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Posted in Australia 2016, Travels, Uncategorized on March 27, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

This was the most difficult day of the trip. The day before D-Day, the day before take off. The day I’d have to make up my mind about what hotel I wanted to stay at in Frankfurt, for instance. I have this nasty habit of either booking things way too ahead of time, or doing it last minute. Seriously, even Chiara had to help me and chip in on what she thought, and Curt too in the end I think.

But anyway, that isn’t the first thing that happened. So, basically, we were supposed to be at this Easter thing at Curt’s parents, but seeing me being ill, and then I really mean ill, I decided to stay home. I walked down the excercise path one last time, and this time it actually BEING the very last time as we were leaving the day after.

I got downtown and wandered about in the Roma Street Parklands, something I had postponed a lot. I had seen signs about it literally everywhere, but never really bothered to actually go there until now.

And it was absolutely stunning, as you can see on the photos below.

roma1 roma2 roma3 roma4 roma5 roma6 roma7 roma8 roma9 roma10 roma11 roma12 roma13 roma14 roma15 roma16

Got home, and once home, I did another trail down the path, it’s seriously hard to say good bye sometimes, got home, took Curt out for a walk and some last time McDonalds on Australian grounds. Packed up all my stuff, dealt with German hotels, talked to my very excited European girls and went to bed waaay too late considering what hour we were supposed to go up to go to the airport.

But you know… Things that happens, I guess?

// Sara


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Another sort of slow day. It may not make much sense to most of you why one would have slow days while being down under, but I guess this is a bit of my travel-fever. That whenever I’m about to take off somewhere, I get a bit.. “sick”, like I’ve talked about before. That I don’t wanna do it, I get very closed to myself… you know, that sort of stuff.

I went downtown and walked around the city for most of the day, came home and walked down the excercise path that I love so much, painfully a bit, knowing this would be the last time I’d see it for now.

I got back in good time, because right when I got home, the skies opened and the rain poured down. Spent the rest of night slowly starting to pack and playing The Sims.

Progress with Aria is moving pretty fast now. She’s finished off yet another career, and once she’s done with this one (Business) I’ll get her into a Get To Work career, probably the Doctor one in order to keep on the legacy from where Anna stopped. It’s all exciting – all these hours put into Aria is finally paying off, and she’s getting so close to Anna that it’s not annoying to play anymore, which makes me extremely happy. There’s nothing I hate more than to start over with a sim, especially when it’s in such an unnecessary case like this.

So mostly now, I’m planning her house. Originally I wanted to move her to a bigger house in the neighbourhood, but after starting to decorate her place I’m thinking more and more about just adding an extra floor… I guess we’ll see what I actually do.


// Sara

Black Ninja

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Spent most of my day outside todays. It’s been a 30 degrees day, and since we’re leaving this country in just two days, I figured I’d take the time to actually enjoy the weather and not think too much, so I went down to Lutwych and Kedron Brook and walked around for a good few hours, went home for like fifteen minutes before I decided to go out again because I get insane of being inside when it’s nice weather outside. So I went back, kept walking around until darkness fell around me, and that’s when I decided it could be good to head home.


I did catch some bats, finally, in the free. It was a little freaky at first, but damn. Precious animals. Once home I got dinner, sat down with my ladies from home and started booking the last pieces of this trip, which is the French and partly the German Powerwolf dates. I think we spent a good three hours trying to put this thing together and despite that, we wound up in three different coaches on the train back to Paris. Oh well, maybe we can solve it, haha.

But really, its going to be great to be back in Europe and see Powerwolf again – despite Babyface McDreamy’s absence. I’ll see my girls and boys again – Madlen, Sophie, Laura, Cyril and Daniel, and I’ll have the privilege to meet Marianne for the first time. It’s going to be soo good. And it’ll be good to be back in France for a change, it’s been six years since I were there the last time, but then I spent three days in Paris. Now it’ll be like what, a couple of hours in Clermont, a couple of hours in Paris haha. Oh well.


