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REVIEW: Dynazty – Firesign

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Finally. You guys know that Dynazty is one of my all-time favorite bands these days, and every time there is a little shed of news about them it makes my heart pop. So ever since I heard of them getting to work on their third album I was beyond stoked. And finally, it is here!

The album starts off great with a heavy, melodic and rather big arrangement in “Breathe With Me” which serves well as an opening track. The only disappointing thing to find here – is the chorus falling a little flat as compared to the rest of the song, but it can’t all be perfect huh?

The album continues with the dramatic yet powerful “The Grey” which got one of those amazing melody lines that I just love, before launching into heavier tones with “In the Arms of the Devil” which got a little different lyrical theme as to what we have become used to when it comes to Dynazty – a love-related song for the first time in like forever.

And it’s after this the first highlight of the album comes for me – “My Darkest Hour”. It is one of those epic, big and heavy tunes that creates a thin line between epicness and melancholy, together with that kind of lyrics. And here, the chorus is what really makes it, in the veins of symphonic metal. I can’t really describe the ultimate feeling, although I try my best.

The album moves on to “Ascension” which is a pretty good tune – it’s a lot less than the previous mentioned, perhaps more raw if you like, with fewer things happening around it.

However, what is coming next is the biggest highlight of the entire album. The title track itself. With electronic elements that bring thoughts more toward Rammstein than Amaranthe, and the melodies we have gotten used to with Dynazty they deliver what is most certainly the best track of the album. The chorus will make ANYONE get out of their seats and jump around, seriously.

“Closing Doors” are following up, but sadly falling a bit flat. For me, this is more of a filler track, especially when it’s being followed up by “Follow Me” which is probably one of the heavier tracks on the album – the chorus is almost like a punch in the gut. Or at least whiplash damages in your neck material. Going back into the electronic elements, we get “Let me Dream Forever” which is a rather sweet song actually. It’s got a very nice and sweet melody to it and a very nice chorus.

The album is wrapped up with the heavy tune “Starfall” and later on the movie-esque epic kind of “The Light inside the Tunnel” which serves as a pretty decent wrap-up. It might fall a little flat compared to the rest of the album, but it feels like a nice ending you know?

Overall, I think this album is really, really good. I can’t get enough of it. Unlike “Titanic Mass”, this album is becoming a very strong contender in the competition to “Renatus”, which I still consider being one of those perfect albums made by a band.

Favorite song: “Firesign”
Least Favorite: Hard to choose, but I have to say “Starfall” in that case.
Dance-friendliness:  6/11
Headbang-friendliness:  10/ 11
Crowd-friendliness: 6/11

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara


Kamelot @ Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden 20/9 – 18

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So here we go again. After one of the biggest bloghiatuses of my life, it’s time to get on it to write about a concert too, on top of everything! How great is that?

Festivalseason is behind is, and tourseason is upon us – so September was set to be a rather quiet month. Except from this little bad boy right here. Kamelot. Well, I’ll admit to you that I have barely ever heard Kamelot. After some discussion with Toivo we came to the conclusion that I have heard one song, and I’ve seen a song or two live with them some years ago when Kobra Paige was touring with them – but aside that – I’m completely blank as far as Kamelot goes. So why was I here?

Dynazty and Leaves’ Eyes. That’s why.

Dynazty as you know is one of my top favorite bands these days, and they aren’t particularly easy to catch live either. So when they show, you simply go. As far as Leaves’ Eyes goes, they are a rather new band to me. So, I’m just starting to see them.

So, since this concert was in Gothenburg, I simply got in my car and drove down. Toivo was coming in with the bus from where he lives, and we met up at the busstation in Gothenburg. So, you know how I’ve written about some very long time ago that I get a bit anxious driving somewhere, because I don’t know exactly where and how to go? And then I got to Gothenburg and surprise! Road constructions. But gladly, it was very well re-directed, and no major issues. We ran by Lush Cosmetics real quick to pick up some small stuff (Rose Gourmet Soap, Ectoplasm packaging free shower gel and Aromatic deodorant, for those whom it may concern)

After that, Toivo took the wheel and we headed over to Pustervik. Quick, the quickest I ever had, dinner at Burger King before going to the doors, where we found our friends Dennis and Susanna, as well as Cyril! Haven’t seen him in ages, so that was amazeballs. The doors was a bit delayed, which was great for us since that meant we made it, and I ended up at the front together with Cyril, his friend and Toivo. Couldn’t be better!


