Tropic Love



And if that wasn’t fantastic enough, Civil War will be the supportband, just like on Wolfsnäschte. How amazing isn’t this? How fucking incredible isn’t this, that we’ll basically get to re-live last year (minus Orden Ogan) and on top of that, up here? It’s amazing. This, this was good news. The kind of good news I needed today, because I guess we can all say that this week is the week before the storm.


This is more or less my last free week before I move to Stockholm for work, and it’s still so many things that needs to be sorted out. I have preparations to do, books to read and items to collect on the other side of Sweden, and on top of that, I have a concert to attend on Friday that I had completely forgot. My brain is like mashed potatoes right now and I have a hard time keeping up with everything. I guess it’ll all sort itself out once it’s all cool.

On a sidenote – 4 months later I have finally found “Blood of the Saints” and “Gods and Generals”. They were hiding out amongst the Disney and The Sims stuff, don’t even ask me why because I honestly don’t know.

// Sara

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