Edge of the Blade

Today, Epica released another song from their upcoming album “The Holographic Principle”, “Edge of the Blade” and along with it a video.

Ok, so firstly: I’m in love with this video. You can really tell it’s all about holographics, haha, haha, haha, ok that was bad. Anyway, at first I was a bit “Ok” but then when Mark’s vocals came in and the whole video turned into a riot, that’s when we are talking.

About the song.. I was a bit stunned when I heard it. It’s unlike what Epica has done before, talking about the verses. It was strange hearing Simone sing like that, but it did nothing but make me even more excited for the album.

Speaking of which, I must remember to preorder it. And Monster-e-ju-fånict too.

// Sara

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