So, with that said, the wait was rather short before Dynazty enter the stage and started off their set with “Breathe With Me”, the first single of their upcoming album “Firesign”. The audience… besides us, I mean, was a bit lukewarm. Kind of expected, but still a lot more than I thought it would be.

“The Northern End”, seriously, the best song this band has ever written – followed up. May they NEVER take this song out of their setlist. I’ll literally murder someone if they do. And it was as magical as always.

“The Grey”, second single from the new album followed suit, and I was surprised.. I think? To see that this was the song that most people seemed to know. “Firesign” came up next, and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this song. Easily the best song on the new album, and magical live. Seriously.

“The Human Paradox” and “Titanic Mass” wrapped up the show tonight, a very good and energetic show – it was some time since I saw them be this on the game, so that was nice!

Leaves’ Eyes

So… The intro started rolling, and Toivo and I was caught up in a conversation, right? So, I stand there, with my back sort of turned to the stage, and then, by the corner of my eyes, I look toward the stage and I have a minor heart attack.

Because there, was full fledged vikings on stage alright. They did not have those on 70.000 Tons of Metal (which is well understandable) but jesus I did not expect that.

With that said, the band walked on stage and opened with “Sign of the Dragonhead”. The energy was on top, and it seemed like they had quite a few fans in the audience as well!

“Across the Sea” was the next song, and the whole audience was lit! And so was the band, if I may say so! It’s nice to see Elina really get out of her shell. “Swords in Rock” was next song on the list, followed by “Edge of Steel”. Seriously, am I the only one considering this song being extremly magical live?

My very own personal favorite – “Riders on the Wind” was the next song, and I don’t think I’ve had this much fun to this song ever as I did tonight. Seriously, this song was the highlight of the evening. And everybody seemed to have a lot of fun to it as well – not just me!

“Hell to the Heavens” followed suit before they wrapped it all up with “Blazing Waters”.  The band, as well as the vikings, thanked for the show and left the stage. And wow.. I mean wow! They were soo good, better than I remember them from the boat! I really hope they tour relatively soon again so I can see them. Again and again.


So, as I mentioned earlier in this post, I have never actually really listened to Kamelot prior to this show, but I was still looking forward to see it. I did catch an eye on the setlist, so don’t get confused by the fact I can still name some songs, hehe!

They started off the song rather ferioucously “Phantom Divine” and the arena practically exploded. Was happy to see them get such a good reception!

Well. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know all about this band, so I’ll keep it rather short. On this tour, they had Lauren Hart from Once Human with them, an Australian singer who is supertalented. They put on a very good and entertaining show to watch, will definitely look more into the band!

Another fun thing that happened was just two or three songs in, when the bassplayer handed me a pick. I motioned for Toivo to take it, because he is a bigger fan, or well, a fan, which I wasn’t, but the bassplayer just shook his head and put it in my hand. I pretty much squealed out a thank you, not really knowing what to say. Gladly, Toivo got one himself just a minute or so later.

After the show, we headed over to the merch where I picked up a Leaves’ Eyes shirt, finally! Caught up a bit with Susanna and said good bye to Cyril one last time before heading out, toward a 7-11 to buy some snacks and then home to Toivo for a good nights rest.

// Sara


Rock City Stockholm 2018 – Day 2

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So, the second and last day had come. I wasn’t really interested in more bands than Dynazty today to be honest – and such was the game plan too. I was going to stay for as many bands as I could, before taking the 23:00 bus home.

So, I checked out of my hotel, went down to my usual Espresso House and had the same food I always have – a nice brunch sitting there reminicsing. Last night had been perfect. And today I was about to see Dynazty again. You really see them so rarely.

