Hör vad du säger men har glömt vad du sa

So, yeah, in lack of better things to write about I’ll write to you a bit about a song that I’ve more or less used as a drug these past couple of days to, well, basically get through the day.

Hör vad du säger men har glömt vad du sa” (I hear what you are saying, but I forgot what you said) by swedish popstar Danny Saucedo.

First of all; I’m proud of myself for recognizing it was him on the radio. I sat to myself and was like “Hmm. Could it be Danny Saucedo perhaps?” And then it was! Golden star to me.

So basically, this is one of those songs who just hit it straight to the heart. Struck me like lightning the way “Stand by You” with Rachel Platten did a while ago. And it’s… sort of fun in a way. I don’t really relate that much to the lyrics – perhaps a line or two, but on the same time, I totally do. I guess it reminds me of the times with my people on the road, in a weird kind of way.

But most importantly – what I like about, and what caught me is the production and the way Danny sings the song. I’m extremely weak for good arrangements, and this song got it real good. So yes. It may not be the sort of music I usually tip about but really, give this song a listen or two. I’m glad I gave it a proper chance.

// Sara

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