Victims of Contingency

I have decided to split this day in two, in order to capture as much as possible really.

So, today was Epica day! Woohoo, right? It is. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. At first I missed out on the Quantuum Enigma tour on the first leg in Europe, then the second leg in Europe, and when they originally came out two months after Soundwave, I cursed so fucking loudly. Soundwave cancelled, which is tragic as it is, but then again. Epica!

But, despite this being concertday, it doesn’t by any means mean rest! But no long travels, so I simply decided to go to Auckland Zoo.

It was a little bit of a hassle getting there seeing New Zealand (nor Australia for that matter) announces bus-stops, so I missed one stop, gladly, it only added about 200 meters of walking, which is nothing.

At first I had a hard time navigating the zoo, which happens easily for me when I get to big place, like an amusementpark, mostly because I don’t know where I should start. But once I worked out a route I could finally make my way around.

Just as with Hobbiton, this will be mainly pictures.

acuklandzooottersaucklandzoowallabieaucklandzootasmaniandevililiketomoveitmoveitiliketomoveitmoveit aucklandzoosealionaucklandzoonsneakupengiuins

About here, it started to rain superheavily, so I made my way into the Meerkat tunnel.



After finishing the Zoo, I took a walk through Western Springs Park, which had wild rabbits and various birds. Beautiful location!

And then, it was home to prepare for Epica.


// Sara

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