I headed over to CUM to buy the most amazing belt like ever, and then down to the busstation to lock up all my stuff and THEN finally heading to the arena. I thought I was about to run late, but today was my day, and just as the presenter went on stage to introduce Wildness on stage, I made it.


Wildness was first act on stage and I personally think they delivered an amazing set! Was a great way to start off the day, and there was a little bit more people here this time around. Thank you!

And now… Dynazty.


And so it began. The band opened up rather strongly with “Run Amok” before quickly throwing us into “The Northern End”. Seriously, all these years – still my absolut favorite song. And this band… This band. “Raise Your Hands” followed suit and then “The Beast Inside” from their most recent album.

“This is My Life”, their cover of Sweden song for Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was next on the list – and I love this cover. “Roar of The Underdog” followed suit, and.. I mean, there were more people than it had been last night, but it wasn’t exactly the best groove, even if it’s a good turnout.

George had his own little moment with his drumsolo, and that was then followed by “Incarnation”. “The Human Paradox” followed suit before the title track “Titanic Mass” happened.

After this, they wrapped up their entire set with “Starlight” and the band left the stage. I guess Nils had to rush off to Västerås for a show with Amaranthe. Hardworking man, he is!

The show in general was great though. Good energy from the band, and a good vibe. Thank you!

After this, another wait began. But for me it was.. Well, it was gonna be good to see the band but it was more passing time for me at this point. Next band on stage though, was Coldspell.


Sadly, the audience wasn’t more than what Art Nation had had the day before, but despite that, they went on an delievered an amazing and energetic set! It was very enjoyable.

House of Lords

Next band on stage was House of Lords, also sadly with a very small audience turn out, but still – great set was delievered. It’s something with these intimate gigs, isnt it?


Last show for me to see today was Bonfire. Another band I hadn’t really gotten all too much into, but still gave on an amazing show. Actually even got me going too. And a lot better turn out, thank god!

After Bonfire, I left the venue, headed off back toward the city, bought some food and collected my stuff and prepared myself for the busride home.

It has been a great weekend, with a lot of fun – and boy did I need that. Thanks to all the bands and the promotor for this fest! I can’t wait for next year.

// Sara

Battle Beast @ Folkets Park, Huskvarna 3/11 – 17

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So, back in the saddle and on it again. Or more like, back in my wonderful absolutely amazing little tourcar, and heading down toward Huskvarna. This is a city and a venue I’ve never been in before, but after driving to Sweden Rock so many times, I actually almost found my way to Jönköping by default. How amazing isn’t that huh?

The drive was quite uneventful to be honest, a lot of headbanging and just cruising to my destionation, which was a MAX hamburger restaurant in Jönköping. I had gotten a lot of those discount coupons, and for once, they arrived at the time when I was actually IN NEED of them – like actually going to use them. How amazeballs isn’t that?

After a quick food and make up break,  I headed off all the way to Huskvarna. You know, those all long five minutes it takes to travel from the specific restaurant in question to the venue.

Once at the venue, I was lucky enough to get a parking spot right at the venue and from there I was just very very confused. It has like a gazillion buildings, or well, three, so I had to send Jonathan photos of everything like “where do I go from here” and eventually I found the little house, where I found some people working that told me that that specific building was the venue, and that the doors open in two hours. So now we wait.

Jonathan and his friend showed up rather quickly, and we hung around for a bit. They went in to check out the merch, some more friends joined in and we had a jolly good time before the doors opened. Once the doors opened, we ran, well, more walked in and took our spots in the front row of this tiny little venue.

It is like one of those vintage dance halls in facts, round in shape and all in wood. I loved it. Time passed quickly, and Rexoria stepped on stage.


Rexoria is a local band from the area, Jönköping to be more exact, and they delivered a pretty good set. You could kind of tell they were from the area as they had quite som fans in the crowd. I enjoyed their set a lot, and on top of that they played a new song from their upcoming album.

After this, the wait began and sooner rather than later, Dynazty took the stage.


They opened up ever as energetically with “Run Amok”, and the response from the audience was pretty good if you ask me. They followed rather quickly with “The Northern End”, which, as you know, is my personal favorite song of them. I could seriously travel all over just to see them play this song. Over and over again.

