Perfect Illusion

Seriously. I thought, I thought this day was never gonna come. I thought “ArtPOP” was it.

But then it happened.

Two years after her collaboration with Tony Benett, and three years since “ArtPOP” the Queen, Mother Monster, has FINALLY released a new song, “Perfect Illusion“.

It’s pretty typical Lady Gaga musicwise, but seeing some new vocal techniques. I’m hoping this means album, and if it does, FINALLY. Not a day too late.  The Queen is back.

However, I’m caught between what this song could be about. On the one side, it could easily be about a failed relationship, but a part of me thinks that this song again could be about her relationship to fame… That she/you think it’s love, but it’s all a perfect illusion… if you know what I mean? That you think it’s amazing, but in reality, it’s just a heavy burden to carry with everyone and everybody watching your every step, like she visualized in the VMA 2009 performance of “Paparazzi”.

Anyway. FINALLY. Mother Monster is back.

// Sara

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