Last Kiss

So, for the first time in probably two or three months, Michelle and I found ourselves back in the rehearsal lot. Seriously, I have missed this place so much. And as you can guess, there’s not a lot of progress to have been made today since we were both extremely rusty, although not as rusty as we thought we’d be. We went over the songs we already rehearsed from before, and we also managed to write the intro of our intro of our first album, or something. I guess that’s something?

Else from this, we’ve more or less made each other lose it because we mess up at the most stupidest of places, but you know. If it ain’t a bit fun, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. But I feel positive though. I mean, we’re getting somewhere!


And on top of that… no stable today. Not sure if I mentioned it, but my foot’s been injuried ever since I came home from France, and it still hasn’t gotten better, so I try to refrain from physical activities to save myself for the job.

Evening spent with Kyo though, and doing some progress on Aria. She’s by now finished the entire Astronaut career, and she’s at level 8 already on the violin, which I started today, which I had to pause because I needed to get going at rocket science. But yeah. What I love is that Aria is finally catching up on Anna. I believe she’s actually around the same level, or possibly a bit ahead of Anna so far. She may not have done as many careers yet, not sure since Anna made more Get To Work careers, and Aria has done none, so. But, all is well really!


// Sara

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