Just as previously “Raise Your Hands” followed suit and then “Roar of the Underdog”. The energy and mood seemed to be quite a little better today if I may say so, as “Incarnation” roared out of the speakers. I love this song no less as I did a few days ago – perfect for live.

Artistic break followed by “The Human Paradox”, “Titanic Mass” and then wrapping the set up with “Startlight” ended the, for me, last show with Dynazty for this tour. I can’t believe it’s already over. I wish and hope they start touring a little more soon. I can’t get enough of this band.

And once they were done, they started shifting the gear, which was a little bit smaller today, which isn’t so weird – smaller venue you know. What I really hated this time, was the douchebag who showed up about when Dynazty was done, and started pressing in, almost squeezing Susanna out of her spot. COME IN TIME PEOPLE. The people in the front has usually waited hours, so leave them be!

Battle Beast

In estimated time, they came on stage and opened strongly, probably stronger than in Stockholm, with “Straight To The Heart” and then launching us into “Bringer of Pain”.

And there was a very, very good vibe in the audience, already from the start, and it got even better for “Familiar Hell”. Stockholm got nothing on these Jönköping-people.

“Into the Heart of Danger” was the next song, then followed by “We Will Fight” which seemed to be quite the crowdpleaser, before we lost pretty much all of the control we might have had in “Let it Roar”. The audience was a bit.. well, drunk I guess. A lot of annoying people, but I guess you just have to live with that right?

“Black Ninja” was next song to be ripped off, and seriously, this song live is nothing but amazement. There’s nothing quite like just stopping for a moment and the absolutely losing it in a deep headbanging beat. There’s a few bands who has songs like that, but there’s nothing quite like it.

Beautiful little moment in “Far From Heaven” before returning to seriousness in “Lost in Wars”. This song has come to grow so much on me, the more I hear it. Not only live, also just at home really.

And you know… you know how some bands, when you hear that one note or tone, it’s like everything inside you simply explode? That is the case for me when the keynotes of “Iron Hand”, after toying around with some Abba, echoes through the speakers, and you could tell and feel on the audience that I was not the only one… holy hell what a song it is!

“Bastard Son of Odin” was next on the list, and it is very true that for once in a while, they actually don’t speak bullshit when they say this is the song about us. Real vikings. And then…

So, as I might have mentioned in my previous post, Robert was set to host the afterparty with Battle Beast after the Stockholm, and in Huskvarna it was my turn. I even had to say my name in the mic and everything, which is very much a first for me. This was of course the intro for “Touch in the Night”, which STILL, is not the same without Laura there… but soon enough I’ll be seeing them with her!

They wrapped up the set with “Out of Control” and it was good to be at a place with people who did go out of control. I was a bit, hm, how do I put it. Not amused perhaps? Upon noticing how I’d been levitating more and more to the right. I started out in the middle in front of Noora, and now I was more and more on the right. Oh well.

The band returned to the stage with “King for a Day” before ending the entire set with “Beyond the Burning Skies” The band thanked for the evening and left the stage.

Jonathan managed to catch a drumstick as well as a setlist, and he was kind enough to give me the setlist. Which was so sweet of him, he didn’t have to do that.

After the show, we got ourselves some refreshments, headed to the merchbooth and then hung around the venue for some time simply to hang out, getting to know each other and for Toivo to get all the signatures from the bandmembers.

Once we “disbanded” I headed back to the same MAX restaurant in Jönköping for some travel food before embarking on the three hour drive home.

This show was pure amazement. Thank you Battle Beast, Dynazty, Rexoria, Jonathan, Toivo, August and Susanna for an amazing evening! Until next time!

// Sara

Battle Beast @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 1/11 – 17

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At 12.18 it departued, my train toward the capital. If that sentence had been written in “The Hunger Games” it would have had a completely different meaning and cause than what my train has. For a change, I was going with the train rather than the bus, and enjoying the spacious seats they have.

