This was the most difficult day of the trip. The day before D-Day, the day before take off. The day I’d have to make up my mind about what hotel I wanted to stay at in Frankfurt, for instance. I have this nasty habit of either booking things way too ahead of time, or doing it last minute. Seriously, even Chiara had to help me and chip in on what she thought, and Curt too in the end I think.

But anyway, that isn’t the first thing that happened. So, basically, we were supposed to be at this Easter thing at Curt’s parents, but seeing me being ill, and then I really mean ill, I decided to stay home. I walked down the excercise path one last time, and this time it actually BEING the very last time as we were leaving the day after.

I got downtown and wandered about in the Roma Street Parklands, something I had postponed a lot. I had seen signs about it literally everywhere, but never really bothered to actually go there until now.

And it was absolutely stunning, as you can see on the photos below.

roma1 roma2 roma3 roma4 roma5 roma6 roma7 roma8 roma9 roma10 roma11 roma12 roma13 roma14 roma15 roma16

Got home, and once home, I did another trail down the path, it’s seriously hard to say good bye sometimes, got home, took Curt out for a walk and some last time McDonalds on Australian grounds. Packed up all my stuff, dealt with German hotels, talked to my very excited European girls and went to bed waaay too late considering what hour we were supposed to go up to go to the airport.

But you know… Things that happens, I guess?

// Sara

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