Crowd Control

Started this off fairly chill by rebooking my bus to a later one, treated myself some hotel breakfast before it was time to get back to the other side of Sweden. However, walking around in Stockholm downtown gave me this smitten feeling. The smitten feeling of seeing all the banners for the best even in this world, Eurovision Song Contest. I thought about it a lot when I was around the Globe area too yesterday, when I passed by the bridge and heard all these Eurovision songs playing as one of their “singing tunnels”, it just… warms my cookies, as Facebook would have said it.

The more time I spend in Stockholm, the more do I love this town. Even the rude city people. Next week really can’t come soon enough.

Once home, I finished off some of the cleaning projects I started, and now the white shelf is a wrap, and not only so, but I also managed to clear out another shelf, by cramming together all my DVD’s. I don’t, quite frankly, watch movies and DVD’s that often, so I figured that if I really need one of those who are crammed in, then I’ll get it. It’s not like I’ve thrown it out or something, haha.

But, aside all of this, perhaps I should show and tell you what I got at the show yesterday. Well, it is as follows:


So, what I wound up with was one Sumo Cyco shirt – I’m still, quite frankly, debating if I should have gone for the tank top or not, but I’m quite satisfied. It’s better to go for the shirt and re-do it, than having a tank top you may not use. I got a new Butcher Babies shirt, and this time with a print I could actually use. I do have one from before, but the design is on the edge of being a bit too “extreme” for my taste. But it’s all good now, right?

Sumo Cyco’s first album “Lost in Cyco City” and an… EP? Of sorts? I’m not sure exactly how to call it, but I guess something like that. And, on top of that I got two buttons from Matt because… well because!

So yeah. Speaking of albums… My pile of new albums has grown so big that not even “Titanic Mass” fit in it. Let alone will the Sumo Cyco ones. I seriously need to get done cleaning my room so law and order can be restored. We can’t have it like this, now, can we?

// Sara

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