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Today was a bit of a rough day. First and foremost I had to cancel both rehearsals and ridinglessons because of me yet not recovering from the cold. It’s especially sad about rehearsals, since I’ve found the inspiration to do it again.

But, I didn’t get to be sad for long upon noticing I had two new packages arriving. Of course I knew exactly what it was, seeing one was from EMP and the other one shipped from the UK…

monstereolordi sequins

My long awaited “Monstereophonic: Theaterror vs. Demonarchy” and “Sequins and C-Bombs”! And especially the latter one, finally! I’ve been eager to hear new material from these ladies ever since I discovered them and picked up on “Just The Tip”.

The slime coming with the box was a bit smaller than expected, but it was ultimate fun. I found myself running around and playing with it, probably laughing a bit more than I should, having a bit more fun that I should. But hey, rather that than being sad.

So, good day with new beautiful additions to the recordcollection!

// Sara

The Monsterican Dream

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On this day, September 19th ten years ago, 2006, I witnessed my very very first Lordi show. It was in Gothenburg, the arena was Lisebergshallen and my company was Lina, who actually to this date was also my very very first “internetfriend” ever, a girl I had met through Wig Wam the year prior.

We were at the venue early. Like, ten in the morning or something like that. I can’t even remember properly. And it was a show worth waiting for. Seeing my heroes for the very first time live (and also a mysteriously military clad band singing about going through the gates of hell on their way to heaven…) was beyond words to describe. This was the The Arockalypse tour, so unlike the more recent tours it was a big show – a lot of theatrics, pyrotechnics and a massive show. The setlist was perfect, the night was perfect, and it got even better by the facts that I’d managed to score backstagepasses for me and my friends.

Meeting Lordi for the first time wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for a shy little person like me, and Kita had to convince me to come forward to even dare to walk up to them. I owe him for that.


But that was ten years ago. And this is what this marks. Ten years of monsterloving. It’s been ten years as a Lordifan, and I honestly thought this day would never come. That I’d lose interest in them one day, but no. My love for this band grows bigger and bigger for every day. It hasn’t been easy, there’s been times where it’s hard to defend the band, but that is the point. You stand with the band through thick and thin, and never give up on them. And I have never.

Thanks to Lordi, I have met some of my absolute best friends.It goes all the way back to the groupconversations and family constellations and weddings we used to make in 2006 – Where I married Ghostrider, also known as Sergio, and he’s still one of my best friends today. I remember Lozzy16, Lauren, was the “chapel master” and Monster-girl, Suncica, KittyCat, Anna and Pride_of_Finland, Ville was our best men / bridesmaids. FallenOne, William was my father who walked to the alter, and BeautyOfTheBeast, whose name fails me, was the priest. This was all of course happening on MSN, but still.

Fast forward a few years to Kita’s departure where we met Thomas – in the midst of planning a new monster and the “penis monster” came to be, and I became “B. A. Nana” because of all the bananas I used to give to the funny people. And of course, how can we forget that one night – Me – Ida, Martine (GoodToBeBadGirl) Thomas (Thomas), Martin (martinmaniac), King, Jonathan (Monsta), Michal (NightmareWingsHell) and Jordan (Mooneyman) had a basic riot in the Misc babbling section that ended with “King, you just said you wanted to have some gaysex with me and Martin“. Most iconic line from that times of riots.

But it doesn’t end there. We have PoliceLineDoNotCross who was always a pleasent person to have to deal with, AmericanMonsterMan (I’m sorry if I misspell your usernames people!) miss_brutality, Sooooophie, Maddy, CB Studios, Miss-Elodia – I specifically remember when she randomly joined in me and Martine throwing fake Lordi lyrics in the Misc babbling, MarkusHasADeadache, Stude, Nillan, Kitawa, Judge-death, Erina, I could go on forever with this list! It’s a whole load of amazing people that you’ve met on this one little forum called Monsterboard. And we all united there for one reason: The love for Lordi.

Thanks to Lordi, I’ve been able to see a big part of Europe I probably never would have seen, and I’d want to say the world because really, we did wind up seeing Epica in Australia and New Zealand, but it was because of Lordi we even went there to begin with.

