Fuel My Fire

For the first time in a very long time I’ve actually taken myself the time to sort through my big white shelf, as a start I planned to simply you know, clean it out, but I wound up re-decorating the whole thing. Or sort of anyway.

When cleaning off the top shelf I realized I have a lot of Eurovision memoribila that I really don’t need broadcasted, like, nine or so of those glowing bracelets we got for Eurovision 2013, and ten or so of the waterbottles. So what I did is that I removed them and tucked them into the Eurovision / Frozen carton I got tucked away in the closet, which opened up for more metal stuff on the shelf. I lifted up the Serious Black box with help of the unopened Frozen mugs and made like a small podium with all the signed booklets. Frozen is still big on the top as well!


What is the biggest change though, is me clearing out the entire shelf worth of childhood stuff. As I started to clean through, I just got… tired I guess. And I throw it all down in a box, so now I find myself with a whole shelf completely empty. I’m not sure yet what to do with it – if I should extend the Lordi section to two (the shirts are becoming too many) or if I should dedicate it to general metal stuff.

However, disaster struck while doing this. So you all know how much I love Boda Borg, right? So then I guess saying the words; I just watched all my stampcard go down in the bucket of cleaning water will make your skin cripple right? Seriously. It was just a big shout out of “oh no oh no oh no oh no” as I dived to the floor to pick it up and perform CPR on the cards. Once separated I rescued all the magnets (this super cute little mouse, amongst others) and now I’m just watching my cards dry on an old Amaranthe shirt. Oh my fucking God. What the hell.


Aside, that, it’s been mostly tour planning. Autumn is looking sooo good!


// Sara

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