This Is How We Do

We started the day off with: LAUNDRY! You see, being a way for a while kind of makes the need for doing laundry, so today was the day. We’re leaving in sort of a week, so we figured it could be good to get some of our stuff clean for departure. After all, we are not going directly home to Sweden, we are going to Germany and France in between.

But today on the other hand, Ashleigh and Chiara took us to a cat café. Basically, it’s a café but you hang out with cats. And we were lucky, we were the only people who had booked that time, so we had all five – six cats all to ourselves. It was really nice and chill to hang out with the girls and the cats for a while, speaking mostly about cats but really anything.

catcafe1 catcafe2 catcafe3 catcafe4 catcafe5 catcafe6 catcafe7 pettingcat

Once we got home, we caught a quick dinner and then we headed down to the cinemas to catch “Zootopia” on it’s opening day here in Australia. I don’t really wanna say too much of the movie since it’s pretty fresh, but it was a really good and fun movie! I’m usually not a fan of like, animals-pretending-to-be-human kind of films, but this one I really, really liked! Go see it if you can.

We wrapped up the night watching recaps of the championship of Cosplays which was in Chicago today, where Curt and Chiara’s friend won! Congrats to Sam Major Cosplay!

// Sara

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