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The Monsterican Dream

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On this day, September 19th ten years ago, 2006, I witnessed my very very first Lordi show. It was in Gothenburg, the arena was Lisebergshallen and my company was Lina, who actually to this date was also my very very first “internetfriend” ever, a girl I had met through Wig Wam the year prior.

We were at the venue early. Like, ten in the morning or something like that. I can’t even remember properly. And it was a show worth waiting for. Seeing my heroes for the very first time live (and also a mysteriously military clad band singing about going through the gates of hell on their way to heaven…) was beyond words to describe. This was the The Arockalypse tour, so unlike the more recent tours it was a big show – a lot of theatrics, pyrotechnics and a massive show. The setlist was perfect, the night was perfect, and it got even better by the facts that I’d managed to score backstagepasses for me and my friends.

Meeting Lordi for the first time wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for a shy little person like me, and Kita had to convince me to come forward to even dare to walk up to them. I owe him for that.


But that was ten years ago. And this is what this marks. Ten years of monsterloving. It’s been ten years as a Lordifan, and I honestly thought this day would never come. That I’d lose interest in them one day, but no. My love for this band grows bigger and bigger for every day. It hasn’t been easy, there’s been times where it’s hard to defend the band, but that is the point. You stand with the band through thick and thin, and never give up on them. And I have never.

Thanks to Lordi, I have met some of my absolute best friends.It goes all the way back to the groupconversations and family constellations and weddings we used to make in 2006 – Where I married Ghostrider, also known as Sergio, and he’s still one of my best friends today. I remember Lozzy16, Lauren, was the “chapel master” and Monster-girl, Suncica, KittyCat, Anna and Pride_of_Finland, Ville was our best men / bridesmaids. FallenOne, William was my father who walked to the alter, and BeautyOfTheBeast, whose name fails me, was the priest. This was all of course happening on MSN, but still.

Fast forward a few years to Kita’s departure where we met Thomas – in the midst of planning a new monster and the “penis monster” came to be, and I became “B. A. Nana” because of all the bananas I used to give to the funny people. And of course, how can we forget that one night – Me – Ida, Martine (GoodToBeBadGirl) Thomas (Thomas), Martin (martinmaniac), King, Jonathan (Monsta), Michal (NightmareWingsHell) and Jordan (Mooneyman) had a basic riot in the Misc babbling section that ended with “King, you just said you wanted to have some gaysex with me and Martin“. Most iconic line from that times of riots.

But it doesn’t end there. We have PoliceLineDoNotCross who was always a pleasent person to have to deal with, AmericanMonsterMan (I’m sorry if I misspell your usernames people!) miss_brutality, Sooooophie, Maddy, CB Studios, Miss-Elodia – I specifically remember when she randomly joined in me and Martine throwing fake Lordi lyrics in the Misc babbling, MarkusHasADeadache, Stude, Nillan, Kitawa, Judge-death, Erina, I could go on forever with this list! It’s a whole load of amazing people that you’ve met on this one little forum called Monsterboard. And we all united there for one reason: The love for Lordi.

Thanks to Lordi, I’ve been able to see a big part of Europe I probably never would have seen, and I’d want to say the world because really, we did wind up seeing Epica in Australia and New Zealand, but it was because of Lordi we even went there to begin with.

It hasn’t always been easy. On the contrary, it’s been a rollercoaster and different occasions. It’s been everything:

My first trip to Finland was because of them, which included Pippi Långstrump and Moomin madness – and a hairbrush that broke.


It has been shouting “Mr Porn” out towards the streets through a window in Paris, where we had a large get-together of Monsterboard people (Soooophie, FairyOfDarkness, Isa, Angel_Of_Death, LIVINGDEADDOLLIE, mummy-, Thomas, GoodToBeBadGirl is a few of the people who were there), and dancing around in the wild snow that appeared.

lordimemories31lordimemroies33lordimemories5 lordimemories4 lordimemories3lordimemories20

It has been yelling inapropriate things on trains in Germany (Lichtenfels), living like royals in the large rooms and finding questionable pig-porn art in the middle of the townsquare.



It has been walking along an Italian highway (Rome & Milano) for so long your feet are bleeding in a 30 degree heat, only to hours later crack your knee on the stone stairs forcing you to jump on one leg for the rest of the stay. This Italy trip was a basic nightmare from start to finish, with the questionable drivers on the first night, the hotelroom who all of a sudden lost all lights, and not to mention the hell in getting home – took us 36 hours because of a train accident. The trip from Hell.

lordimemories9 lordimemories10lordimemroies11

It has been witnessing the coolest of releasegigs, spending the late night in the hotelroom with Soooophie, eeesti999_ and Anthalerero talking about everything and nothing ’til 4am in the morning, meeting up with Monstermaniacs from all over the place.

DSC_1762 DSC_1775DSC_1753 DSC_1747 LORDI 293

It has been a spontaneous trip to Germany (Frankfurt) where we couldn’t even feel our legs because of the cold, and a four day stay in Spain(Madrid) where we had the most questionable of hotel rooms – It was a large square with Jesus on the cross on the wall, two beds, high roof and a sink. It felt like we were in a horror movie.

lordimemroies12lordimemories13lordimemories18 lordimemories17

It has been going through a damp and cold English harbor village (Southampton) where we randomly offered this guy chocolate cake, because why not? And it was probably the best decision made ever, seeing that is how we met Nathan. It has been traveling to beautiful Brighton living in a hotelroom that was made for Royals.


And not to mention: That one day we threw Mr L completely off his game at Sabaton Open Air! All hail us, the Swedish Lordi Crew: Paula, Hanna, Michelle, Me, Ludvig and Jonathan.





Thanks to Lordi, I’ve gotten to experience some of the most treasured moments with my best friends. Like the New Year Celebration in 2012, where a group of Lordi fans (PEML94, GoodToBeBadGirl, Thomas, FlameCurry and me) gathered at GTBBG and celebrated the new year together.


It was been those “GroupieBFF’s” weeks where we have just randomly gone somewhere. It has been all those nights spent with The Awesome Threesome, where we went to bed at eight in the morning and spent all the night recording stupid videos about seigemenn and superdupermegamojängen. One of my favorite memory is the Tuska weekend. Ten years after The Arockalypse tour, I was allowed to witness almost the same identical set with Sophie and Nathan under the burning Helsinki sun. That day, and the whole weekend was amazingly perfect in a way that I can do nothing but smile when I think about it. Even with the pepperspray.

lordimemroies32lordimemories30 lordimemories29 lordimemories28lordimemories23 lordimemories22 lordimemories21 lordimemroies14lordifans


As you can see, you who read this… Being a Lordi fan has been so much more than just simply liking their music and going to a show here and there. I practically owe my life to this band. It’s because of them that I’ve gotten to experience all the amazing stuff that I have, and I couldn’t even thank them enough for all of it. And all of you who were mentioned in this, I thank all of you for in one way or another, making these years the best.


And here’s to the next ten years: May they be as amazing as these first have been!

// Sara

Powerwolf @ Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany 1/4 – 16

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SO THE D-DAY IS HERE. Seriously, I love Australia and all, but Blessed and Possessed tour is literally what I’ve been going and waiting for the entire time. The Ultimate Enigma was great and all, but how can that beat Powerwolf AND Battle Beast, all in one evening? Nope.

Met up Michelle early in the morning to deliver some stuff for her to take in her luggage to make things a little bit easier on my part when going to Clermont-Ferrand and then we had a, what you could say, fancier breakfast, for once. Found this supercute place down the Kaiserstrasse, “What The Food!” Superdelicious food and superamazing staff. Warmly recommended would you ever need tasty breakfast in Frankfurt city.

With that said, we got to our respective hotels and started to get ourselves ready for the night. Michelle stopped by with some food and that’s when we finally found the time to do the dreaded Vegemite challenge. Seriously, oh my God. Sophie is going down for this one, haha! Gladly, I was smart enough to only take a little bit, while Michelle took quite a lot and almost made herself throw up… Dear lord.

After this, some final touches and then we were finally on the go. We got through the U-Bahn and gladly we found some other Powerwolf fans we could follow. I’ve been to Batschkapp once before, but I remember how disoriented all three of us where, so it felt good that we could take back on some other people. Of course, in the midst of it Michelle is like “What if they are really on their way to a pre-party or something and we’re just following them like some creepy stalkers?”

Thanks, Michelle. Thank you.

We got the line, and it was quite a line already, but hey, what do you expect when you arrive like, half an hour or so before the show starts? We waited in line for some time, I’m not sure if perhaps they were delayed or early with the doors, but they opened 17.52 exactly. I’d know this, because I was trying to calm down a hysteric Madlen on the other side of the phone.

So, we got let in and the first thing we did was to hit the bathroom and once we got out, we went into the venue and went on a quest to find Daniel and Toni. Which wasn’t that hard. You sort of see them. On a lightyears distance. So we went to them to say hi, but wound up staying with them throughout the show. This is also where I’d in fact ‘meet’ Toni for the first time and also Szilvi!

After a little bit of waiting, Serenity entered the stage and started their show.

So, I’m both unfamiliar but also not with Serenity prior to this show. I’m unfamiliar to the music, but I’ve seen a lot of their sponsored ads on Facebook, and after I realized they’d be on tour with Powerwolf I paid a bit more attention, but did not look up any music.