It hasn’t always been easy. On the contrary, it’s been a rollercoaster and different occasions. It’s been everything:

My first trip to Finland was because of them, which included Pippi Långstrump and Moomin madness – and a hairbrush that broke.


It has been shouting “Mr Porn” out towards the streets through a window in Paris, where we had a large get-together of Monsterboard people (Soooophie, FairyOfDarkness, Isa, Angel_Of_Death, LIVINGDEADDOLLIE, mummy-, Thomas, GoodToBeBadGirl is a few of the people who were there), and dancing around in the wild snow that appeared.

lordimemories31lordimemroies33lordimemories5 lordimemories4 lordimemories3lordimemories20

It has been yelling inapropriate things on trains in Germany (Lichtenfels), living like royals in the large rooms and finding questionable pig-porn art in the middle of the townsquare.



It has been walking along an Italian highway (Rome & Milano) for so long your feet are bleeding in a 30 degree heat, only to hours later crack your knee on the stone stairs forcing you to jump on one leg for the rest of the stay. This Italy trip was a basic nightmare from start to finish, with the questionable drivers on the first night, the hotelroom who all of a sudden lost all lights, and not to mention the hell in getting home – took us 36 hours because of a train accident. The trip from Hell.

lordimemories9 lordimemories10lordimemroies11

It has been witnessing the coolest of releasegigs, spending the late night in the hotelroom with Soooophie, eeesti999_ and Anthalerero talking about everything and nothing ’til 4am in the morning, meeting up with Monstermaniacs from all over the place.

DSC_1762 DSC_1775DSC_1753 DSC_1747 LORDI 293

It has been a spontaneous trip to Germany (Frankfurt) where we couldn’t even feel our legs because of the cold, and a four day stay in Spain(Madrid) where we had the most questionable of hotel rooms – It was a large square with Jesus on the cross on the wall, two beds, high roof and a sink. It felt like we were in a horror movie.

lordimemroies12lordimemories13lordimemories18 lordimemories17

It has been going through a damp and cold English harbor village (Southampton) where we randomly offered this guy chocolate cake, because why not? And it was probably the best decision made ever, seeing that is how we met Nathan. It has been traveling to beautiful Brighton living in a hotelroom that was made for Royals.


And not to mention: That one day we threw Mr L completely off his game at Sabaton Open Air! All hail us, the Swedish Lordi Crew: Paula, Hanna, Michelle, Me, Ludvig and Jonathan.





Thanks to Lordi, I’ve gotten to experience some of the most treasured moments with my best friends. Like the New Year Celebration in 2012, where a group of Lordi fans (PEML94, GoodToBeBadGirl, Thomas, FlameCurry and me) gathered at GTBBG and celebrated the new year together.


It was been those “GroupieBFF’s” weeks where we have just randomly gone somewhere. It has been all those nights spent with The Awesome Threesome, where we went to bed at eight in the morning and spent all the night recording stupid videos about seigemenn and superdupermegamojängen. One of my favorite memory is the Tuska weekend. Ten years after The Arockalypse tour, I was allowed to witness almost the same identical set with Sophie and Nathan under the burning Helsinki sun. That day, and the whole weekend was amazingly perfect in a way that I can do nothing but smile when I think about it. Even with the pepperspray.

lordimemroies32lordimemories30 lordimemories29 lordimemories28lordimemories23 lordimemories22 lordimemories21 lordimemroies14lordifans


As you can see, you who read this… Being a Lordi fan has been so much more than just simply liking their music and going to a show here and there. I practically owe my life to this band. It’s because of them that I’ve gotten to experience all the amazing stuff that I have, and I couldn’t even thank them enough for all of it. And all of you who were mentioned in this, I thank all of you for in one way or another, making these years the best.


And here’s to the next ten years: May they be as amazing as these first have been!

// Sara

REVIEW: Kryptos – Burn up the Night

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Kryptos was formed already back in 1998 in Bangalore, India and are seen as the spearhead of the heavy metal revolution in India. Influenced by the classic heavy metal heroes such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, they had their debutalbum “Spiral Ascent” released in 2004, and they have released two more albums since – “The Ark of Gemini” in 2008 and “The Coils of Apollyon” in 2012. And now, four years later they are back with “Burn Up The Night”.

