Everything’s Better With Perry

I guess technically, that title were better fitting yesterday, but oh well. Today we decided to head up to the Summit Lookout, which is supposed to give you ana amazing view over all of Brisbane.

We headed out fairly early, for being us, and got downtown well in time for the bus leaving. The place is actually called Mountain Coot-Tha, but it’ll be easier to refer to as the Summit. Killing time waiting for the bus (that only leaves about once every hour) we went through H&M and a couple of souvenir stores, and I’m so surprised to firstly, seeing so many Online-Only items in store, and also, seeing the items that were many seasons ago. Like, my flowery Coachella dress is currently instores in Australia? It’s so odd.

Anyway, the bus eventually came, and we got on, and went on the half an hour long ride up to the Lookout… and we were greeted by a magnificent view. It felt like you could see most of Brisbane from there, if not all of it.


After being there for a while, we spontaneously embarked on the JC Slaughter Falls trail, which is a fairly short one – about 2,5 kilometres only, but considering how hilly and steepy it was, it felt longer and heavier than you’d think. We think we finished it, we weren’t exactly sure but we had to turn around regardless to make sure to make the bus. Maybe some other time!

sumittjohostenarmerstenar gagaga

Once back in town we did some last minute souvenir shopping, got home, once home I played a little The Sims and kept trying to get through “The Fifth Wave” in wait for Chiara, once she was home we went down to Grill’d to have an amazing dinner together. You can really feel that the end of the trip is coming to an end now.

After this, we went home, watched various weird videos on Youtube – everything from losing-it news anchors to Raske Menn’s world history in five minutes.

Wrapped the night up with some progress on Aria – she’s now an investor, just so you know.

// Sara

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