Introducing: Aria Cavanaugh

So, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve properly introduced Aria to you all, and most importantly, it might be a bit hard for you all to keep up on her progress if you have no idea where to start in the first place. So, let me get you all started on who she is!


This is Aria Cavanaugh, current age is young adult. She lives in one of the beginners houses, named Krickebo on Swedish. I’ve been rebuilding the house, by adding a second floor to be able to fit more things which she’ll need as we go along.


Her current personality traits are as follows; Genius, Muser, Quick Learner, Ambitious, Business mind, Independent, Creative and Schooled (?). She’s currently working in the Athlete career.  She’s currently in the Knowledge ambition, amining to become a Computer Whiz.


By the time I write this, she’s finished a total of four careers;
* Cooking – Mixologist
* Business – Investor
* Secret Agent – Diamond Agent
* Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler

So far, she’s finished 14 skills, which are as follows:
* Fishing
* Violin
* Guitar
* Gourmetcooking
* Cooking
* Charisma
* Logic
* Mixology
* Piano
* Programming
* Rocket Science
* Gaming
* Gardening
* Fitness

She’s currently at level nine of Comedic skill, eight in handiness and are just starting out in painting. I’m sort of working my way through the skills as I go through the careers, filling out the empty days with easily aquired skills.


As for ambitions; this is actually low prioritized for me as of now, as I focus more on the careers, but for now she’s cleared the following:
* Knowledge
– Renaissance Sim

My plans with Aria is to work through all the careers and aquire all of the skills, as well as get through all of the ambitions. Once this is done, I’ll have her marry her boyfriend, work through all the careers with him as well, just the opposite branch and once that is done, they’ll have a baby. At least I think this is what will happen. A little bit like what I did with Rose. The only thing that scares me about the baby thing is that it might ruin the family, like it did with Rose. Despite having my Cullens family in The Sims 3, I really do not like playing multiple sims. Who would have thought, eh?

So, now that I’ve given you a full introduction of Aria and what her up – to -dates are, it should be easier for you to follow, no?

// Sara



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