But, DAMN, I liked them. Or like, LIKED THEM. Damn damn damn. So fucking good I barely have any words for it, haha. It’s almost pathetic. They put on a great show and I was determined to get their latest album after the show, that’s for sure.


Next up on the stage was Battle Beast, which is one of the two bands I’d been looking forward to a lot.

So, they got on the stage and opened the show with “Let It Roar” and my god, what a band! And Noora! What a performer! They continued on very strongly with “I Want The World … And Everything In It” and seriously, this band, what a rush! “Out on the Streets” were next before it was time for my personal favorite, “Touch in the Night” Of course not without Daniel so delicately enlighten me about this, due to a discussion we had two days ago. Haha. But seriously, this song live though, what a rush!

“Fight, Kill, Die” and “Black Ninja” were the next songs on the list followed by “Iron Hand” and “Enter The Metal World” before they wrapped it all up with “Out of Control”. The band thanked for the evening and walked off stage.

I’ve already said it once before very recently, but I need to state it again: WHAT A RUSH. Seriously, this band, Noora as a performer, WHAT A RUSH!


After this, the wait for Powerwolf began and at this point I noticed Cyril, my French friend had arrived, holding a position up on the balcony. And with Cyril there’s only one way to greet him – with the face. The Face, as Ashleigh would call it. It was good to see him again!

And then, lights out and Powerwolf started. Intro. Band members entering and then the epic tunes of “Blessed and Possessed” started echoing through the venue with all the lights pointing right onto you, creating probably one of the most beautiful visions in front of you. I’m always going to applaud Powerwolf for their work with the lights.

After one of the most epic openings seen in a long time, “Coleus Sanctus” followed suit, and then “Amen & Attack” Seriously, that song though. Never, ever, fails to disappoint you.

Three songs into the setlist and my heart is already racing with happy emotions and exhaustion. The best feeling in the world, I’m telling you.

“Sacred and Wild” was next, followed by “Army of the Night” which was another jump-fest deluxe. Seriously, if this isn’t the work out of the year, I don’t know what is. “Resurrection by Erection”, my favorite headbang song “Armata Strigoi” and “Dead Until Dark” followed before the mood was turned down a bit for prayer in “Let There Be Night”.


“Werewolves of Armenia” was next on the list, and seriously, this one live is beyond epic. In fact, all of it is, I’m just sort of running out of words to write about this show. “Saturday Satan” was next on the list, followed by “In The Name of God”.

The set was wrapped up with “We Drink Your Blood” and “Lupus Dei” and it was quite epic, I must admit, to see pretty much the entire arena getting down on their knees for the song. For once, you know. Most of the time people just ignore these kind of things.

The band left the stage, and “Agnus Dei” started echoing in the speakers before the band returned and ripped off “Sanctified With Dynamite”. Seriously, what is it with this band and raising your heartrate?

My personal favorite “Kreuzfeuer” followed before they wrapped up the set with “All We Need Is Blood”.

Seriously, what a rush. I was close to wiped out completely after this show, which only means one thing: One hell of a show. Thank you, Powerwolf for this show. It was amazing. I love you.

After the show, we first went to the merchandise to check it out real quickly and caught up with Cyril. And then I see a familiar person. Could it be? YES! It was Madlen. God. I haven’t seen this girl since Noch Ein Bier, and sure, it may only be like, what, nine months? But nine months is A LOT. I told her that “see, you made it!” which she responded “yeah, to the last song!” Haha. Well… She made it! Oh, this will be a lot of fun.

We hung out quite a while after show, before it was time for all of us to head to our own destinations. Madlen was kind enough to drive us home to our hotels, and we avoided speaking about how early we’d need to get up the next morning, but then again, it’s easy when it is for bands, right?

Thank you all involved for this amazing night – you are the best people in the world. I love you all.

// Sara

Blank Space

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Sooo… the next thing I see is light. Dimming lights. And flightattendants handing out the wipes. It’s morning. Which also means, we are very soon in Amsterdam! Finally.

See, as you all know, I do love flying, but when I’m going HOME from somewhere, it’s hard to be excited. And sure, I wasn’t technically going home, I was actually going to Germany to continue my damn adventures, it was still… I want to be in Frankfurt like, NOW.

But, breakfast came, and soon enough we landed in Amsterdam. Nice. My first time in the Netherlands! And the first thing that hit us, also like a brick in the face was minus degress.

About 7 am. Amsterdam. March. Damn damn damn. So you’ve seen Frozen, right? You know where Anna is walking around like “cold cold cold cold”. Yeah, that was us in Amsterdam.

The weirdest thing though was that we had to do another security screening, like, a real one like when you go in the first time. And guess what people? They stole our fucking Vegemite. Damn damn damn. Oh well, maybe next time, or Chiara would send it down to us.

Gladly, the flight change in Amsterdam was only an hour and a half, so we didn’t have to wait too long, because at this point I was like “I wanna go home, I wanna go home”. Eventually we started boarding, and the weirdest shit ever… Halfway through boarding the attendants had to announce “We’re only boarding Frankfurt now”. And I’m like, seriously guys? It says Frankfurt on the monitor, how hard can it be?

Once on the plane… First and foremost, I like KLM. They gave us a sandwich and water made in Turkey. And a cookie. And the planeride between Amsterdam and Frankfurt was probably the shortest ride I’ve ever been too. It felt like we never took off before we were about to land again. We were even taken aback at how fast it had gone.


Once landed, we had originally planned to go to the restaurant we always go to once at FRA, the restaurant where we also had dinner with Exodus, but we couldn’t find it. I wrote to Daniel and asked if he knew if they changed anything, but we did find a McDonalds so all good. When going to the train we realized the problem: We were at Terminal 2, and the restaurant is in Terminal 1. Well, that explains a lot.

Got on the train, and it messed with my brain a lot to have someone talking German over the speakers, BUT, what made me superhappy was the station announcements. They don’t have that in Australia and New Zealand. You just need to guess where you are getting off. It was so… pleasant. So, we got to Frankfurt City, but still a bit early for check in, so naturally, we did what we had to do:

We hit up a laundromat for some last minute laundry. And not only a laundromat, but a laundromat that carried the same colors as Jucy Snooze. Good taste, for sure. But, it was out first time ever doing it, and I’m glad we did it because now I can do it all the time. Will help so many tours in the future.


Check in finally opened, and for this trip I stayed at the Comfort Hotel Frankfurt, close to the railwaystation, figured it would be good to broaden our ranges of hotels to use in case. It was a nice room really, great facilities, felt good to be in a “luxury” room again, with my own bathroom and everything. It so rarely happens.


Yes. It’s a mess. This is why people should never travel with me, haha. Once settled I just simply crashed on the bed. And that’s when I recieved the bad news.

At first, I just looked at the text, thinking “oh, so this is the last time then”. But no. This year was cancelled. Väsby Rock Festival, the one festival I had looked forward to the most, was cancelled. No Powerwolf, No Battle Beast and most importantly: No Trixter. This broke my heart. Like, I can’t even… Michelle and I went out for – again, Mc Donalds to drown the sorrows, and on our way home we almost froze to death, walked the wrong direction and wound up in the Red Light District.

City sightseeing is so amazing, don’t you think?


Noch Ein Bier Fest 2015 @ Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 25/7 – 15

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Due to the heavy rain, there’s a slight lack of pictures in order to protect the camera. So I apologize on beforehand on the lack of pictures.

The D-Day was here! Noch Ein Bier Fest, Sabaton first attempt at a German festival. It it is a one day ”festival” hosting five bands – Bloodbound, Civil War, Korpiklaani, Powerwolf and Sabaton and was hosted in the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen.

The day… Well, we started the day with some quick shopping, which I will tell you all about another day, and then headed to the venue. We had originally planned to take the bus to the theater since we got free bus tickets from the hotel, but apparently German buses are wussies. Said to us the bus was full even though it could easily have fitted all of us in there, we people had just moved a bit closer. After further inspection, we noticed that the next bus wouldn’t go until 30 minutes later, leaving us missing out on the first band.

And fuck that. So we went back to the hotel and asked them to call a taxi for us. A nice bunch of guys offered us to go in their taxi with them, however, they apparently don’t carry minibuses here, so it was a no can do. The taxi arrived fairly quickly, and after an about 15 minutes ride we were at the arena.

And seriously, compared to Sweden, Germany is so cheap! The taxi cost us about 15 euros, that’s 5 euros a person! Like, 15 euros would be starting price per PERSON in Sweden. What a nice surprise!

Unlike yesterday, where it was so warm we almost melted despite having barely any clothes on, today was a different story. Rain, A LOT OF IT, and cold. You see, we had originally gone to Primark to pick up a raincoat for me, since I was in desperate need for one. The other two decided to get one each as well, and guess what was the best purchase of the day? Yup, the raincoats.

We arrived at the venue about 20 minutes or so before the door opened, and the line was… half full, now that I look back on it. At the time, it felt like it was A LOT of people, but after further inspection, we noticed the doors were closer than we thought they’d be. Anyway. The time hit 15 and…. nothing happened. At least not in the back. The time hit 15.30. Bloodbound was about to play, and I was so pissed, because, guess what? NOTHING HAD HAPPENED.

