Say Yay

It’s already a bit in on September, and I’m guessing it’s the last few days of summer left today. So I have spent the weekend accordingly, I apologize my abscense. I spent the Saturday having lunch with a good friend of mine and then later working, and my Sunday started out with me rushing downtown to pick up some outfit ideas for the upcoming tours, and then…

Well, it was supposed to be “one round” around Sandgrund to pick up some Pokéstops, but it turned out to be me lurking around for an hour and a half, hatching eggs, catching pokémons and collection stops. Before my battery gave up I managed to catch 50 pokémons, and I do in all honesty not consider that bad. Like, not at all.

Now, I’m spending my Sunday night doing the last pieces of shopping before tour, some pre-orders for albums and some last tour planning before I’m out to conquer some gyms and then bed.

Calm and nice weekend.

// Sara

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