The album opens with a fast riff which evolves into heavy rhythms which are accompanied by attacking vocals with a big, powerfull and heavy chorus, which serves to tell us that Kryptos are back in business. The album continues on in the same manner – truth to be told, most of the songs sound very similar to each other, making it all sound like one long song throughout – with two exceptions.

The first one being “Unto Elysium” which is rather tone down compared to the rest of the album, at least once it reaches the verses, but despite being toned down it never loses the attitude we know from Kryptos. The second exception is found in “Waverider”, which is the complete opposite – it’s faster, heavier and a bit more progressive than the rest of the album, with a very intriguing breakdown which makes the song interesting.

This albums is a very classic heavy metal album. It sounds cliche to say, but I really don’t know a better way to describe it. When I hear this album, I’m taken back 30 years in time to a little basement somewhere in this world where a whole load of metalheads have gathered to drink beer and headbang while Kryptos is screaming from the tape recorded placed on the table in the midst of empty beercans. It’s essentially, a partyalbum without the stereotypical partying, if it makes sense? It has captures everything heavy metal in the best way possible – with a polished, but not too polished production which makes it sound like it was indeed taken straight form that era, leaving you with that retro feeling. It’s an even album through and through, and I can assure you that I’ll include some of the songs from this album on my future festival playlists.

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara

The Infinite Sea

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So. I literally just finished the second book in the “The Fifth Wave” series, and I don’t really know what to do with my life right now. “The Last Star” has been released, but since I read the two first books in Swedish, I prefer to do the same with the third one, which forces to do nothing but wait. The series is a sci-fi thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world, where you follow some orphaned teens on their way to survival.

Before you keep on reading, I want to say that there might be spoilers in this text.

The more important question, what did I think about the follow up? I’m not sure if I ever told you guys about my opinions on the first book – but to put it very shortly, I found it hard to get through. It was a very long book, and it took some times before I properly picked up on the different perspectives in the book. I’m guessing this was ruined a bit by the fact that I (accidently) saw the movie before the book, and movie is told from Cassie’s point of view only, while the book shifts between Cassie, Ben, Sam, Ringer and so on. However, despite being difficult to read, the last few chapters of the books were so thrilling that I couldn’t wait to start the next one.

When I first started “The Infinite Sea”, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’m not the kind of person who can stop mid-series, so even if the first book was difficult to get through, I still want to finish the series. So I was a bit surprised when I found myself throwing away the book after TWO PAGES in anger. You leave the first book thinking everything is fine, everything is good, and the second book starts off with telling you, once again, that you can’t trust anyone. Not even a poor little child.

The book, being almost half the length of the previous, does as well get a bit boring in the middle, BUT – when it changes to Ringer’s perspective, and the book is mostly written in her perspective, it starts to pick up pace again, and starts to get intriguing. Following Ringer’s struggle to be updated to the half human half alien was interesting, and it was interesting learning more about the “others”, and just as the last one – it’s leaving off with a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger probably comes more from the fact that this time around, we know for sure things aren’t good since Vosch is still out there, still making hybrids even if Ringer and possibly Teacup, made it out.

I don’t really know what to say. Because, at times, it can get very slow and not entertaining at all, but you know you need to keep going, because before you know it, the book slaps you with those moments when you just can’t stop reading. The wait for the third book is killing me.


// Sara


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I want to apologize for the lack of update. I’ve been sick as hell these past couple of days and despite trying to find any sort of motivation to write anything, I just haven’t had the energy.

But I am still alive, well, barely, and aside this notorious cold, I’m fine. Still sorting out the last details about the tours, and being super excited about Lady Gaga announcing her fifth album “Joanne”, finally. Interestingly enough it’ll be released the same day as Amaranthe’s “Maximalism” so it’ll be a heavy day with two CD releases and a Powerwolf gig.

I mean, I like it when a lot happens at the same time, but that’s a bit on the a lot side, don’t you think?

// Sara

Perfect Illusion

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Ever since I made the “mistake” (not actually a mistake) of buying this song I’ve been listening to it on repeat, basically.

So today, I finally, after some time’s away-time finally made my way back to the rehearsal lot. They have changed it up a bit, moving the equipment from the old room to a new one, and damn it’s large. It’s like three times the old space, and I was just walking around for a bit being like “what am I to do with all of this space?”


