Today was a bit of a rough day. First and foremost I had to cancel both rehearsals and ridinglessons because of me yet not recovering from the cold. It’s especially sad about rehearsals, since I’ve found the inspiration to do it again.

But, I didn’t get to be sad for long upon noticing I had two new packages arriving. Of course I knew exactly what it was, seeing one was from EMP and the other one shipped from the UK…

monstereolordi sequins

My long awaited “Monstereophonic: Theaterror vs. Demonarchy” and “Sequins and C-Bombs”! And especially the latter one, finally! I’ve been eager to hear new material from these ladies ever since I discovered them and picked up on “Just The Tip”.

The slime coming with the box was a bit smaller than expected, but it was ultimate fun. I found myself running around and playing with it, probably laughing a bit more than I should, having a bit more fun that I should. But hey, rather that than being sad.

So, good day with new beautiful additions to the recordcollection!

// Sara

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