Once in Stockholm,  I checked into my hotel and got ready for the evening. For the occasion, I was meeting up with Robert, an old friend I hadn’t seen in some time. We headed off to the closest Subway and had a sweet dinner before heading to the venue.

Once there, it wasn’t much of a line – and I saw a lot of coats. For those of you readers who are not from Sweden – up here it is mandatory, at least at most concert venues, to leave your jacket in the wardrobe, they will literally not let you pass without dropping off a jacket, and this is why you will never see me queue with a jacket. Because having to put away your coat in the closet is exactly what lost half this little tiny line in front of us their front row spots. But no issue for me and Robert, since – we did not take our jackets with us.

And you know, it’s not bad I’d say to end up in the frontrow arriving maybe only 15 minutes or so before the doors open. It wasn’t a whole lot of people there in the end, about the front row and maybe 10+ more as Dynazty entered the stage.


They started off the show, as energetic as you’d expect from a band who’s a bit rusty, with “Run Amok” and the interest from the audience was pretty…. yeah, cold. That is really the best word to describe it.

They continued very quickly with my personal favorite song, “The Northern End” and seriously… I could go to every single Battle Beast show in this tour only to see this song be played every night. I seriously hope Dynazty starts touring with Amaranthe.. please…

After this, they went back in time for “Raise Your Hands” before launching into “Roar of the Underdog” and then continuing on with “Incarnation”. I honestly love this song live, It’s so perfect for live – heavy, interactive, and has some melody to it. Amazing. “Unholy Deterrent” followed suit, before band took an “artistic break” and then returning with “The Human Paradox”. Another song that I love beyond.

They wrapped up the entire set with “Titanic Mass” and “Starlight” before leaving the stage.

Well, that sure as hell was worth it. It’s a real special feeling you know, when you get to see a band you see so damn rarely. Right at the end, I dodged for the bathrooms just for safety, and since I dogded so quickly – you know, I’ve been doing it for some time. Getting back in was not too hard either, despite it starting to fill up with people.

Right in time, Battle Beast’s intro started to echo and the show started off.

Battle Beast

Battle Beast started off as energetic and powerful as always with “Straight to the Heart” and my insides pretty much exploded. Not my organs, but inner emotions and any sort of self control just went out the window. Jesus Christ, this band knows how to deliver energy. Also, Noora and I had a little moment here. Which was amazing. There’s nothing quite like being the die hard fan at the front.

“Bringer of Pain” was next song on the list, and then thrown right into “Familiar Hell”. The reception was better than for Dynazty, I’ll give you that, but I felt they were still warming up a bit. Or at least in my opinion they could have done better.

“Into the Heart of Danger” was next on the list, and seriously, this song is so amazing live. It’s just… I don’t even know how to describe it properly, but it’s a perfect setting. “We will Fight” was next on the list, followed by the powerpackage that is “Let it Roar” and then into the epic “Black Ninja”. It’s just a whole segment and package of headbanging and jumping, a complete discharge of energy.

Gladly, we got to “relax” a little as “Far From Heaven” was next on the list, then followed by the extremely beautiful, yet powerful, “Lost in Wars”.

The epic tunes of “Iron Hand” echoed through the hall, and you know, there is something truly majestic about this specific song, don’t you think? It’s like, as soon as the intro starts, it’s like everything just levitates.

And again, as last time I saw them, this time speaking about viking warriors, they were not in the wrong by stating it considering that we ARE truly the bastard sons and daughters of Odin. I guess the next song doesn’t need more introduction than that. Again, a complete discharge of energy.

That is pretty much what this band does to you. The band is beyond energetic as it is, and it just rubs off on you. We feed off of each other. Time to slow it down a little to dance to “Touch in the Night” before, for real this time, losing all sense of self-control we all might have had for “Out of Control”.

Anecdote. At the point of one of these songs, Noora simply said that “It’s okay to take your shirt off you know” and naturally, Robert did. And they pointed out that he was a big contestant to have the afterparty at his place because of this.

The band left the stage, the crowed cheered as per usual, and they returned to wrap up the whole set with “King for a Day” and “Beyond the Burning Skies”. One last time to get rid of all that last pieces of energy you had lying around in you.

