Raise Your Fist, Evangelist

So, today, was the first day of preparations for my job on a major television production. In a way, it’s been a very… Like. I got on the bus to Stockholm around 7 in the morning, and was greeted by the nicest spring weather you could ask for. And seriously, walking down Drottninggatan I realized how much I’ve actually missed this city while being away. Brisbane, Paris and Frankfurt in all honor – but nothing’s like rude city people in Stockholm during springtime. And of course, with the Michael Jackson impersonator out, you really know – spring is here!

I ran a few quick errands before going to the introduction class, and it was… surreal in a way. I can’t really believe that I’ll actually be working this production, nor can I believe I’ll work with core production on top of it. The introduction lasted three hours, and then I ran a couple of more errands (bless Europe and long opening hours!) before getting on the bus home.

It’s been a very long day in a way. I mean.. I’ve been on a bus for a total of nine hours, for a three and a half hour lecture. The things we do for the things we love, huh?

// Sara

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