But on the other hand, I didn’t hear a band play either so all good. About 15.45, it started moving. Babysteps, one step at a time. At 16, we had maybe gotten three meters. Somewhere after 16, about 16.10 or so, we finally, FINALLY made it in.

The first thing we did was to get down to the arena in order to look for Antoine, and let me tell you this.

I was under the impression this was an indoor arena. So when Madlen broke the news to me about it being outdoors, my mood went from very high to very low, to put it nicely. So when I got in, I got even more of a shock. Basically, what I saw before me, was a smaller version of Dalhalla.

It was a small area infront of the stage, and then lots of stairs all the way up where we stood, where people would sit. So imagine our surprise to see there were very little people down there.

I’ve been to Sabaton shows before, and I know how it goes down. Pressed against the fence, and you can do nothing. Not fun. This is the major reason why I’ve started to withdraw more and more on concerts, because of the freedom to jump around and headbang without being pressed against a fence.

Just right after we got out Bloodbound got on the stage.


So basically, to give you some perspective – Bloodbound was supposed to start at 15.30, and when they actually started, it was about 16.15, 16.20. We are talking almost an hour delay. Did this have an effect on how long their set was? I think so.

I didn’t track time exactly how long they played, but they played only about 4-5 songs. Despite this, the show was energetic. They started off with “Satanic Panic” and seemed to do the best they could with their short set. For my personal record, I’m just really happy they did “Moria”. Thank god.


This festival did already from the beginning have a pretty tight time schedule, so already towards the end of the last song of Bloodbound did Michelle and I withdraw ourselves in order to catch some merchandise.

Which seemed to be near impossible. After trying to choose which one of the two merchstands we’d go to, we ended up doing the first one, and gladly, this was the very one Jaqueline was working at! It was so good to see her again, although a little odd to see her outside of Lordi, but you know, it’s a small world after all?

After this, we headed back to the “arena” and we arrived JUST as Civil War went on stage.

Civil War

I was pretty excited to see them – I’ve been in love with the band ever since I first heard “Rome is Falling” , so I got quite excited when they got on stage (not SlipKnot or Lordi excited, but excited). Just as with Bloodbound, they delivered a good and energetic set, which sadly came to an abrupt ending when they played “Bay of Pigs” and Patrik all of a sudden goes “That was our last song, good night”.

Like wait what. What just happened? Apparently they were supposed to play longer, but because of the delays they couldn’t. And I really missed “Rome is Falling” in the setlist, I must admit. Oh well, what do you do?



Ok – so here’s the deal with Gelsenkirchen – when I arrived on Thursday, and also during Friday, it was hot. Like, MELTING HOT, it felt like it was twice as hot as it was in Sweden. Sun shining high, no cloud in sight, no wind, nothing. And then, when Sabaton came to town, apparently, they thought it was a good idea to bring swedish summer with them and POF – rain and thunder. So by the time Korpiklaani were to begin, we were all soaked. Like, through and through. Like I told you in the beginning, I wasn’t a fan of this being an outdoor show.

However, in the wait for Korpiklaani my SlipKnot-excitement starting coming to me, and me and Michelle were already bouncing around like rubber balls even before they started, and I may have cursed the short times between the bands earlier, but at this point I was happy. So, since we were already bouncing around, you can imagine what happened when “Viinamäen Mies” started. Yup.

That’s the thing with Korpiklaani – it’s just one big fucking party. Everyone is dancing, everyone is hopping around and everyone is moshing. I told Michelle “We should go in there the next time” and later on we decided to go for it in “Vodka” and so we did.

It was fun actually! I found myself tripping once, and got back up immediatley thanks to strong arms behind me, and this is probably something we’re gonna find ourselves doing a lot more. A sidenote to this: When I tripped, I hit my elbow and got really scared I had broken my new parkas. Gladly, I hadn’t. However upon further inspect, my Swedish Lordi crew shirt broke. What the hell?

But, back to Korpiklaani. The set was pretty similar to Graspop – and even though I love “Sumussa Hämärän Aamun”, I must admit it was a bit of a mood killer this particular day. But this gig DID make it clear for us that we will try to do both Korpiklaani days in September. Happy days!


However, this festival, or perhaps Korpiklaani, started to take on my powers, so we decided to “sacrifice” Powerwolf (Madlen and Daniel are going to kill me now) and have a seated show and dinner. See guys – there’s the other perk of not being in the front. You wanna sit, you sit, you wanna stand you stand. So we went out and bought crêpes and got back in right when they started and sat on the side and had a calm dinner.


Because of the weather, the band wasn’t able to use their stage props, so the stage was a bit weak compared to how you usually see Powerwolf, but it doesn’t really matter, in my opinion. They still put on a good show no matter what, and hadn’t it been because of my smaller leg injury I got in the pit, we would have been in the middle of the crowd for “We Drink Your Blood”. Trust us, we really wanted to (because at that time we had finished dinner, ok)

But you know, I don’t really know what else to add to this. It was a good show, they had good energy and delivered despite problems with the props.



Rather sooner than later, did “The Final Countdown” start, and originally Michelle and I did plan to sit throughout the entire set, because hey, some day gotta be the first right?

Anyway. This show has been real hyped. Like crazy hyped. So many crazy things would happen, the best show ever and so much special and AHH! And then they go on stage and be like

“Hello Gelsenkirchen! We’re Sabaton and this is GHOST DIVISION”.

“Ghost Division”. Still. The. Fucking. Ghost. Division. After. Seven. Fucking. Years. Still. Fucking. Ghost. Division. 

Like, how about spicing things up a bit? “We’re Sabaton, and we are the lions from the north”??? Or how about, for this superextrahypersuperduper special show, why not go further back in time and open with “Panzer Battalion” (Peace&Love 2007). Seriously, none of you, my readers are strangers to my animosity towards “Ghost Division”. I really love the song, as well as “The Art of War” (competing in the top with “Carolus Rex” about best album) but I’m SO. OVER. THIS. SONG. Thank you.

Regardless of that, it’s a decent opener, and the crowd loved them as always. And by the time the intro for “To Hell and Back” came, I said fuck leg injury and we jumped (!!) off the stone staircase and went on the side of the audience (actually fairly close, but very much on the side) and joined in for the jump party. Didn’t feel shit in my leg, I’m happy.

“Carolus Rex” was next, and you know. It’s strange, the fact you feel the most patriotic when you’re not at home. And I still don’t know the English lyrics to it. And it wasn’t until now that the first real surprise came, or well, at least for me. “No Bullets Fly”. Nice! Not my favorite, but finally things are happening.

The crowd started chanting the intro for “Swedish Pagans” which naturally “forced” the band to play it already now, and I do like it, it’s a favorite of mine, followed by another favorite, “Resist and Bite”.

This far in the show, no major surprises had happened aside “No Bullets Fly”. The pyros were weaker than the stuff they had in Karlstad, and this MIGHT be because of the weather, but come on. Lordi has survived without pyros since like 2008, and they still put on a good show. Get creative guys!


I am, however, gonna give them some creds for playing “Screaming Eagles” after, at least saying, they saw a sign in the audience requesting it. There was indeed a sign, I just really this is why they played it. But it was fun to hear it live, you know?

And it was right after this, the first real highlight for me came. A guy from the crew came out to “fix” the panzar that is Hanne’s drumset, and Jocke started talking about panzers, and about a song. I said to Michelle “I hope it’s ‘Panzerkampf’, because I really miss it, but it could be ‘Panzer Battalion'” BUT OF COURSE, TO MY DELIGHT, IT WAS INDEED “PANZERKAMPF”.

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. I’ve missed this song so much, I can’t even! Thank you thank you!

“Attero Dominatus” followed, by “En Livstid i Krig” (in Swedish, thank god!) and then a little.. surprise. “Coat of Arms”.

The thing with “Coat of Arms” for me is that the album as well as the tour is one big blur for me. “Coat of Arms” is one of the weaker eras for me when it comes to Sabaton, was never a big fan of the album or anything, BUT, I do love the song “Coat of Arms”. Maybe Sabaton should have opened with that one, to spice it up a little bit?

This one was followed by one of my all time faves – “The Art of War”. Seriously, anyone who doesn’t love this song can just stop talking to me right now. My hair had been dried, thanks to my intense headbanging, but then it got wet again because my hair kept hitting the ground and the water puddles. Because of this song.

After this, they brought out a song the German fan club had voted up, which is considered a rare song for anyone who doesn’t live in Karlstad and has a hockey-team whose fanclub is called The Wolfpack, because if you do, you are one of the few people who actually had the blessing to hear “Wolfpack” live QUITE a few times, only because of Färjestad. And I don’t complain, it’s my favorite song off “Primo Victoria”.

But to top it off, as what could possibly become the most exciting thing of the evening, was the temporary and very short re-union with Daniel Mÿhr, which started with a sexy dance ala Mÿhr in his military hotpants that showed more than it should.


The performance of the song was beyond perfection, and to top it off even more, Daniel did indeed undress completely. Thank you Daniel, for bringing the humor. I love you.

And then it happened… a divine voice out of nowhere…

Pretty much so. I have one favorite song with Sabaton. This number one, that beats everyone else. Which one?

