. Seriously, amazing.

“Hard Rock Halleujah” was the last song of the show, and the band thanked for themselves and left the stage.

Wow, this show, I’m telling you! LORDI IS BACK BABY! At least that is what I’ve pretty much been walking around saying ever since. Ok, they never really left, but it’s been a long time, very long time, since I last saw Lordi have a show like this. It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a Lordi show this much since.. Deadache tour? Can it have been that long? I think it truly has. This was so good to hear, made me effervescent and my little heart almost burst with love.

After the show, we headed over to the meet and greet. It was Nathan’s birthday after all, so we set up a meet for both him and Laura. After some time, we finally got in, and it escalated in a way I could never have imagined, with the band actually singing to him. Did I mention my heart bursted with love? Well if it hadn’t already, now I’m dead. Like I said before, Lordi is the love of my life and this is exactly way.

Paula and Martine was kind enough to get the merch for us, and once out we headed out of the venue and spent the rest of the evening by the tourbus with Silver Dust, Lordi, and a lot of epicness and laughter all the way until 4 am in the morning when we all went our separate ways.

Thank you all of the people who were involved in this evening, you are bloody amazing. Each and everyone of you.

// Sara



Kamelot @ Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden 20/9 – 18

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So here we go again. After one of the biggest bloghiatuses of my life, it’s time to get on it to write about a concert too, on top of everything! How great is that?

Festivalseason is behind is, and tourseason is upon us – so September was set to be a rather quiet month. Except from this little bad boy right here. Kamelot. Well, I’ll admit to you that I have barely ever heard Kamelot. After some discussion with Toivo we came to the conclusion that I have heard one song, and I’ve seen a song or two live with them some years ago when Kobra Paige was touring with them – but aside that – I’m completely blank as far as Kamelot goes. So why was I here?

Dynazty and Leaves’ Eyes. That’s why.

Dynazty as you know is one of my top favorite bands these days, and they aren’t particularly easy to catch live either. So when they show, you simply go. As far as Leaves’ Eyes goes, they are a rather new band to me. So, I’m just starting to see them.

So, since this concert was in Gothenburg, I simply got in my car and drove down. Toivo was coming in with the bus from where he lives, and we met up at the busstation in Gothenburg. So, you know how I’ve written about some very long time ago that I get a bit anxious driving somewhere, because I don’t know exactly where and how to go? And then I got to Gothenburg and surprise! Road constructions. But gladly, it was very well re-directed, and no major issues. We ran by Lush Cosmetics real quick to pick up some small stuff (Rose Gourmet Soap, Ectoplasm packaging free shower gel and Aromatic deodorant, for those whom it may concern)

After that, Toivo took the wheel and we headed over to Pustervik. Quick, the quickest I ever had, dinner at Burger King before going to the doors, where we found our friends Dennis and Susanna, as well as Cyril! Haven’t seen him in ages, so that was amazeballs. The doors was a bit delayed, which was great for us since that meant we made it, and I ended up at the front together with Cyril, his friend and Toivo. Couldn’t be better!


So, with that said, the wait was rather short before Dynazty enter the stage and started off their set with “Breathe With Me”, the first single of their upcoming album “Firesign”. The audience… besides us, I mean, was a bit lukewarm. Kind of expected, but still a lot more than I thought it would be.

“The Northern End”, seriously, the best song this band has ever written – followed up. May they NEVER take this song out of their setlist. I’ll literally murder someone if they do. And it was as magical as always.

“The Grey”, second single from the new album followed suit, and I was surprised.. I think? To see that this was the song that most people seemed to know. “Firesign” came up next, and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this song. Easily the best song on the new album, and magical live. Seriously.

“The Human Paradox” and “Titanic Mass” wrapped up the show tonight, a very good and energetic show – it was some time since I saw them be this on the game, so that was nice!

Leaves’ Eyes

So… The intro started rolling, and Toivo and I was caught up in a conversation, right? So, I stand there, with my back sort of turned to the stage, and then, by the corner of my eyes, I look toward the stage and I have a minor heart attack.

Because there, was full fledged vikings on stage alright. They did not have those on 70.000 Tons of Metal (which is well understandable) but jesus I did not expect that.

With that said, the band walked on stage and opened with “Sign of the Dragonhead”. The energy was on top, and it seemed like they had quite a few fans in the audience as well!

