Perfect Illusion

Ever since I made the “mistake” (not actually a mistake) of buying this song I’ve been listening to it on repeat, basically.

So today, I finally, after some time’s away-time finally made my way back to the rehearsal lot. They have changed it up a bit, moving the equipment from the old room to a new one, and damn it’s large. It’s like three times the old space, and I was just walking around for a bit being like “what am I to do with all of this space?”


Look how pretty it is!

Nowadays I’m on my own, and I must say… the difference is quite a lot. It was me and my iPod, and I started, or well, kept to going over “I’m 18” with Alice Cooper as usual, in order to get a soft start, and seriously. The progress I made from when I sat down til one hour later, I was sort of surprised by myself. And it feels good to finally be able to try out different thing, improvise a bit, shift around a bit, and I’ve finally reached a “version” of the song that I’ll keep perfecting.

It feels good to be back on track, and to feel that it’s actually going somewhere for once, and not just me tramping on the same spot over and over again.

And I had forgotten how fun it was. A reason I’ve had some time away from it is lack of motivation, which I guess came from the feeling of never moving forward. Now I can barely wait to get back to the lot and get back behind the drums to keep improving and keep learning. Have to choose a song to start to go over next week as well.

But first, I need to deal with the illness that is coming upon me. I felt it during riding that I was becoming more and more weak, and once home I just wanted to crawl up into a little ball and cry from the pain of the thousand needles going through my skin. The flu can go to hell.

// Sara

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