“7734”. I already told you how much I died on the inside when I saw it was the bonus track on “Heroes”, and my brother looked weirdly at me and was like “but everyone loves ‘7734’”, but that was never my impression. So the fucking fact that they actually played, they FUCKING PLAYED IT… makes me forgive them for opening with “Ghost Division”. Yup. I said it, and you heard it.

I fucking forgive them for “Ghost Division”, because they gave my “7734”. Lindyhopping the night away.

After this, they left the stage and the lights went bananas. Michelle turned to me and said “Nightwitches”? and I just nodded. Of course. What else. So first song of the first round of encores was “Nightwitches” followed by “Primo Victoria” and “Metal Crüe” and for the love of God, while we are at it to retire “Ghost Division”, can we also retire “Metal Crüe”? That one has been going on since I even saw Sabaton live the first time in 2006, and if you thought I was over “Ghost Division”, imagine how fucking OVER I AM THIS ONE. Come on! “Metal Machine” and “Masters of the World” are like 100 times better. And again, you readers are no strangers to my animosity for this one either. Ok, I’m calm. Even if I’m tired of it, it’s still fun. I admit it.

They were supposed to leave the stage, but came back again, this time starting with “Panzer Battalion”, and seriously, I love this song. They played “Saboteurs” dedicated to the Saboteurs and wrapped the whole thing up with “Gott Mit Uns”, or as it is renamed now, “Noch Ein Bier”. Haha.

Noch ein bier, vår konung har talat, hör vårt stridsrop Noch ein Bier!” Uhh. Hahaha.

After this, they REALLY left the stage and thanked for the night.

And ok, time to get serious. To be honest, I think this show was way too hyped. Apart from a few songs, the setlist wasn’t anything extraordinary, the stage setting wasn’t anything extra ordinary, and I even think I dare to say Daniel Mÿhr saved everything with his sexy dance.

But on the same time, I can never be thankful enough for “7734” so I guess it all evens out. Regardless of it all – it was an amazing night with amazing friends, and no animosities for songs or repeating setlists can ever change that.

Right after it was over we left off to say good bye to Daniel and we headed for Burger King for some late night dinner and then hitting home to the hotel where we had a smaller after party and then crashed.

Thank you all for this amazing evening, but a little more so to Korpiklaani and Sabaton. Thank you!

// Sara

Lordi @ Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany 5/2 -15

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Alright folkens! HammerFall and Serious Black and all was epic, but after sleeping waaay to short, it was time for us to prepare for Tour Force One! We started the day off real lazily, sleeping in as much as we could and took a quick shopping trip before getting ready for tonights show.


Paula and Michelle decided to crash my outfit picture this time, and it’s good enough. Not a whole lot has changed but the shirt and the necklaces, hahaha.

So, first we stopped by at the station to pick up some crepes before heading for the subway, or UBAHN that would take us to Batschkapp. We arrived a little later than we had for HammerFall, and at first we ended up completely off, but after some help we found the right destination. And then began the waiting.

We arrived around 17, and…. seriously. IT WAS FREEZING. Like ok, what did I expect, it’s winter time and everything, BUT JESUS CHRIST? I almost froze to death? I even ended up bothering a friend so much because I was close to freezing to death. God. A few more fans came and after a while we started a little penguin farm. About half an hour before doors, they opened the gates and we RAN.

And like, I couldn’t feel my legs. I know I was moving, but I didn’t feel my legs. I was practically flying. Must have looked like it, considering that my Swedish Lordi flag was flying in the air on the same time. After half an hour or so they opened the door and we ran for our lives inside the arena. We managed to score spots on Amen’s side, which I never really complain about!

We started off to take turns at the merchtable and the bathroom, and I end up buying one of the new Scare Force One shirts. I had some starting plans for the shirt that I have now ditched, so I’m not sitting with an oversized shirt. But I think I know what I want to do with it. Gladly.

After waiting for a little while, SinHerseY entered the stage. I hadn’t checked out any of the support bands for this part of the tour, since I wasn’t really planning to catch any of the gigs, but I must say I really liked this one!


Uh yeah. My camera doesn’t work with me. I’m sorry about all the sloppy pictures, but I really don’t know what to do about it for now! Right after Sinheresy got off stage we hit the merchstand to pick up one of their albums. Had to wait a little for the band, or, the singer to come down and we had a short chat with her and got the CD signed before dashing back to the front row.

Or well… dashing and dashing… Just as on HammerFall, it wasn’t ANY pressure! All people stood pretty casually a little here and there, so no troubles getting in and out. We even took an extra bathroom break, just because we could, you know.


While waiting for Palace we decided to do an upgraded version of The Mumblers and recorded our first song, which is “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein”. If this recording ever will surface, I do not know, but we had fun. Until Michelle put her cold hands on Paulas neck. Uuughhhh.

So, without further notice, I might just say that Palace started playing. It’s kinda fun, Daniel told me when we were waiting for them that he recognized them from somewhere but didn’t know where, and I felt the same. I am certain I haven’t seen this band before, yet I too recognized them from somewhere.

This was also a band I was fairly unfamiliar with, and I was maybe not AS impressed as I was with Sinheresy, but it was a good show nonetheless!


So, interesting thing number two. Daniel was the only one seemingly to go hardcore for Palace, so naturally, the singer/guitarist came and gave him a pick, and then gave him a second one which Daniel passed onto me. He then leaned in and told me that the vocalist had said “give this one to your girlfriend”.

Uh. What? Hahahahaha. Love it! (Before hate: This is nothing against Daniel, he’s amazing as hell. It’s just fun considering I had known him for less than 24 hours) Oh. Well, okay sure why not. Still curios as to how he thought we were a couple, as far as I’m concerned he hadn’t even seen us talking to each other… Oh well!



So. With Palace leaving the stage, the anticipation in the room rose. Like, real high. Even for me. Now, soon, soon, soon! And sure enough, a little after 22 “God of Thunder” started echoing in the speakers. And ALL Lordi fans knows what this means.

Next thing we know, a flight attendant comes out and “Estimated Time of Arrival” starts playing as she demonstrates the safety routines. Or perhaps the killing routines. I really didn’t know how to interpret it.

She leaves the stage, the band enters and fires everything off with “Nailed By the Hammer of Frankenstein”. This song really cuts it as an opener! The band was on fire, we were on fire, crowd…. not so much to my surprise! A little better than HammerFall, but far from approved.

They continued on with “This is Heavy Metal”, WITH THE RETURN OF THE METAL DUDE, and “Hard Rock Hallelujah” before it was time for one of the highlights of the whole show.


So, as most of you people may or may not know, “Deadache” is my number one Lordi song of all times. I cannot tell you how much I love this song, or why I love this song, but if you go through my archive, I have written about this particular song many, many times stating how much I love it.

And they haven’t played this song since the “Deadache” tour. And I never really thought it would make a return. Like ever. Because it felt like I was the only one who actually wanted it back. But when I saw that tour teasing video… I just lost it. Just as much as I lost it when they played the song live. It was BEYOND amazing. Although my eyes hurt a bit when Mr L pointed the flashlights RIGHT INTO your eyes…


After “Deadache” it was time for Hella to have her little moment, and not only did she play her beautiful little song, but she also had some effects. There was a baby trolly (?) rolling out and a clueless woman strolling about, checking on the little baby that OF COURSE was haunted and started to pull her into the wagon. I remember I actually hesitated to look, because I figured there’d pop up SOMETHING yet I didn’t know what, when or how. But there it was.

“Hell Sent in The Clowns” was next, with those amazingly cute clowns who just ruin about everything. “Blood Red Sandman” made it’s entrance before it was time for Mana to have his little moment.

Alright, so what happened is that this lady comes in with a skull lying on a table with a cloth of some kind. Mana put the piece of fabric over the skull, and then the skull starts acting very haunted and flying around, aalllmost out of control. After getting the skull back into it’s place, he fired off a VERY impressing drumsolo. Yes, for me, it was.

After the drumsolo it was time for “Give Your Life For Rock n Roll” before the big surprise of the night would happen.

Ok, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise for me, since I had read the setlist beforehand, but still.

“Don’t Let My Mother Know”.

A single B-side. WHO HAD EVER THOUGHT WE WOULD HEAR THIS LIVE? I SURE AS HELL DIDN’T. Was epic, BEYOND FUCKING EPIC. Jesus Christ, I could kill someone! Or no, on the contrary, this is what STOPPED ME from killing someone. The epicness, my god.

And it doesn’t stop there. After “Don’t Let My Mother Know”, it was time for OX’s little moment, and he sure as hell got a raise! He used to do Kalma’s old thing, but now he has his own. So what they did is that they brought out this trolley with a guy inside it, called “OX’s Special Soundbox” or something like that, who was tied up. They gave OX a lug wrench, and while he was playing the bass, he stopped every once in a while to beat the dude up. Moans. Moans. And then, after beating him quite a good, he digged into him. Opened him up and dragged out his insides.

The dude kept pulling out his insides as OX kept giving us some fierce basstones.


“How To Slice A Whore” was next on the list, and this one had been upgraded quite the bit too! On the releasegig, he had done the same thing as he had in “Dr Sin”, but this time he actually CHOPPED and SLICED The corpse on the table instead, and of course ate it’s insides. I’m never going to be okay with seeing that. Like. Ever.