Look how pretty it is!

Nowadays I’m on my own, and I must say… the difference is quite a lot. It was me and my iPod, and I started, or well, kept to going over “I’m 18” with Alice Cooper as usual, in order to get a soft start, and seriously. The progress I made from when I sat down til one hour later, I was sort of surprised by myself. And it feels good to finally be able to try out different thing, improvise a bit, shift around a bit, and I’ve finally reached a “version” of the song that I’ll keep perfecting.

It feels good to be back on track, and to feel that it’s actually going somewhere for once, and not just me tramping on the same spot over and over again.

And I had forgotten how fun it was. A reason I’ve had some time away from it is lack of motivation, which I guess came from the feeling of never moving forward. Now I can barely wait to get back to the lot and get back behind the drums to keep improving and keep learning. Have to choose a song to start to go over next week as well.

But first, I need to deal with the illness that is coming upon me. I felt it during riding that I was becoming more and more weak, and once home I just wanted to crawl up into a little ball and cry from the pain of the thousand needles going through my skin. The flu can go to hell.

// Sara

REVIEW: Lordi – Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy)

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Two years has passed since Lordi’s most recent “Scare Force One” hit the shelves, and after a few ifs and buts, setbacks, delays and change of producer, the eight Lordi album has finally arrived, and it’s with great pleasure I found myself digging into it. Seeing that the album is sort of split into two, I’ll also split this review into two to begin with, starting with Theaterror.


To put it very simply, “Theaterror” is very old school Lordi, mixed with a major 80’s influence – to the extent you’d think this album was taken straight from the 80’s, with heavy keyboards and light guitar riffs. The album starts off with a phonecall, voicemail from what I assume is Hella’s murderer Ralph Ruiz (read the To Beast comic book) threatening us on the phone before a divine melody line signed Hella which launches us into opening track “So.W.C.A”*, and it continues that way – catchy melodies with the strong prescence of a keyboard being what ties it all together. Lyricwise, it’s very similar to what we’ve heard before – leaving “So.W.C.A”, which is about Masters of the Universe, and “Hug You Hardcore” with more of a parental advisory kind of lyrics being the only two exceptions.

This album IS taken to the next level – no doubt about it. Even though I feel I could fit most, if not all, of these songs onto “Babez For Breakfast”, it’s still done a little better, with a little more finess – and I’d like to think that this is the magical work of Nino Laurenne – “Theaterror” is basically what “Babez For Breakfast” should have sounded like. 

However, it’s a little bit predictable. It’s not Sabaton-plagarising-themselves kind of predictable, but the album follows the same schedule we’ve seen on all of their previous albums, and some songs directly draws the thoughts to some older songs (“Mary is Dead” to “Missing Miss Charlene”, “None for One” to “Loud and Loaded” to mention a few)

“Theaterror” is a very fun album. I’ve found myself bouncing around the room to almost every track of this album, dancing, headbanging, jumping, almost trashing things because of the happy emotions it fills me with. It’s a party album. And if Lordi keep making albums like this, they sure as hell are on the right track. And – bonus points for no curse words! Way to go! I must give a special shout out to my personal favorite on this side of the album – “Sick Flick”. It’s absolutely amazing with the big choruses that makes you dance around the room as if you were being cast in a sick flick.


I will admit right upfront – When learning about the album, and how it was to become with two sides – one being a more fun side, and the other being more of a story and closer to “Deadache” as far as style goes, I was more interested in this side, and let me tell you this – it did not, I repeat – it did not disappoint.

When the opening track, “SCG:VIII” starts and… The first time I listened to this album I was out walking in the trails in the forest, and it was rather close to midnight. And when this opening track started, and the enchanting notes of it reached my eardrum, it felt like I stepped into an enchanted forest, like the world Pandora from the Starshine games. It felt like I could see and even feel the magic purple glittering mushrooms pop up, fairies waiting around every corner, see glittering rays of light slipping through before the threatening guitars starts, which made me look over my shoulder out of fear. Now this is how to properly compose music.

The album starts off in a way we have never heard Lordi before – heavy riffs with pounding drums, I had to make sure I was actually still listening to Lordi and not some average powermetal band and I basically stood there with jaw dropped in awe. This is beyond amazing. Seriously, holy hell! It didn’t get any worse when I noticed the song, and the whole part of this album, has a bit of Avantasia vibes – changes songs within the songs to move on with the story.