The band thanked for the evening and left the stage. And we were left completely dehydrated and dead. We remained at the venue for a long time, just to catch out breath and take a moment to get back to reality.

We left the venue, and I got back to my hotel, and Robert went his own way. Thank you Battle Beast, for this incredibly amazing evening.

// Sara

REVIEW: Dynazty – Titanic Mass

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So it’s finally here you guys! Dynazty’s fifth album, second with the new sound. “Renatus” (2014) really ambushed me BIG TIME last time, seeing I was expecting their previous sound. But seriously, all for the better. “Renatus” was such an amazing album, that despite being a band I don’t follow all that closely, it still holds a position as the most played album.

So, you could say that once I saw “Titanic Mass” being in the making I started getting excited, and once I had seen the video for “The Human Paradox” I literally couldn’t contain myself in wait for this album. I mean, “The Northern End” is really one of the best songs in modern metal history, but this sounded extremely promising.

Today was the day when it finally came in the mail, I couldn’t wait to put in the player to hear. So, lets get to verdict, shall we?


The album is opened by no other song than “The Human Paradox” which set the bar quite high, if you ask me with it’s big choruses and catchy melody lines, a bit of a slap in the face if you like. It continues onto in this tempo right into the second track of the album “Untamer of your Soul”, and seriously, what a rush this song is!

And most of the album goes in this vein – it’s a lot of “Renatus”, in the single “Roar of the Underdog” I’m certain you can literally hear some pieces from “Run Amok”. What I would want to say and add to this though, is that some of it’s material is a little bit heavier than the preceeder. The titletrack and “Keys To Paradise” are a few songs that proves it, but it still a whole lot of catchy melodies and epic choruses.

However, there’s one song on this album that my heart beats a little extra for.

“I Want To Live Forever”.

When taking notes I called it  a battle song, because that’s how it started off, but it just blossomed into this epic sort of song that just builds up all through the verse and just explodes in the chorus. Have I mentioned in this post yet how much I love Nils Molins vocals? I’m pretty positive his voice alone are a major reason I love this band as much as I do.

But all this aside – this is a worthy follow up to “Renatus”. Quality songwriting, flawless performance from the bandmembers (can we just appriciate Egg’s capability of doing double bass with one foot?) and the mixing is just as flawless as the rest. I was not disappointed, that is for sure. Holy hell. I now have two of these amazing albums, with what could possibly be the most underrated band in Sweden today. Why aren’t they getting any more recognition?

Seriously, get out and get it!

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara


W.A.S.P @ Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad, Sweden 1/10 – 15

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So, this was quite an eventful day actually! I went to town quite “early”, or well, at 13, to meet up with Linn and Michelle in order to attend a guitarclinic with W.A.S.P guitarist, Doug Blair.

So basically, we got there and it was… not a lot of people. Perhaps about 20, I thought it would be a bit more, but then again, Thursday 13…. perhaps not. Regardless, we all got into the little room and sat down and he came on pretty directly.

It was an interesting teach. To my surprise, it wasn’t too much technical guitarstuff, but more about his story and journey, and what to think about as an aspiring musician. He of course played us some stuff, it was things he had done for Orphaned Land, Lord of the Lost, some things he WANTED to do for Deathstars and some W.A.S.P material. The teach was over sooner than I wanted it to, what I mean to say here is that it was so fun and inspiring that it went so fast. Afterwards we got the opportunity to meet him and say hi.

12038344_10207710882560234_7327024668596081724_n 12096364_10207710882640236_4615563956299295367_n

Afterwards, we parted ways with Linn and went home to catch something to eat, watch a movie, get dressed for the night and eventually headed down to the arena for the show.

Since I’m a bit of a time optimist, we got on the road a tiny bit late, and it didn’t get better with us getting stuck behind a major truck who drove the wrong way, but according to my co-worker who worked at the venue that very night, we hadn’t missed a lot.