Our paradesong was next on the list, “It Snows in Hell”. As usual we turned around and hung upside down. But there was a catch. For this tour, they have started to have white foam dropping from the roof. It was…. “amazing” getting your throat filled with that. But you know – it’s worth it. Considering that Amen seemed to thrive off it. Us hanging upside down, that is.

“The Riff” was next on the list, followed closely by “Sincerely with Love”. You all know my *love* feelings about the latter one, but I can forgive it. Like come one, “Deadache” makes up for everything.

The next surprise, or perhaps, AWESOMENESS that was on the list is “Man Skin Boots”. I fucking love the song, obviously, it’s from Deadache. And this song is like… PERFECT live. And yeah. Sometimes I relate to it a bit. You have been warned.

AFTER Man Skin, it was time for Amen to have his little moment. What started out pretty small, as him standing on the side playing “Amen’s Lament To Ra II” soon escalated to the great Pharaos curse as he stepped up on a Pharao grave and had (fake)fire burning next to him as he kept showing us what a guitar god he can be. For the first time ever I really got that Pharao / ancient Egypt feeling from him. It was like being down in the thombs in The Sims 3, yet this was for real. RAD And EPIC as hell.

This tour is just so fucking amazing. I don’t even get it. I mean, I know “Scare Force One” is an amazing album, but I couldn’t imagine how amazing the tour would turn out. They really, UPGRADED themselves.

Right after Amen’s solo enters what I believe is one of Amen’s favorite songs, “Not The Nicest Guy”. The song was followed by “Sir, Mr Presideath Sir!” which… See.

I didn’t care much for the song on the album. It’s good, it’s decent, but perhaps not the best. HOWEVER – this song is like 200 times better live. And it serves a fucking purpose you know? “WE ALL KNOW WHAT WE’VE BEEN TOLD – OUR LEADERS HEART IS MADE OF GOLD”. It was MADE for live shows. I fucking love it.


Amen came up front and did his normal routine. One devil horn, two devil horn, going up, going to the sides, going down, cross your arms…. “Devil is a Loser”. Seriously, this song gets me going like fucking crazy, yet I had to see a LITTLE more from the rest of the crowd. Seriously, what is the point? Come on people! Energy!

They left the stage, only to allow “SCG7” to start and to fire up the Scare Force One and would later return to fire of “Scare Force One”. The best song on the album with the same title. Jesus christ, this song gets me GOING you don’t even understand. Of course, I think you all can notice the similarities between this one and Deadache, and yes, that’s why I love it. I’m so glad they play this live. It’s AHHH. Can’t even describe the feeling to you!

“Who’s Your Daddy” was next. If I didn’t have a slayer neck already, this is when I got it, My god, why do you always get so pumped in this one? Who the hell knows!

“Would You Love A Monsterman?” was the very very last song of the whole night, and there is something special jumping with your friends and raising the Swedish Lordi flag high with pride. We love our monsters, and we’d go, and HAVE GONE the distance for them. Any time, any day. YES. We do love our monstermen and woman.

They said thanks and good bye and walked off the stage for good. Alright so, look. The band, they were on fire. They were fucking KILLING it. It’s a SHAME that the audience doesn’t pay the same respect. I mean… come on. Show a little appreciation!

And you know.. The concert was awesome. Being there with friends was awesome. But what was even more awesome was the crewmember, who, without hesitation, walked straight up to me and handed me Amen’s setlist. Like, I didn’t even have to ask or whatever, he just went straight up. It’s a bit deja-vuish from Wednesday, haha.


We hung around a little bit to catch our breathes, drink a little and pick up some last minute merchandise before going out in the cold Frankfurt night again and head home to the hotel. We picked up some night food on the way home and then just sat in the hotel room and talked about everything Lordi for hours.

Until Michelle fell asleep of course, because then we obviously put toiletpaper all over her face (what else would we do?) before drifting off to a very fulfilling sleep….

Thanks, Lordi. Thank you so much.

// Sara

Seroius Black, Orden Ogan, HammerFall @ Stadthalle, Langen, Germany 4/2 2015

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Alright people! Yesterday was the D-Day, and it was fucking amazing I’m telling you! So, once we hit the hotel we started to get ourselves ready for the gig, mentally and physically. After an hour or so (we actually had to go pick up some candy at a store, hello!) we were ready to hit the road. We had planned to be by the venue by 16-17, so yeah, hurry hurry!


Since we didn’t manage to get on the train we planned, we had to take a later one and after running around a little bit in Langen we finally found Stadthalle. And you know, remember what I wrote about Amaranthe when we got to queue INSIDE with a private bar and everything? Like, sure, we didn’t have a private bar, BUT we did get to queue inside! And that was more than enough for us. The queueing system was a little fucked up, but yeah. It’s inside, what more can we ask for. We even spotted a REALLY cute guy, and that doesn’t even happen that often.

But aside that, it was fun as hell. Being with the girls on the road again just makes you SO FUCKING happy. Of course – most of the people around must have thought we were insane given that we were pretty rude to one another, but you know. This is how we roll, so if you ever see us at a gig and catch us almost starting to beat the crap out of each other, that’s good. If we sit in silent, that’s bad. VERY bad.


They opened the doors around seven, and after a few ifs and buts we managed to get to the front row and Paula and Michelle held my place as I dashed to the merchtable to pick up some Serious Black merchandise. Tank top as planned, as well as a patch! Bingo! Ran back to the crowd, which wasn’t even a crowd and eagerly waited for Serious Black.


At around eight sharp, Serious Black entered the stage and opened the show with “Temple of Sun”. To my surprise, we seemed to be the only fans upfront for this band. And what disappointed me SO MUCH is that everyone else, but us, stood completely still. You remember how said in my Amaranthe review that there really is a certain place in hell for people who aim for the front row and doesn’t do shit? Well, they are gonna get some new people down there!

The band however, was really energetic despite bad lame as fuck. They continued on with “Setting Fire to the Earth” before ripping off “High And Low”. Gladly, some people seem to awaken a LITTLE when “H&L” started, but I was still very surprised. I thought they had gained a LITTLE more popularity than this. Appears not.


Well, I’m gonna have to admit that I was again defeated by my camera this time around, so not a whole lot of good photos sadly. The show went on with “Older and Wiser”, “Sealing My Fate” and wrapping it all up with “I Seek No Other Life”.

This was was REAL good. I really enjoyed it, despite it being very short, but then again, how long can you go with only one album? I was well pleased, and to top it off even better Mario flipped his pick at me! Woho!

Urban said on stage that the band would be by the merchstand so naturally, me and Michelle dashed! The first person we came across was Mario, and this is insane. He asked us what brought us here, all the way from Sweden, and I told him that I was really only at the HammerFall show because of them, and do you know what happened.

Do you fucking know what happened.

He got down on his knees.

And kissed my shoes.

LIKE. WHAT. That’s what I could have done with him. I didn’t even know what the hell to do, I was just standing there like oh my fucking god.

We worked our way around the band, and since Orden Ogan just started, we didn’t manage to Urban THIS while, so we dashed back to front row (how the hell was that even possible?) and rocked it out to Orden Ogan.

The only album I ever heard really and thoroughly with Orden Ogan is “Ravenhead”, so obviously I wasn’t very familiar with them aside the “Ravenhead” songs. BUT – they were REALLY good on stage, REALLY good live. I enjoyed it far more than I usually enjoy bands I’m not too much into.


After Orden Ogan was done, we dashed back to the merchtable and caught up with Serious Black again, and this once around, we actually got to Urban thanks to Jan. I’m quite shy as you know and I don’t like interrupting other fans, but eventually we got there. At first he asked me, in Swedish, if we should exchange necklaces, but being half deaf as I am, apparently, I had to ask him three times what he said haha. But all was well – and we got to meet&greet him before running back with a LITTLE better time plan to HammerFall than we did for Orden.


Like, this is something that intrigues me though. How the hell is it possible for us to continually running in and out between the shows, and still make it to the front row? The people didn’t cheer much more for Orden, I might add. I was so surprised, I thought “Well, this is gonna suck” but on the same time I felt like, have we gone this far, and managed to get to the front row, then we sure as hell are going to stand in the front row too.

Pretty much right on time they entered the stage and opened with “Hectors Hymn”. FINALLY – the audience awoke a little, not a lot, but a little. They followed the epic opening up with “Any Means Necessary”. I fucking love this song, do you even know? Like, “No Sacrifice, No Victory” is really my FAVORITE album with HammerFall, and particularly this song is SO FUCKING GOOD it ain’t even funny.

“Renegade” was next song to go, and I’m just. This is like the perfect setlist. Why are the bands treating me so good these days?


“B.Y.H” was the next song to go, unfortuneatley, the amount of people ACTUALLY banging their heads was close to zero. Like, I expected SHIT TO GO DOWN in Germany, but it appears not?!

After “BYH” it was time for the song Paula had been waiting for all night – “Bloodbound”. Seriously, why are they so good to us? All this amazing songs, we don’t even deserve it! The band was going hard at it too, giving us a damn good time.

“Heeding the Call” was next, and finally we see some fists in the air and some singalong. Damn. Took you long enough.