// Sara

Magnetic North

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Started the day out earlier than normal, at least for being back here in Brisbane, and went downtown and caught the bus over to the Botanic Garden. The first thing I really noticed about it, was the huge amount of lizards running around literally everywhere. But, despite this, it was a really nice walk about. More pictures, less talking, aye?

DSC_1898DSC_1911 DSC_1914DSC_1960DSC_1942 DSC_1960 DSC_1982 DSC_1983


After this, we got on the bus back into the city, grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed over to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which is basically a zoo, or animal park, with Australian animals.

We walked around for a while looking at all the animals, but did without a doubt spend most time in the kangaroo centre, or what you call it, where we cuddled and fed the kangaroos. Best. Day. Ever.

DSC_2079DSC_2082DSC_2123 DSC_2147DSC_2151DSC_2182 DSC_2196

After this, we headed right home and I spent most night fixing with Aria. She’s done with her investor career now, I’ve been refurnishing the livingroom and kitchen, and she started a new career in the secret agent line. I hope I don’t get too far up on her, since I do not remember what line Anna did and I figured Aria would do the opposite… oh well!

// Sara

Everything’s Better With Perry

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I guess technically, that title were better fitting yesterday, but oh well. Today we decided to head up to the Summit Lookout, which is supposed to give you ana amazing view over all of Brisbane.

We headed out fairly early, for being us, and got downtown well in time for the bus leaving. The place is actually called Mountain Coot-Tha, but it’ll be easier to refer to as the Summit. Killing time waiting for the bus (that only leaves about once every hour) we went through H&M and a couple of souvenir stores, and I’m so surprised to firstly, seeing so many Online-Only items in store, and also, seeing the items that were many seasons ago. Like, my flowery Coachella dress is currently instores in Australia? It’s so odd.

Anyway, the bus eventually came, and we got on, and went on the half an hour long ride up to the Lookout… and we were greeted by a magnificent view. It felt like you could see most of Brisbane from there, if not all of it.


After being there for a while, we spontaneously embarked on the JC Slaughter Falls trail, which is a fairly short one – about 2,5 kilometres only, but considering how hilly and steepy it was, it felt longer and heavier than you’d think. We think we finished it, we weren’t exactly sure but we had to turn around regardless to make sure to make the bus. Maybe some other time!

sumittjohostenarmerstenar gagaga

Once back in town we did some last minute souvenir shopping, got home, once home I played a little The Sims and kept trying to get through “The Fifth Wave” in wait for Chiara, once she was home we went down to Grill’d to have an amazing dinner together. You can really feel that the end of the trip is coming to an end now.

After this, we went home, watched various weird videos on Youtube – everything from losing-it news anchors to Raske Menn’s world history in five minutes.

Wrapped the night up with some progress on Aria – she’s now an investor, just so you know.

// Sara

In The Name of God

Posted in Australia 2016, Travels, Uncategorized on March 22, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Slow, but still a bit of an eventful day. Started the day out with doing, an albeit shorter walk with Curt, and after that Michelle and I headed down to the city to visit the Museum of Science where we learned a lot about the animals, the sea, Queensland and Aborigin history. It was interesting to say the least, and what else, well, we found Perry!


After this, we headed over to heaven on Earth – Grill’d. It’s a really fancy and good burgerplace, and since my tummy was screaming for food we had to go. They have the only burger, or food, that has made me shed a few tears over spicyness. I still finish it, but yes, a tear or two do go down with it.


We walked around the South Bank a bit before heading home, Michelle making dinner for Curt and Chiara and I found myself playing The Sims and forcing myself through “The Fifth Wave”. I loved the movie, but I have a hard time getting through the book.


Gladly, we have a bit more interesting things planned for tomorrow, so see you then!

// Sara


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Today has been a resting day. Or well, sort of at least. Ever since the exhausting week at New Zealand, I’ve been on and off sick, and getting not well prepared food didn’t exactly help my case. Regardless, Curt and I went on an almost 3 hour walk, which was nice. Getting some quality time.

