REVIEW: Kryptos – Burn up the Night

Kryptos was formed already back in 1998 in Bangalore, India and are seen as the spearhead of the heavy metal revolution in India. Influenced by the classic heavy metal heroes such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, they had their debutalbum “Spiral Ascent” released in 2004, and they have released two more albums since – “The Ark of Gemini” in 2008 and “The Coils of Apollyon” in 2012. And now, four years later they are back with “Burn Up The Night”.

The album opens with a fast riff which evolves into heavy rhythms which are accompanied by attacking vocals with a big, powerfull and heavy chorus, which serves to tell us that Kryptos are back in business. The album continues on in the same manner – truth to be told, most of the songs sound very similar to each other, making it all sound like one long song throughout – with two exceptions.

The first one being “Unto Elysium” which is rather tone down compared to the rest of the album, at least once it reaches the verses, but despite being toned down it never loses the attitude we know from Kryptos. The second exception is found in “Waverider”, which is the complete opposite – it’s faster, heavier and a bit more progressive than the rest of the album, with a very intriguing breakdown which makes the song interesting.

This albums is a very classic heavy metal album. It sounds cliche to say, but I really don’t know a better way to describe it. When I hear this album, I’m taken back 30 years in time to a little basement somewhere in this world where a whole load of metalheads have gathered to drink beer and headbang while Kryptos is screaming from the tape recorded placed on the table in the midst of empty beercans. It’s essentially, a partyalbum without the stereotypical partying, if it makes sense? It has captures everything heavy metal in the best way possible – with a polished, but not too polished production which makes it sound like it was indeed taken straight form that era, leaving you with that retro feeling. It’s an even album through and through, and I can assure you that I’ll include some of the songs from this album on my future festival playlists.

(Label: AFM Records)

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// Sara

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