Something that caught my eye on this particular gig was Stefan. Not that he was there, because that I knew. But how happy he was. Like, he seemed to be so FUCKING HAPPY to be back with the crew. I don’t mean to say he was unhappy before, I know nothing about it, but on the same time, it was just… so good to see you know?


After “Heeding The Call” it was time for the big ole one – “Let The Hammer Fall”. And here’s the deal people. You know you’ve seen HammerFall live before if you can even talk with Jocke with all he says – “What do you say if I say Let The Hammer?”. I’m not sure how I should deal with that.

A new song was the next “Live Life Loud” before it was time for Stefan to get some spotlight. At first it started with Pontus doing his thing, and all of a sudden he let go of his guitar and it kept playing. Oscar made himself visible, so everyone was like “what?!”, ok, not really, most of us understood it was Stefan.

So he came out, and together with David, Oscar and Pontus on bassguitar they went over quite some HammerFall solos from many familiar songs. LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT.

Right after, the continued on with “Threshold”. “Threshold” hold a bit of a special place in my heart, as it was my first HammerFall album EVER, and my first HammerFall show ever was a the Threshold tour. So yeah, it was kinda mighty to hear it again.

“Last Man Standing” was next to be executed and they soon continued with “Glory To the Brave”. I fucking love it when they play this one live – it’s so mighty in a way, you know? Joacims voice doing all the work in the beginning and then it just.. it’s like “Amarathine”.

Another song off (r)Evolution was next – “We Won’t Back Down” before they wrapped the whole show up with “HammerFall” and left us wanting more.


They soon returned, of course, and started off with “Templars of Steel”, “Bushido” and then wrapping the whole show up with “Hearts on Fire” (what else). And here’s where the next weird thing happens.

Throughout the show, Stefan has continuely played by me. He’s looked at me, and he’s interacted with me. Almost ALL the time. Afterwards, he locked eyes with me and threw the pick my direction, but someone else took it. So at first, he went onwards to the other side, BUT. He returned, and again locked eyes with me, POINTED at me, and I pointed at myself and was like “me?” and he nodded, and threw the pick at a closer distance and this enabled me to catch it.

Like. This is kinda surreal for me. This has NEVER happened to me before, that bandmembers have LITERALLY locked eyes with and been like “YOU are gonna have it”. Jesus fucking Christ.

After HammerFall was done, we headed back to the merchtable, first in order to pick up “Ravenhead” and have it signed by Orden Ogan and then to catch up a little more with Serious Black before we were removed from the area.

Seriously, I cannot remember a single time where I’ve interacted so much with bands as I did this time. And I’m kind of proud of myself, as I’m usually so bad at this because of my shyness. So yeah, I’m proud and happy. Together with Paulas friend (who is a doll, who kept our spots when we chased after Serious Black) we went back to the trainstation, back to Frankfurt and back to our hotels with one of the most epic experiences in our hearts.


Now we just prepare ourselves for Lordi. Second night – COME AT US.

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting part 8

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So yes. What had they seen?

It was a statue. A statue… well. Literally – it was two humans and one pig. The humans were hugging each other, and one of the humans had his hand up… the back… of the pig.

And… well… yes. I mean, what is that? What do you make out of that? And do you honestly blame the girls for laughing their asses off (HAHAHAHA). Adn actually, as the madness went on, two guys came out of the bar, two guys named Markus and Lorenz. They joined us on the square with madenss – and I knew these guys would be fun, because Markus were wearing a christmastree in the neck of his coat. Only epic people do that. So we had a bit fun with them, and then we OF COURSE, had to ask them, WHAT THE HELL is that.

And thing is, they weren’t from Lichtenfels, so they had no idea! They, on the other hand, started asking all the citizens that passed us what it was, and NO ONE knew!  I think we kinda ruined Lichtenfels. And oh.. HAHA.

Look, I’m afraid of robots and non natural moving things right. So we saw this Santa standing in the window and we all just like, you know, like a scared horse, first hitting off but then cooling down. So what I mean with scared horse is a scared horse with a rider or someone holding it. Anyway… A little later, we sorta had the same situation, just ten times worse. All I saw at first, was Cecilie turning around then kind of jump up in the air and then down on the ground, rolling into a little ball. We all were like WTF so Michelle was the next one to check, and all of a sudden, she jumps up and then down into a little ball on top of Cecilie. I looked up, and saw there was an old lady standing in the window and smoking. Lorenz and Markus started talking a little to her, until her insane husband came, I think they asked her about the statue, and she got her husband.

And he was mad. He and Markus started to argue. Lorenz told us that they were arguing about that youths nowadays never work and is all party. But how the hell, how do he think we got to Lichtenfels in first place? Insane stuff. Either way, he left, and then came back, and then left again but he kept an eye on us. Thats mad stuff. We hung out a bit more with them before we had to head back to the hotel because Michelle needed…. nevermind : D. We head back for “Pirates Of The Caribbean”  and just chilling.

After watching, or maybe actually during the movie we figured we would take a powernap to be energetic as the norwegians came home, and well, it didn’t work out that much, so we eventually went to bed. Thing is though – due to my insane travelling in Finland, my rythm is kinda fucked up and I’ve learned how to get as much energy as possible out of sleeping as little hours as possible. So I was awake when Martine came home and listened to her stories and kept her company as she packed and showed me her stuff.  We woke up the others so they got to say good bye to the norwegians… and I could go back to sleep.

For like ten minutes before Martine woke me up because she forgot her beer. TYPICAL. But once she got it… SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. For two hours. Damn it. Then we got up, started packing, having one last epic lunch, one last look on the view… before we left our VERY and HIGHLY beloved Markt 17.

So as we head for the trainstation, we took a last look at the city. And of course, OF COURSE we found a horsestore. What the fuck, why didn’t we find it the last time? Oh well. As we hit the station.. the next dilemma came around. We didn’t find our train… however… we did find a train to the same destination, so we got on, and then the conductor told us we were on the right train, so no worries. And of course, like always with me, we were sitting on the trainfloor. WHAT ELSE! On the train we also took ourselves the freedom to make our own lyrics to the Norwegian Pocahontas dub too… HAHAHA.

Dette er favorittmobilen her i Djermaniiii, der ute finns det mange hundre trén! Og om jeg sitter forsiktig her på tåggulvet, vil ikke denne dören denne veggen her få vondt!
Nei Dominique ikke skyt Cecilie hun er söt! Og lyden som hun lager de er kule… og hon har pins som vi kan stjele ta den her!
Hvis ni Brenner Lichtenfels så gråter jeg! Och Michelle vil cutte seg med smörkniv… og Paula er en Kake TENK PÅ DET!!!”

The lyrics originates from a little guy pointing handguns at us when we hung out with Markus and Lorenz, the pins part about Cecilies bag full of pins, Michelle tried to cut herself with a plasticknife, Paula ate cookies, and when downtown the firealarm of Lichtenfels went off.

Back in Würzburg, change of trains, ending up on the wrong train, conductor not caring because we didn’t speak german.. and then we were back at Frankfurt Airport. Where we had to part with Paula. It was the saddest moment… but it had to be done. Because me and Michelle had to figure out how the fuck to get to Hahn airport, and after a few asking AND ALOT walking we… BY A FUCKING BREATHE and Michelles brilliant brain, we found the bus. And it was so scary, the busdriver we bought the tickets off, reminded us of a certain dictator, and also, the other busdriver who drove the bus we rode, he was SO ANGRY and yelled at someone the ENTIRE trip! Or well, I guess so, because he yelled when I fell asleep and were still yelling when I woke up!

And then we were there.. at Hahn… We fixed the remaining food before checking in and going to the gate.. and before boarding, we bought these TINY toothbrushes for one euro… as one last thing… and then… boarding. We had dinner on the plane and all of a sudden we landed.. We were home. In Sweden. It was over.


This trip… was the best trip I have ever done. And I really mean it. I’ve never had so much fun that I had this trip, and topping that with seeing two of your absolute favouritebands… It doesn’t get better. I proudly encourage EVERYONE to this with your bestest friends. And for me? I can’t wait to get back to Djermani, Lichtenfels and Christmas Metal Meeting. See you next year, bitches! And for Lichtenfels, I’m coming to get you in March!

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting part 7

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So yes… The concert day was overepic but now it was time for us to have a day off. Or well, for us SWEDES to have a day off! The norwegians went up pretty early and headed over to Stadthalle for what I call the “death metal day”. Not saying all the bands playing were death metal – just that they were a bit heavier metal than I personally like, and half of the logos were at the start impossible to identify so, yes. They head over and we went back to sleep for a few hours…

Then we got up, got on our way to some grocerystores to pick up breakfast… or general stuff to eat. We went to Lidl at first were we picked up GOD know what! After that we head over to another store which I can’t remember the name of, E-Mart maybe! Or something similar, where we got the rest of the shit, but also stuff as plates, knives, forks, tape… you name it! Then we head home again to have breakfast or whatever, and just relaxing you know. We also got two kindereggs each… and this would have a big impact on Michelle.

Well you know how kindereggs work. Its a chocolate egg, and inside there is a yellow container with a toy? Yes. So, Paula got this. And then she got this little paperball, a similar one to that I have at home, you blow it up and its a catface or dragonface and so on. Michelle looked very suspisciously at it already before Paula gave it to me to blow it up, and once she saw it… I’ve never seen Michelle so scared/disgusted before in my life. She REALLY hated it! Hahahaha, lovely!