The album continues on like this – moodchanges in the various songs, mostly to accompany the lyrics. I’d want to say that the whole album is a lot in the style of Avantasia – as far as composition and structures are made, so if you’re a fan of “The Metal Opera” I’m pretty sure you could appreciate this, especially seeing this album is also a lot heavier than what Lordi usually does.

So, as most of you may know – Demonarchy is the tale about a group of monsters – The Witch, The Vampire, The Werewolf, The Zombie and Nosferatu, to mention at least a few, that are all coming together to work in the great Demonarchy – the unholy gathering. The story goes through the entire album with it’s ups and downs, and with plottwists that will make your eyes pop, despite being a fairly short tale to tell in only seven songs.

But, with that said, this is what they should do. Seriously. “Theaterror” is all fun and games, but seriously, albums like “Demonarchy” is what Lordi should do. They should write albums based on stories and have comic books come with them. That could really be their call. “Demonarchy” is absolute perfection from start to finish, and I just love this side so much. I want to give an extra shout out for the songs “Demonarchy” and “The Night the Monsters Died” – simply amazing.

Lordi has finally, finally landed with this one. I never thought I’d ever say I liked an album more than “Deadache” – but here it is folks. “Monstereophonic” is slowly, but surely claiming the top spot, and I’d dare to say that this is one of their best works to date. For once, I can very very warmly recommend you without any shame to get this album – you will not be disappointed. Nino Laurenne, he’s a magic worker. The magic he’s done on this album is amazing.

(Label: AFM Records)

CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara
* = So.W.C.A (Song Without a Cool Acronym) = “Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be The Beast Man in the Masters of the Universe)”


Say Yay

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It’s already a bit in on September, and I’m guessing it’s the last few days of summer left today. So I have spent the weekend accordingly, I apologize my abscense. I spent the Saturday having lunch with a good friend of mine and then later working, and my Sunday started out with me rushing downtown to pick up some outfit ideas for the upcoming tours, and then…

Well, it was supposed to be “one round” around Sandgrund to pick up some Pokéstops, but it turned out to be me lurking around for an hour and a half, hatching eggs, catching pokémons and collection stops. Before my battery gave up I managed to catch 50 pokémons, and I do in all honesty not consider that bad. Like, not at all.

Now, I’m spending my Sunday night doing the last pieces of shopping before tour, some pre-orders for albums and some last tour planning before I’m out to conquer some gyms and then bed.

Calm and nice weekend.

// Sara

Perfect Illusion

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Seriously. I thought, I thought this day was never gonna come. I thought “ArtPOP” was it.

But then it happened.

Two years after her collaboration with Tony Benett, and three years since “ArtPOP” the Queen, Mother Monster, has FINALLY released a new song, “Perfect Illusion“.

It’s pretty typical Lady Gaga musicwise, but seeing some new vocal techniques. I’m hoping this means album, and if it does, FINALLY. Not a day too late.  The Queen is back.

However, I’m caught between what this song could be about. On the one side, it could easily be about a failed relationship, but a part of me thinks that this song again could be about her relationship to fame… That she/you think it’s love, but it’s all a perfect illusion… if you know what I mean? That you think it’s amazing, but in reality, it’s just a heavy burden to carry with everyone and everybody watching your every step, like she visualized in the VMA 2009 performance of “Paparazzi”.

Anyway. FINALLY. Mother Monster is back.

// Sara

Edge of the Blade

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Today, Epica released another song from their upcoming album “The Holographic Principle”, “Edge of the Blade” and along with it a video.

Ok, so firstly: I’m in love with this video. You can really tell it’s all about holographics, haha, haha, haha, ok that was bad. Anyway, at first I was a bit “Ok” but then when Mark’s vocals came in and the whole video turned into a riot, that’s when we are talking.

About the song.. I was a bit stunned when I heard it. It’s unlike what Epica has done before, talking about the verses. It was strange hearing Simone sing like that, but it did nothing but make me even more excited for the album.

Speaking of which, I must remember to preorder it. And Monster-e-ju-fånict too.

// Sara