So, the first supportband of the night was the Norwegian thrashband Critical Solution. In all honesty, I wasn’t too fond of their music, it… I don’t know how to explain it. It didn’t really feel that special to me, but their image was cute. It was like merging a heavier band with the Murderdolls. It was odd, but a bit fun.


After this, we actually headed for the front row. I have seen Dynazty a couple of times before, however, I’ve never seen them with “Renatus” in their baggage, and since I didn’t really become a fan of Dynazty until that very album, I was really, REALLY excited for this one.

So, they walked on stage ar 20.30 sharp and opened the whole set with “Run Amok”, which.. startled me a little bit. I had assumed they’d start with “Cross The Line”, which actually became the second song on the set instead. Oh well then!


For the third song of the night, my personal, not only Dynazty favorite, but favorite song all in all through times, “The Northern End” came. And seriously… this song… Like I’ve told you. It’s absolutely perfect. And it was just as perfect live. I love these guys. “Dawn of your Creation” was next on the list, followed by “Unholy Deterrent”.


They wrapped the set up with “Raise Your Hands” and at last, “Starlight” before they left the stage. As you can see, it was a very “Renatus” dominated setlist, making every song but one from said album, but I’m not complaining at all. It was a really good show, I’m very pleased.


After this, the wait for W.A.S.P began. Anna and Linn came to join us, but after some consideration, we decided to give up our front row spots for an old classmate and his girlfriend instead, since we weren’t really big enough fans of W.A.S.P to really find the pressure and drunk people worth it.

They were a bit late when they entered the stage, but once they did so, the arena… well, they gave them a welcome, perhaps not the warmest, but a welcome nonetheless. They opened the show with “On Your Knees”.


They continued on with “Inside the Electric Circus”, “The Real Me” and “L.O.V.E Machine”.

And let me talk about something here for a moment. So, while I’m no superfan of W.A.S.P, I know their deal, and I know Blackie is a little bit of a diva nowadays, and I know he has strong opinion against people photographing. I can understand that it’s boring to play a show with a lot of phones straight up your face, and it is absolutely okay to prohibit photographing, if you announce it properly – by for instance, putting up signs.

Anyway, where I wanna go with this is the actions of the security guards. There was only one security guard who was even remotely active in looking into the crowd, sadly, he spent most of his time looking for cameras and making sure people weren’t photographing. Actually, it was more important for him to look for cameras, that he missed out on this one guy beating a girl. He missed out on this one guy pushing everyone for no reason, causing mayhem. He ignored this one guy who pulled down Linn a lot. He missed out on this one guy who repeatedly almost elbowed Anna in the face and so on. I can go on forever about people who were a little more than a concertgoer should have to deal with, and despite trying to get the attention, they were too busy looking for peoples cameras.

And when a request of the band becomes more important than paying customers safety, something is terribly wrong.

And perhaps Blackie should ask himself… why are they so attached to their phones? Why don’t they give things back? Perhaps the problem lies with him? Perhaps he isn’t delivering anymore. Perhaps he doesn’t give any energy to the crowd to feed off by, and if he can’t deliver why should the crowd?

Anyway. The set wasn’t very long in all honesty – They began around 21.45, and they were done a bit before 23. It was mixed materials – some old, some “Golgotha”, very mixed. I’m confused though – Doug said they were going to have a new set up on stage, but I can recall them having the same, or similar, set up just three years ago when I saw them the last time.


I’m actually a little disappointed. Or a lot. In W.A.S.P that is, not Dynazty, not even Critical Solution. Blackie’s attitude just turns me off, and the way the security guards acted the entire evening kind of ruined the whole show. And the hype around this tour… too much. Anna was even confused afterwards by the fact they didn’t play “Chainsaw Charlie”, nor did they do “Blind in Texas”. I mean sure, you don’t have to do ALL your hits… but apparently they played the first two in Gothenburg and Malmö.

Odd. Very odd. Well, I’m not sure if I’ll be turning to W.A.S.P again after this, and in all honesty, I realized yesterday that I always went to see W.A.S.P because of the supportbands, so I guess it says it all.

After the show, we spent some time with my coworkers before heading home, catching like one hour of sleep before going to work. No rest for me!

// Sara