In The Name of God

Slow, but still a bit of an eventful day. Started the day out with doing, an albeit shorter walk with Curt, and after that Michelle and I headed down to the city to visit the Museum of Science where we learned a lot about the animals, the sea, Queensland and Aborigin history. It was interesting to say the least, and what else, well, we found Perry!


After this, we headed over to heaven on Earth – Grill’d. It’s a really fancy and good burgerplace, and since my tummy was screaming for food we had to go. They have the only burger, or food, that has made me shed a few tears over spicyness. I still finish it, but yes, a tear or two do go down with it.


We walked around the South Bank a bit before heading home, Michelle making dinner for Curt and Chiara and I found myself playing The Sims and forcing myself through “The Fifth Wave”. I loved the movie, but I have a hard time getting through the book.


Gladly, we have a bit more interesting things planned for tomorrow, so see you then!

// Sara

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