It hasn’t been the best of weather today, so I took up a bit on my The Sims today. Aria’s getting somewhere finally – as I’m writing this I’m waiting for four simsdays to go by so she FINALLY can reach the top of the bartender career and move on to a new job. What else has happened.. Well, she was a level five, I might add, so I’ve raised her five levels. She’s done with mixology and charisma skill, so it’s all good. She’s getting somewhere with the others as well, so I’d say all is going good!

At dinner today we watched Alice Cooper’s Theatre of Death tour recorded at Hammersmith in 2009. I can honestly say, out of all the tours I’ve seen with Alice Cooper, and I’ve seen quite a few the past nine years, this still remains the best tour he put on. Seriously – everything is perfect. The setlist is perfect, the theatrics is perfect, literally everything is just perfect.

I’m really looking forward to see Alice again this summer. I really, really am.

// Sara

This Is How We Do

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We started the day off with: LAUNDRY! You see, being a way for a while kind of makes the need for doing laundry, so today was the day. We’re leaving in sort of a week, so we figured it could be good to get some of our stuff clean for departure. After all, we are not going directly home to Sweden, we are going to Germany and France in between.

But today on the other hand, Ashleigh and Chiara took us to a cat café. Basically, it’s a café but you hang out with cats. And we were lucky, we were the only people who had booked that time, so we had all five – six cats all to ourselves. It was really nice and chill to hang out with the girls and the cats for a while, speaking mostly about cats but really anything.

catcafe1 catcafe2 catcafe3 catcafe4 catcafe5 catcafe6 catcafe7 pettingcat

Once we got home, we caught a quick dinner and then we headed down to the cinemas to catch “Zootopia” on it’s opening day here in Australia. I don’t really wanna say too much of the movie since it’s pretty fresh, but it was a really good and fun movie! I’m usually not a fan of like, animals-pretending-to-be-human kind of films, but this one I really, really liked! Go see it if you can.

We wrapped up the night watching recaps of the championship of Cosplays which was in Chicago today, where Curt and Chiara’s friend won! Congrats to Sam Major Cosplay!

// Sara

Epica @ Max Watts, Brisbane, Australia 18/3 – 16

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So, this was it guys. This is the final date for us to do on the Ultimate Enigma tour down under, and it has got this bittersweet feeling to it really. I hate when tours get over way too quickly, and I think I feel… I don’t know how to put it in words, but to know there are two more Australian dates and three Asian, makes it even harder for me to deal with that it’s over, already.



Same clothes, different city except: STRAIGHT HAIR! Apparently, there were some misunderstandings… Curt for some reason wanted to get in really quickly and were all up all of our faces when he came home about leaving three hours before showstart, as you might know, I don’t really queue anymore since I find it a lot more fun standing a bit in the back (or well, where there’s less crowded) than being pinned to the fence, and seeing neither me and Michelle hadn’t eaten because we were under the impression we were gonna eat before leaving, this did make room for a large confusion. Especially seeing I have to eat prior to a gig – if I don’t, I might have a heartfailure, unless of course I stand completely still the entire show, but why would I ever do that? Gladly, we sorted dinner out. But really, if anyone goes with me in the future – it’s okay to go ahead. No need to make my health condition stop you.

So, after a while we finally got on the road to get there, and we were a wee bit late, so we missed the first couple of songs of the supportband, but I do assume they started on time. The venue was… Well, it felt a bit fuller than it was in Auckland indeed, but on the same time I do think the venue was a tad bit smaller, so I can’t say for sure if it was more people or not. However, they did deliver a good set.


After Voyager, we headed over to Epica’s merchtable to check out the merch. Apparently, the tourshirts had sold out during the VIP, which is superweird. I’m not sure if they have a batch for each show, cause in that case it should be double tonight since they missed out on Auckland, but really, how little tourshirts did they bring? And if they don’t have a batch for every show, then they REALLY misscalculated the demand… Like, REALLY BIG.

By this time, we made our way down towards the pit. It was crowded, but not tight, and I found a spot we could make a headbangerzone, so we were all good. Curt decided to come along as well, and pretty much right on time they began with “Originem”, opening the show up with “The Second Stone”.

