Black Ninja

Spent most of my day outside todays. It’s been a 30 degrees day, and since we’re leaving this country in just two days, I figured I’d take the time to actually enjoy the weather and not think too much, so I went down to Lutwych and Kedron Brook and walked around for a good few hours, went home for like fifteen minutes before I decided to go out again because I get insane of being inside when it’s nice weather outside. So I went back, kept walking around until darkness fell around me, and that’s when I decided it could be good to head home.


I did catch some bats, finally, in the free. It was a little freaky at first, but damn. Precious animals. Once home I got dinner, sat down with my ladies from home and started booking the last pieces of this trip, which is the French and partly the German Powerwolf dates. I think we spent a good three hours trying to put this thing together and despite that, we wound up in three different coaches on the train back to Paris. Oh well, maybe we can solve it, haha.

But really, its going to be great to be back in Europe and see Powerwolf again – despite Babyface McDreamy’s absence. I’ll see my girls and boys again – Madlen, Sophie, Laura, Cyril and Daniel, and I’ll have the privilege to meet Marianne for the first time. It’s going to be soo good. And it’ll be good to be back in France for a change, it’s been six years since I were there the last time, but then I spent three days in Paris. Now it’ll be like what, a couple of hours in Clermont, a couple of hours in Paris haha. Oh well.


// Sara

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