Soo. Long day today. I’m still a bit foggy in my head because of the preparations for the temporary move to Stockholm, and as I write this I realize I might actually want to start packing for that, so I don’t find myself doing that like the day before.

Beside that, I’m trying to get into excitement mood for Butcher Babies, but it’s hard. I guess I’m just having one too many things on my mind right now, but it’ll solve itself I’m sure.

Today is, as you know, rehearsal day and I must say – it went a lot better than expected. We’re finally getting a hand of this song, and not only are we getting a hand of it – we’re also perfecting it, at such a rapid speed it’s time for us to start working on something new. It’s exciting and thrilling to see the progress work like this. I just love fast progress.

Evening has been spent with Kyo catching up on the latest, and we also had Paula joining us on Skype for a while. In other words, a pretty decent day. Despite the stress, haha.

// Sara

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