I believe Epica has toured Austalia before, at least it seemed like it because the crowd responded a wee bit better than the NZ crowd, which I was pleased to see! Hell, I even saw mosh pits happening. And this, despite Max Watts forbidding “fight dancing”. Seriously, venues, get fucking over yourselves. Can’t take a metal venue seriously when they put up that.


“The Essence of Silence” was next, and seriously, can we just take a moment and appriciate how much of a godess Simone is? Seriously, I could listen to this particular song, and especially her operaparts on repeat all day long. “Sensorium” was next, followed by “Unleashed”. “Storm the Sorrow” was the next song, and then Simone started talking about a song from the new album about not being able to sleep. Immediatley, one could figure it was “Chemical Insomnia”, I was just surprised seeing that they didn’t play this one i Auckland. All righty then! I guess this is somewhere around us noticing that Curt left us. Huh.

“Cry For The Moon” was next on the list, and seriously, this song is just pure magic. Especially live. Holy hell. Next up was “The Obsessive Devotion”, and I finally got to see some action. I’m glad to see the Aussies can mosh! Next up, “Victims of Contingency”, seriously, this song live is so fucking amazing. Beyond amazing.


“The Last Crusade” and “Design Your Universe” wrapped up this amazing set, and the band left the stage. Coen soon returned and started off the intro to “Sancta Terra”, following up with mine, and apparently Simone’s personal favorite “Unchain Utopia”. Seriously, this song is so good.

After this song, we dumped our stuff on Curt (which we had forced to come back) and joined the wall of death for “Consign to Oblivion” and with that, the gig, and the final stop for us on this tour was over for this time.


After the gig, we relocated Chiara and Curt and I headed over to the merch for Voyager to pick up another of their albums, and lucky me, the band were there so I got it signed as well. Went back to the crew, only to noticing they weren’t ready to leave so we got back to the band and started chatting a lot with the singer of the band, about literally everything and nothing – from the dedication to Epica for coming all the way from Sweden to see them, to that he encouraged me to do a Working Holiday in Australia to me doing bad imitation of what a “powerwolf” is. Oh well, at least he won’t forget it.

The band eventually had to leave, and so did we, so we headed off to McDonalds for some late night food and then got home.

Seriously, again. Thank you so much for this tour Epica. I’m already close to crying myself to sleep because I’m missing the rest of the dates, and missing out on the Asian enigma (that one is fucking annoying, because we are going to China THE DAY after…) just makes me supersad. Oh God. Epica, I love you guys more than life itself. Thank you so much for this.

// Sara



Victims of Contingency

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I have decided to split this day in two, in order to capture as much as possible really.

So, today was Epica day! Woohoo, right? It is. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. At first I missed out on the Quantuum Enigma tour on the first leg in Europe, then the second leg in Europe, and when they originally came out two months after Soundwave, I cursed so fucking loudly. Soundwave cancelled, which is tragic as it is, but then again. Epica!

But, despite this being concertday, it doesn’t by any means mean rest! But no long travels, so I simply decided to go to Auckland Zoo.

It was a little bit of a hassle getting there seeing New Zealand (nor Australia for that matter) announces bus-stops, so I missed one stop, gladly, it only added about 200 meters of walking, which is nothing.

At first I had a hard time navigating the zoo, which happens easily for me when I get to big place, like an amusementpark, mostly because I don’t know where I should start. But once I worked out a route I could finally make my way around.

Just as with Hobbiton, this will be mainly pictures.

acuklandzooottersaucklandzoowallabieaucklandzootasmaniandevililiketomoveitmoveitiliketomoveitmoveit aucklandzoosealionaucklandzoonsneakupengiuins

About here, it started to rain superheavily, so I made my way into the Meerkat tunnel.



After finishing the Zoo, I took a walk through Western Springs Park, which had wild rabbits and various birds. Beautiful location!

And then, it was home to prepare for Epica.


// Sara