Well… yes! Haha. After this, we actually headed for Stadthalle, because Paula and Michelle wanted shirts from the festival that Martine were supposed to fix, so we figured we would go there and talk to her instead of calling, considering the hall was like, ten minutes away. So we met up with our lovley girl and she fixed the shirts after a few buts and ifs, and after that… we first picked up some beer for Martine and then we started wandering around in Lichtenfels, doing some sort of sightseeing I guess you could call it!

We also started to look for a restaurant, and it took a while before we found anything promising. Or actually, at first we found a pizzaplace right across the street from the hotel, but we figured we would find something a LITTLE fancier for our last day in Lichtenfels. So we kept walking, actually, we walked towards a clocktower and would you know… we found a restaurant! Actually, the only thing we REALLY saw was a sign that said STEAK, and we figured, it can’t be bad and we checked the menu and we chose it. It’s not like we were gonna find much more anyway.

So we went inside right.. and it was like the hotel situation again. We didn’t know what to do, so we went to the bar and actually found the waitress and she directed us to a table and gave us the menue. Here is the thing. She didn’t speak english that well.And we don’t speak german that well. What do you do in a situation like this? Google Translate.

Yes, for real! We did use Google Translate to get by in the restaurant. Me and Michelle went both for a mushroomschnitzel kind of thing, and Paula went for a steak. While waiting, we made up plans about what we will do in the future when we meet Lordi, and goddamn did we have a good laugh? Oh yes. I’ve never laughed this hard really… And then.. the salad came.

You see, to mine and Michelles dishes, they served a small salad to it. One thing just. This salad was HUGE. Or well, if this was a salad in a Swedish restaurant, this would be a XL salad. It was that big! But here, it was considered a SMALL salad! We were like… Oh my god.

And then, she brought us the maincourse. I swear to god… these 11 euros we spent on this restaurant… I mean… These dishes were considered small. If this would’ve been Sweden, these dishes would be XL or maybe even XXL! We were extremly ambushed and weren’t even sure if we would be able to finish! But we started eating you know… and oh my god… it was so delicious! At least I thought so!

By the time we sat and ate, Cecilie called us. Apparently she had left the concertarena a bit earlier and looked for us, so we directed her to the restaurant, and offered her our salads… not sure if she ate but anyway! We finished.. or.. something, and paid the tab and on the way out we saw a Christmas Metal Festival poster… so shiny… We couldn’t help outselves. Fast as a fucking wind they tore it down and we ran off as far as we could. We found a statue that Paula started raping for some reason. And after that, we started some sightseeing! But first we  went into this… handyshop kind of thing. It was kinda great – Michelle found loads of cheap make up, I found a brush and a pair of earrings… and we found a sign.

I mean.. Ok, only those who understand Swedish finds it fun probably, but still. We kinda had a good laugh over this!

Well, after this little minishopping, we continued the tour and after a while Michelle started chasing Paula and after the chase, they started raping each other or something? Eventually we did get on with it and found a marketsqure with a lot of small pigs to ride. As I was trying to take a photo of them riding, they all burst out laughing.

The question is. Why?

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 6 HAMMERFALL SHOW

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Yes. Mr Lordi was coming up the stairs just as we were there and we were all… fangirling. Not like Justin Biebers fans, actually, we are pretty cool when we see our stars. Inside we are fucking raging, but outside we are calm as fuck. Although, it would be nothing if we actually WOULD freak out. Okay, before I get snyde, well there he was. He went up to Martine at first and then he stopped, haha, apparently saying “one second please…” It tired him more to walk up the stairs than it did being on stage!

He told Martine that Otus had already went to the hotel, so we were like ok fuck it, it will be his lost in the end, and then.

You know. Mr Lordi must be one of the greatest rockstars out there. The only thing he was going to do was to tell us that Otus left, but instead, or, he did tell us that, and then he had a mini meet n greet with everyone there. He took his picture with everyone, wrote autographs… he even gave Martine a facepaint! He also got Michelles drawing of him riding a unicorn, and he was… happy for it… but a bit suspicious. He is afraid of horses, you see. He eventually had to leave, but fuck were we happy? YES. Awesome. And at this point, when he had left. We all started fangirling. You know, being “omg omg omg” and loosing our breathe and everything.

Saxon had started to play during the m&g, so we stayed put on the balcony to watch them, when, out of nowhere… Exodus appears! They came over to us and cheered us and talked to us and shit. We hada little autograph/photosession too of course, but mainly just hanging out, with Gary mainly. He took the freedom to try on both Paulas and Martines hats. And you know. Even though he kissed me goodbye when he left, it doesn’t fucking make up for saying HammerFall sucks! GO TO HELL.

As Saxon led to its end, we decided to head down for HammerFall, and we surprised Alexander a bit, ambushed him from behind, haha! (No, not in the dirt way, kinky bastards!) and watched the last songs with him… and then it was soon time for HammerFall! We actually managed to get to second row, and that is well good, considering HammerFall was the headliner for the day! Eva and Michael joined us too, as well as Alex’s sisters and we had a great chat, as well as I explained my love for Mr Dronjak to them.. the show began!

They opened up with “Patient Zero” quite normally, considering it’s the opening track, and they followed it up with “Heeding The Call”. You know… Look. Any Tour Necessary… must have been one of the best tours, not only for HammerFall, but in general that I’ve ever seen. So yeah, I know its kinda hard to try to beat that one. But this was just ridiculous. They went from kickass waterfalls, fences, fire and outragous lightning shows with kickass costumes to neonsigns and.. no stageclothing. That IS kinda sad you know.

But on the other hand, Waterfalls or no waterfalls, I fucking loved it anyway. “Any Means Necessary” was the next song up, and I can’t tell you enough how much I fucking love that song. It was from Joacim Cans during Any Tour Necessary I first heard the expression “slayer-neck” so if it was ANY BAND on this festival that I was gonna get a slayer-neck to, it should be HammerFall! And goddamn, its like the Lordi show. I don’t recall that much from the show because me (and Paula for that matter) was too busy… you know, headbanging and such.

Fittingly enough, “Bang Your Head” was the next song on the setlist, followed by the classic “Blood Bound”. “Lets Get It On” later followed by the very so loved “Last Man Standing”, which was for me and Michelle to have our little moment as she loves it just as much as me. “Renegade” was next… and… yeah.

You know, when I saw HammerFall live for the very first time, and heard “Renegade” for the very first time, this being back in 2007 with good old Magnus Rosén on bass… I loved it. And then I got the Renegade Crusade VHS/CD and loved it. Then I got the record, and hated it. Do you guys remember how they used to play the song back in the days? When they slowed down the second verse? If not, Wacken 2001 is a good example. (While you’re at it, look at the bad ass show! Gotta love Oscar… ahh!)

And you know, back then, on the concert in January was the last time I ever heard “Renegade” that way. Then they started play it like they do on the records. It’s four years ago, but still, everytime I go to a Hammerfall show, I always wish, hope and pray that they will play it the good old way. And always being just as sad everytime they don’t. And Lichtenfels were no exception. But oh well, it’s just details! Overall it was well fine!

Joacim told us they had apparently been doing some research before the show, and found out that people were VERY keen to hear “Always Will Be”, and to be honest, I don’t say no! I’d prefer “Never Ever” of course, but “Always Will Be” is just as fucking great. And I’d pay anything to see Oscar play that piano again. It was a beautiful moment! “Rider Of The Storm” was next, followed by classics as “Steel Meets Steel”, “Legacy of Kings”, “Let The Hammer Fall” before wrapping the whole thing up with “The Dragon Lies Bleeding” which I’ve come to appriciate more and more over the years!

They went out, and everyone, of course, went “ONE MORE TIME”. So HammerFall came back. And what song, honestly, what is the only right song to sing when coming back like this and the crowd screaming One More Time? Well, obviously you play “One More Time”! It was also the last song of the set. As Oscar was by our side to throw out some extra plektras, we took ourselves the freedom that for ONE MORE (last) TIME yell “DET FINNS INGET SKROT – ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER”… and hahaha, the awesome moment when Oscar breaks into this huge grin. Well, we made our point!

Also, I must say, Paula managed to catch a plektra of his earlier during the show that she gave to me, and during Saxon she had caught a Saxon one which she gave to Alex. This is why we call her our golden girl. Love her!

But you know… it’s like the Dschinghis Khan Family song. “The party is over.. empty bottles on the floor..”. Christmas Metal Meeting were over. We said goodbye to Alexander, and then to Eva (I kissed a girl and I liked it… oh yeah!) and Michael before heading back to the wardrobe, and on the way to the wardrobe we ran into Antha, Marcel and Renate again. And for one last time, for this time, Antha and I pulled off our fangirl screams, running towards each other and hugging each other. Only this time a random guy happened to come between, and I’ve never seen someone looking so… terrified before, HAHA! So yeah… one last chat with them, and then they had to leave and so did we…

We got our coats. Picked up the norwegians. Took a round around the shops. And then we left Stadthalle, singing that melody you always sing to bands from Gothenburg, and actually, some germans got it and sang along! Sad they didn’t do it during the show. We had a little chat with them outside Stadthalle before heading home for our afterparty.