“Across the Sea” was the next song, and the whole audience was lit! And so was the band, if I may say so! It’s nice to see Elina really get out of her shell. “Swords in Rock” was next song on the list, followed by “Edge of Steel”. Seriously, am I the only one considering this song being extremly magical live?

My very own personal favorite – “Riders on the Wind” was the next song, and I don’t think I’ve had this much fun to this song ever as I did tonight. Seriously, this song was the highlight of the evening. And everybody seemed to have a lot of fun to it as well – not just me!

“Hell to the Heavens” followed suit before they wrapped it all up with “Blazing Waters”.  The band, as well as the vikings, thanked for the show and left the stage. And wow.. I mean wow! They were soo good, better than I remember them from the boat! I really hope they tour relatively soon again so I can see them. Again and again.


So, as I mentioned earlier in this post, I have never actually really listened to Kamelot prior to this show, but I was still looking forward to see it. I did catch an eye on the setlist, so don’t get confused by the fact I can still name some songs, hehe!

They started off the song rather ferioucously “Phantom Divine” and the arena practically exploded. Was happy to see them get such a good reception!

Well. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know all about this band, so I’ll keep it rather short. On this tour, they had Lauren Hart from Once Human with them, an Australian singer who is supertalented. They put on a very good and entertaining show to watch, will definitely look more into the band!

Another fun thing that happened was just two or three songs in, when the bassplayer handed me a pick. I motioned for Toivo to take it, because he is a bigger fan, or well, a fan, which I wasn’t, but the bassplayer just shook his head and put it in my hand. I pretty much squealed out a thank you, not really knowing what to say. Gladly, Toivo got one himself just a minute or so later.

After the show, we headed over to the merch where I picked up a Leaves’ Eyes shirt, finally! Caught up a bit with Susanna and said good bye to Cyril one last time before heading out, toward a 7-11 to buy some snacks and then home to Toivo for a good nights rest.

// Sara


Rock City Stockholm 2018 – Day 2

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So, the second and last day had come. I wasn’t really interested in more bands than Dynazty today to be honest – and such was the game plan too. I was going to stay for as many bands as I could, before taking the 23:00 bus home.

So, I checked out of my hotel, went down to my usual Espresso House and had the same food I always have – a nice brunch sitting there reminicsing. Last night had been perfect. And today I was about to see Dynazty again. You really see them so rarely.

I headed over to CUM to buy the most amazing belt like ever, and then down to the busstation to lock up all my stuff and THEN finally heading to the arena. I thought I was about to run late, but today was my day, and just as the presenter went on stage to introduce Wildness on stage, I made it.


Wildness was first act on stage and I personally think they delivered an amazing set! Was a great way to start off the day, and there was a little bit more people here this time around. Thank you!

And now… Dynazty.


And so it began. The band opened up rather strongly with “Run Amok” before quickly throwing us into “The Northern End”. Seriously, all these years – still my absolut favorite song. And this band… This band. “Raise Your Hands” followed suit and then “The Beast Inside” from their most recent album.

“This is My Life”, their cover of Sweden song for Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was next on the list – and I love this cover. “Roar of The Underdog” followed suit, and.. I mean, there were more people than it had been last night, but it wasn’t exactly the best groove, even if it’s a good turnout.

George had his own little moment with his drumsolo, and that was then followed by “Incarnation”. “The Human Paradox” followed suit before the title track “Titanic Mass” happened.

After this, they wrapped up their entire set with “Starlight” and the band left the stage. I guess Nils had to rush off to Västerås for a show with Amaranthe. Hardworking man, he is!

The show in general was great though. Good energy from the band, and a good vibe. Thank you!

After this, another wait began. But for me it was.. Well, it was gonna be good to see the band but it was more passing time for me at this point. Next band on stage though, was Coldspell.


Sadly, the audience wasn’t more than what Art Nation had had the day before, but despite that, they went on an delievered an amazing and energetic set! It was very enjoyable.

House of Lords

Next band on stage was House of Lords, also sadly with a very small audience turn out, but still – great set was delievered. It’s something with these intimate gigs, isnt it?


Last show for me to see today was Bonfire. Another band I hadn’t really gotten all too much into, but still gave on an amazing show. Actually even got me going too. And a lot better turn out, thank god!

After Bonfire, I left the venue, headed off back toward the city, bought some food and collected my stuff and prepared myself for the busride home.

It has been a great weekend, with a lot of fun – and boy did I need that. Thanks to all the bands and the promotor for this fest! I can’t wait for next year.

// Sara