Today has been a resting day. Or well, sort of at least. Ever since the exhausting week at New Zealand, I’ve been on and off sick, and getting not well prepared food didn’t exactly help my case. Regardless, Curt and I went on an almost 3 hour walk, which was nice. Getting some quality time.

It hasn’t been the best of weather today, so I took up a bit on my The Sims today. Aria’s getting somewhere finally – as I’m writing this I’m waiting for four simsdays to go by so she FINALLY can reach the top of the bartender career and move on to a new job. What else has happened.. Well, she was a level five, I might add, so I’ve raised her five levels. She’s done with mixology and charisma skill, so it’s all good. She’s getting somewhere with the others as well, so I’d say all is going good!

At dinner today we watched Alice Cooper’s Theatre of Death tour recorded at Hammersmith in 2009. I can honestly say, out of all the tours I’ve seen with Alice Cooper, and I’ve seen quite a few the past nine years, this still remains the best tour he put on. Seriously – everything is perfect. The setlist is perfect, the theatrics is perfect, literally everything is just perfect.

I’m really looking forward to see Alice again this summer. I really, really am.

// Sara

One Response to “Kreuzfeuer”

  1. I hope the weather is a lot warmer than it is here.

    PS: That’s one of my favourite songs from Preachers of the Night, idk why.

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