I don’t know what the hell went wrong, but somehow the afterparty just snapped. And then it calmed down again, talking about impressions and everything that had happened. And before we knew it, the clock was 4am and the norweigans were supposed to go to the second day as well, so we went to bed.

This was, without exagguration, one of my absoulte best days in my life. I’ve never had this much fun during a show, I’ve never had this much fun at a festival or concert ever. The company… it was perfect! Everything were perfect.

I’ll write about our last few days in Lichtenfels tomorrow.


// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 5 – LORDI SHOW.

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Well yes… I must say, we got like, second row place for Sepultura, which I find kinda marvellous you know, usually you have to queue like AGES to get good spots, but I guess this is why I love metalpeople and clean metalfestivals. Front isn’t necessary. Or well, of course it is, but it’s not like you go cut yourself if you are in second row. And also, as the waiting began, we met up with the lovley germans, and this time Marcel and Eva had arrived too! For the first time I also got to meet her husband, and he is just as great as her! Oh I love the germans.

Okay, I know how racist this is gonna sound, so I hope you take this the right way. The first thing I actually noticed with the singer, was that he was black. And everyone else reacted on that too, and… Thats freaking cool! I think I can honestly say he’s the first one I’ve seen within heavier metal, and thats just freaking awesome! LOVE IT!.

It was also under Sepultura I came to the conclusion… that PVC is not the most optimal fabric choice for inside concerts. DAMN THE HEAT! I had to run out, literally take off my PVC top (I was wearing something underneath, you kinky bastards, what did you think?!) and chill down until I was so cold I was standing there freezing, then I put it on again, went inside, bought two bottles of water and moshed into my friends again. You kinda have to mosh when a concert is going, or just dance and say “Excuse me, excuse me” and sooner or later you shall pass through.

I actually came back at the end of Sepultura, and this ment… just minutes to Lordi!! As we were awaiting Lordi… for the first; both me, Paula, Michelle, Marion (Alex’s sister), Antha and Renate (I think) managed to get front row!! FUCK YES! We planned a little what we were gonna do, as you know, from Paris and now on we shall do weird stuff during Lordishows. We also cooperated with the germans, who suggested we were gonna clap our hands like Mr Lordi when he asked us, and I mean, we aren’t late to sign up for such!

Also, Cecilie and Martine catched up with us again, we had lost them after Exodus, and now we learnt why. Cecilie… came back with her hand bandaged. Apparently, she had gotten a drumstick frm the drummer in Exodus, and someone fought her for it, and managed to break her pinkyfinger. She’d been rushed to the hospital where they casted it, and then she managed to get back just in fucking time for Lordi! GREAT. Would’ve been a disaster else, don’t you think?

Yes… the lights went out. Michelle put her horse on the fence. And before we knew it… “God of Thunder” began. WTF. Cut the… no ok, Mr L’s gonna kill me. And then, after “God Of Thunder”… Scarctic Circle Gathering 5 began.

OH THE FEELING. Otus entered… Awa entered… Ox… Amen… “Babez For Breakfast” started. FUCK I MISSED THEM. The spirit oh… they followed it up “Dynamite Tonite”. Goddamnit Lordi! (Sorry, it’s me personally who dislikes the song just) before the big L said “Alrite, you wanna sing?” and you know… you know you are close to a band, when you know what song is about to come, even though you have never seen the song live before. I’ve never heard/seen “Nonstop Nite” live before, but it was so obvious somehow that he was talking about that one. When I look back on it now… it ain’t that obvious at all, could be anything, but… yes. It was. And I love it, its my favourite off the “Babez” album so I was well pleased! 

I don’t really know when, but pretty early in the set, probably after or before “Nonstop Nite” Mr L informed us that they had managed to leave ALL KIND of theatrics at home in Finland… AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Way to go! I love them, seriously… HAHA. Surprisingly, “Devil Is a Loser” was up next, as the fourth song in the set! Now THAT was new! “Rock Police” followed and it was time for the first TheAwesomeThreesome shit to be done. You better lock the door…

Right after this, it was time for “It Snows In Hell”, where we had planned something new! During The Arks last show, Ellinor and her friend had been watching the show upside down, by turning around and bending over… backwards. And since we weren’t sure how well this would work out, we decided to try it out on a ballad. So, the song went on and we turned around.

And you know… FUCK HOW COMFORTABLE IT WAS! I was like oh my god, this is gonna be pain. And then when I laid there I was like… I don’t wanna move. I wanna lie here. This feels great. Comfortable! The guards looked at us a bit suspicsouly, but do I always say? Suspiscious guards shall be suspiscious! Poor Amen though.

Or maybe not. Actually, both Mr L and Amen spent alotta time on our side of the stage. But then again, our side, or, or gang of people, WERE the freakiest (yes this includes the germans of course) and then when the fans suddenly turns around… yeah you know. Suspiscious band. Shall remain suspiscious.

And no surprise, but “Who’s Your Daddy” was up afterwards, and I swear, we did try to make “Jingle Bells” happen, as the germans did on the last tour, but no : (. It didn’t work out, but fuck, it was fun to flirt around with Amen! Sad part is, he didn’t flirt back… HE ALWAYS FLIRTS BACK. Maybe he had a bad day. But it was a little WTF moment.

Hm. “Blood Red Sandman”… then “This Is Heavy Metal”. You always know when “This is Heavy Metal” comes on, since Mr L keep asking you about all these bands and if you like them or not. But then again, like Fairy of Darkness said in Paris, who the fuck dares to say they dislike KISS infront of the big L? (He is an extremly big KISS Fan, in case you didn’t know : ) ). But yes, “This Is Heavy Metal” means TAT time. And this was the first one we ever made, so it was kinda special you know! I think the band DO recognize this dance though, but still they were like WTF. And that what we want. The WTF reaction from the band.

After THIM (yes, I can’t be bothered to write the full name anymore…) SCG3 began.. and this is another moment when you know you are close to the band. We Norwedens just got togtehter in a small little group screaming the whole SCG3 together. I mean. We even know the intros. WTF. And just as we scream “THE AROCKALYPSE” (or actually, I did scream ‘The Acockalypse’, but still) and the insane drums on “Bringing Back The Balls To Rock” begins… you just know every second you know. You know exactly WHEN and WHERE everything is happening, even if it’s live because you’ve heard it live on clips and shit so many times.

And then… Robots. Demonic Robots. And Mr L yelling “BIOMECHANIC MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”. Seriously, I hate it. Or, the song is good, I just get the creeps of it. I’m scared of robots, scared of disfunctional technology and haunted stuff. The intro of “Biomechanic Man” is a haunted disfunctional robot. Just awesome, don’t you think? I think the fear comes from when my Sim in The Sims 2 was killed by her robot. Yup, true story. But the song is actually kinda good. A little sicko little mean…

Awa plays the keyboard, stops, plays, stops. Guess what. Of course, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. We tried to lie down again, since it is a calm intro you know… and then when the song actually started, we could remain. NO PRESSURE!! However, that is kinda lame (No, I know that Eva and Michael were protecting us, its the other audience that was lame) so we stood up straight and started to freak out again. Have you ever thought of that, that girls rarely do freak out, headbang, jump and such on concerts? Then we show up and tear the shit apart, and people are terrified.

After this, They start play a metalversion of “A Question Of Lust“… and on the second. ON THE VERY SECOND we all, together with Mr Lordi… “WOULD YOU LOVE A MONSTERMAN, COULD YOU UNDERSTAND BEAUTY OF THE BEAST? FIRE AT WILL” and headbang. I mean… that is almost ridiculous. That you know a band so well, that you almost know it better than the band itself. And in a breathe… it was over. Done, FINITO!

But you know something. I barely remember the show. I remember the songs and how they sounded… but not the actual show. I was rocking out TOO much to even notice. AND THAT, MY FRIENDS, is how it is supposed to be! They had difficulties with the sound apparently, but since you know the band so well, you know the guitars and how it sounds anyway, so you can just keep on rocking even if the guitar dies. I missed “My Heaven Is Your Hell” on the setlist, but you know, I got in Paris, and I didn’t even expect to EVER hear that song live, so I guess it’s ok. And I got “Nonstop Nite” so. But apart from all this, this is one of the most FUN concerts I’ve ever been to. HELL, I need to do this more often. Or wait.
Setlist: God Of Thunder/SCG5 – Babez For Breakfast – Dynamite Tonite – Nonstop Nite – Devil Is A Loser – Rock Police – It Snows In Hell – Who’s Your Daddy – Blood Red Sandman – This Is Heavy Metal – SCG3 – Bringing Back The Balls To Rock – Biomechanic Man – Hard Rock Hallelujah – Would You Love a Monsterman

After this we got a little dilemma. We figured we’d go up to the wardrobe again to see about Otus interview, but on the same time… we had front row. And it was only Saxon inbetween before HammerFall… would you really give it up? What we did was to begin with to sit down and just… POUR water into our bodies. You don’t really think about it much during the show, and then you are dehydrated afterwards. After a few buts and ifs, we did eventually get up to join the others upstairs (it was only me and Paula keeping places I think, or maybe Martine. I really don’t know anymore…) and as we walked over to the wardrobe…

We saw someone coming up the backstage stairs. Someone familiar.

Mr Lordi.

// Sara