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Battle Beast @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 1/11 – 17

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At 12.18 it departued, my train toward the capital. If that sentence had been written in “The Hunger Games” it would have had a completely different meaning and cause than what my train has. For a change, I was going with the train rather than the bus, and enjoying the spacious seats they have.

Once in Stockholm,  I checked into my hotel and got ready for the evening. For the occasion, I was meeting up with Robert, an old friend I hadn’t seen in some time. We headed off to the closest Subway and had a sweet dinner before heading to the venue.

Once there, it wasn’t much of a line – and I saw a lot of coats. For those of you readers who are not from Sweden – up here it is mandatory, at least at most concert venues, to leave your jacket in the wardrobe, they will literally not let you pass without dropping off a jacket, and this is why you will never see me queue with a jacket. Because having to put away your coat in the closet is exactly what lost half this little tiny line in front of us their front row spots. But no issue for me and Robert, since – we did not take our jackets with us.

And you know, it’s not bad I’d say to end up in the frontrow arriving maybe only 15 minutes or so before the doors open. It wasn’t a whole lot of people there in the end, about the front row and maybe 10+ more as Dynazty entered the stage.


They started off the show, as energetic as you’d expect from a band who’s a bit rusty, with “Run Amok” and the interest from the audience was pretty…. yeah, cold. That is really the best word to describe it.

They continued very quickly with my personal favorite song, “The Northern End” and seriously… I could go to every single Battle Beast show in this tour only to see this song be played every night. I seriously hope Dynazty starts touring with Amaranthe.. please…

After this, they went back in time for “Raise Your Hands” before launching into “Roar of the Underdog” and then continuing on with “Incarnation”. I honestly love this song live, It’s so perfect for live – heavy, interactive, and has some melody to it. Amazing. “Unholy Deterrent” followed suit, before band took an “artistic break” and then returning with “The Human Paradox”. Another song that I love beyond.

They wrapped up the entire set with “Titanic Mass” and “Starlight” before leaving the stage.

Well, that sure as hell was worth it. It’s a real special feeling you know, when you get to see a band you see so damn rarely. Right at the end, I dodged for the bathrooms just for safety, and since I dogded so quickly – you know, I’ve been doing it for some time. Getting back in was not too hard either, despite it starting to fill up with people.

Right in time, Battle Beast’s intro started to echo and the show started off.

Battle Beast

Battle Beast started off as energetic and powerful as always with “Straight to the Heart” and my insides pretty much exploded. Not my organs, but inner emotions and any sort of self control just went out the window. Jesus Christ, this band knows how to deliver energy. Also, Noora and I had a little moment here. Which was amazing. There’s nothing quite like being the die hard fan at the front.

“Bringer of Pain” was next song on the list, and then thrown right into “Familiar Hell”. The reception was better than for Dynazty, I’ll give you that, but I felt they were still warming up a bit. Or at least in my opinion they could have done better.

“Into the Heart of Danger” was next on the list, and seriously, this song is so amazing live. It’s just… I don’t even know how to describe it properly, but it’s a perfect setting. “We will Fight” was next on the list, followed by the powerpackage that is “Let it Roar” and then into the epic “Black Ninja”. It’s just a whole segment and package of headbanging and jumping, a complete discharge of energy.

Gladly, we got to “relax” a little as “Far From Heaven” was next on the list, then followed by the extremely beautiful, yet powerful, “Lost in Wars”.

The epic tunes of “Iron Hand” echoed through the hall, and you know, there is something truly majestic about this specific song, don’t you think? It’s like, as soon as the intro starts, it’s like everything just levitates.

And again, as last time I saw them, this time speaking about viking warriors, they were not in the wrong by stating it considering that we ARE truly the bastard sons and daughters of Odin. I guess the next song doesn’t need more introduction than that. Again, a complete discharge of energy.

That is pretty much what this band does to you. The band is beyond energetic as it is, and it just rubs off on you. We feed off of each other. Time to slow it down a little to dance to “Touch in the Night” before, for real this time, losing all sense of self-control we all might have had for “Out of Control”.

Anecdote. At the point of one of these songs, Noora simply said that “It’s okay to take your shirt off you know” and naturally, Robert did. And they pointed out that he was a big contestant to have the afterparty at his place because of this.

The band left the stage, the crowed cheered as per usual, and they returned to wrap up the whole set with “King for a Day” and “Beyond the Burning Skies”. One last time to get rid of all that last pieces of energy you had lying around in you.

The band thanked for the evening and left the stage. And we were left completely dehydrated and dead. We remained at the venue for a long time, just to catch out breath and take a moment to get back to reality.

We left the venue, and I got back to my hotel, and Robert went his own way. Thank you Battle Beast, for this incredibly amazing evening.

// Sara

REVIEW: Dynazty – Titanic Mass

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So it’s finally here you guys! Dynazty’s fifth album, second with the new sound. “Renatus” (2014) really ambushed me BIG TIME last time, seeing I was expecting their previous sound. But seriously, all for the better. “Renatus” was such an amazing album, that despite being a band I don’t follow all that closely, it still holds a position as the most played album.

So, you could say that once I saw “Titanic Mass” being in the making I started getting excited, and once I had seen the video for “The Human Paradox” I literally couldn’t contain myself in wait for this album. I mean, “The Northern End” is really one of the best songs in modern metal history, but this sounded extremely promising.

Today was the day when it finally came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to put in the player to hear. So, lets get to verdict, shall we?


The album is opened by no other song than “The Human Paradox” which set the bar quite high, if you ask me with it’s big choruses and catchy melody lines, a bit of a slap in the face if you like. It continues onto in this tempo right into the second track of the album “Untamer of your Soul”, and seriously, what a rush this song is!

And most of the album goes in this vein – it’s a lot of “Renatus”, in the single “Roar of the Underdog” I’m certain you can literally hear some pieces from “Run Amok”. What I would want to say and add to this though, is that some of it’s material is a little bit heavier than the preceeder. The titletrack and “Keys To Paradise” are a few songs that proves it, but it still a whole lot of catchy melodies and epic choruses.

However, there’s one song on this album that my heart beats a little extra for.

“I Want To Live Forever”.

When taking notes I called it  a battle song, because that’s how it started off, but it just blossomed into this epic sort of song that just builds up all through the verse and just explodes in the chorus. Have I mentioned in this post yet how much I love Nils Molins vocals? I’m pretty positive his voice alone are a major reason I love this band as much as I do.

But all this aside – this is a worthy follow up to “Renatus”. Quality songwriting, flawless performance from the bandmembers (can we just appriciate Egg’s capability of doing double bass with one foot?) and the mixing is just as flawless as the rest. I was not disappointed, that is for sure. Holy hell. I now have two of these amazing albums, with what could possibly be the most underrated band in Sweden today. Why aren’t they getting any more recognition?

Seriously, get out and get it!

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara