Epica @ Max Watts, Brisbane, Australia 18/3 – 16


So, this was it guys. This is the final date for us to do on the Ultimate Enigma tour down under, and it has got this bittersweet feeling to it really. I hate when tours get over way too quickly, and I think I feel… I don’t know how to put it in words, but to know there are two more Australian dates and three Asian, makes it even harder for me to deal with that it’s over, already.



Same clothes, different city except: STRAIGHT HAIR! Apparently, there were some misunderstandings… Curt for some reason wanted to get in really quickly and were all up all of our faces when he came home about leaving three hours before showstart, as you might know, I don’t really queue anymore since I find it a lot more fun standing a bit in the back (or well, where there’s less crowded) than being pinned to the fence, and seeing neither me and Michelle hadn’t eaten because we were under the impression we were gonna eat before leaving, this did make room for a large confusion. Especially seeing I have to eat prior to a gig – if I don’t, I might have a heartfailure, unless of course I stand completely still the entire show, but why would I ever do that? Gladly, we sorted dinner out. But really, if anyone goes with me in the future – it’s okay to go ahead. No need to make my health condition stop you.

So, after a while we finally got on the road to get there, and we were a wee bit late, so we missed the first couple of songs of the supportband, but I do assume they started on time. The venue was… Well, it felt a bit fuller than it was in Auckland indeed, but on the same time I do think the venue was a tad bit smaller, so I can’t say for sure if it was more people or not. However, they did deliver a good set.


After Voyager, we headed over to Epica’s merchtable to check out the merch. Apparently, the tourshirts had sold out during the VIP, which is superweird. I’m not sure if they have a batch for each show, cause in that case it should be double tonight since they missed out on Auckland, but really, how little tourshirts did they bring? And if they don’t have a batch for every show, then they REALLY misscalculated the demand… Like, REALLY BIG.

By this time, we made our way down towards the pit. It was crowded, but not tight, and I found a spot we could make a headbangerzone, so we were all good. Curt decided to come along as well, and pretty much right on time they began with “Originem”, opening the show up with “The Second Stone”.

I believe Epica has toured Austalia before, at least it seemed like it because the crowd responded a wee bit better than the NZ crowd, which I was pleased to see! Hell, I even saw mosh pits happening. And this, despite Max Watts forbidding “fight dancing”. Seriously, venues, get fucking over yourselves. Can’t take a metal venue seriously when they put up that.


“The Essence of Silence” was next, and seriously, can we just take a moment and appriciate how much of a godess Simone is? Seriously, I could listen to this particular song, and especially her operaparts on repeat all day long. “Sensorium” was next, followed by “Unleashed”. “Storm the Sorrow” was the next song, and then Simone started talking about a song from the new album about not being able to sleep. Immediatley, one could figure it was “Chemical Insomnia”, I was just surprised seeing that they didn’t play this one i Auckland. All righty then! I guess this is somewhere around us noticing that Curt left us. Huh.

“Cry For The Moon” was next on the list, and seriously, this song is just pure magic. Especially live. Holy hell. Next up was “The Obsessive Devotion”, and I finally got to see some action. I’m glad to see the Aussies can mosh! Next up, “Victims of Contingency”, seriously, this song live is so fucking amazing. Beyond amazing.


“The Last Crusade” and “Design Your Universe” wrapped up this amazing set, and the band left the stage. Coen soon returned and started off the intro to “Sancta Terra”, following up with mine, and apparently Simone’s personal favorite “Unchain Utopia”. Seriously, this song is so good.

After this song, we dumped our stuff on Curt (which we had forced to come back) and joined the wall of death for “Consign to Oblivion” and with that, the gig, and the final stop for us on this tour was over for this time.


After the gig, we relocated Chiara and Curt and I headed over to the merch for Voyager to pick up another of their albums, and lucky me, the band were there so I got it signed as well. Went back to the crew, only to noticing they weren’t ready to leave so we got back to the band and started chatting a lot with the singer of the band, about literally everything and nothing – from the dedication to Epica for coming all the way from Sweden to see them, to that he encouraged me to do a Working Holiday in Australia to me doing bad imitation of what a “powerwolf” is. Oh well, at least he won’t forget it.

The band eventually had to leave, and so did we, so we headed off to McDonalds for some late night food and then got home.

Seriously, again. Thank you so much for this tour Epica. I’m already close to crying myself to sleep because I’m missing the rest of the dates, and missing out on the Asian enigma (that one is fucking annoying, because we are going to China THE DAY after…) just makes me supersad. Oh God. Epica, I love you guys more than life itself. Thank you so much for this.

// Sara



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  1. Epica is one of the best bands I have ever seen in concert. Sounds like you had lots of fun 🙂

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