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The Monsterican Dream

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On this day, September 19th ten years ago, 2006, I witnessed my very very first Lordi show. It was in Gothenburg, the arena was Lisebergshallen and my company was Lina, who actually to this date was also my very very first “internetfriend” ever, a girl I had met through Wig Wam the year prior.

We were at the venue early. Like, ten in the morning or something like that. I can’t even remember properly. And it was a show worth waiting for. Seeing my heroes for the very first time live (and also a mysteriously military clad band singing about going through the gates of hell on their way to heaven…) was beyond words to describe. This was the The Arockalypse tour, so unlike the more recent tours it was a big show – a lot of theatrics, pyrotechnics and a massive show. The setlist was perfect, the night was perfect, and it got even better by the facts that I’d managed to score backstagepasses for me and my friends.

Meeting Lordi for the first time wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for a shy little person like me, and Kita had to convince me to come forward to even dare to walk up to them. I owe him for that.


But that was ten years ago. And this is what this marks. Ten years of monsterloving. It’s been ten years as a Lordifan, and I honestly thought this day would never come. That I’d lose interest in them one day, but no. My love for this band grows bigger and bigger for every day. It hasn’t been easy, there’s been times where it’s hard to defend the band, but that is the point. You stand with the band through thick and thin, and never give up on them. And I have never.

Thanks to Lordi, I have met some of my absolute best friends.It goes all the way back to the groupconversations and family constellations and weddings we used to make in 2006 – Where I married Ghostrider, also known as Sergio, and he’s still one of my best friends today. I remember Lozzy16, Lauren, was the “chapel master” and Monster-girl, Suncica, KittyCat, Anna and Pride_of_Finland, Ville was our best men / bridesmaids. FallenOne, William was my father who walked to the alter, and BeautyOfTheBeast, whose name fails me, was the priest. This was all of course happening on MSN, but still.

Fast forward a few years to Kita’s departure where we met Thomas – in the midst of planning a new monster and the “penis monster” came to be, and I became “B. A. Nana” because of all the bananas I used to give to the funny people. And of course, how can we forget that one night – Me – Ida, Martine (GoodToBeBadGirl) Thomas (Thomas), Martin (martinmaniac), King, Jonathan (Monsta), Michal (NightmareWingsHell) and Jordan (Mooneyman) had a basic riot in the Misc babbling section that ended with “King, you just said you wanted to have some gaysex with me and Martin“. Most iconic line from that times of riots.

But it doesn’t end there. We have PoliceLineDoNotCross who was always a pleasent person to have to deal with, AmericanMonsterMan (I’m sorry if I misspell your usernames people!) miss_brutality, Sooooophie, Maddy, CB Studios, Miss-Elodia – I specifically remember when she randomly joined in me and Martine throwing fake Lordi lyrics in the Misc babbling, MarkusHasADeadache, Stude, Nillan, Kitawa, Judge-death, Erina, I could go on forever with this list! It’s a whole load of amazing people that you’ve met on this one little forum called Monsterboard. And we all united there for one reason: The love for Lordi.

Thanks to Lordi, I’ve been able to see a big part of Europe I probably never would have seen, and I’d want to say the world because really, we did wind up seeing Epica in Australia and New Zealand, but it was because of Lordi we even went there to begin with.

It hasn’t always been easy. On the contrary, it’s been a rollercoaster and different occasions. It’s been everything:

My first trip to Finland was because of them, which included Pippi Långstrump and Moomin madness – and a hairbrush that broke.


It has been shouting “Mr Porn” out towards the streets through a window in Paris, where we had a large get-together of Monsterboard people (Soooophie, FairyOfDarkness, Isa, Angel_Of_Death, LIVINGDEADDOLLIE, mummy-, Thomas, GoodToBeBadGirl is a few of the people who were there), and dancing around in the wild snow that appeared.

lordimemories31lordimemroies33lordimemories5 lordimemories4 lordimemories3lordimemories20

It has been yelling inapropriate things on trains in Germany (Lichtenfels), living like royals in the large rooms and finding questionable pig-porn art in the middle of the townsquare.



It has been walking along an Italian highway (Rome & Milano) for so long your feet are bleeding in a 30 degree heat, only to hours later crack your knee on the stone stairs forcing you to jump on one leg for the rest of the stay. This Italy trip was a basic nightmare from start to finish, with the questionable drivers on the first night, the hotelroom who all of a sudden lost all lights, and not to mention the hell in getting home – took us 36 hours because of a train accident. The trip from Hell.

lordimemories9 lordimemories10lordimemroies11

It has been witnessing the coolest of releasegigs, spending the late night in the hotelroom with Soooophie, eeesti999_ and Anthalerero talking about everything and nothing ’til 4am in the morning, meeting up with Monstermaniacs from all over the place.

DSC_1762 DSC_1775DSC_1753 DSC_1747 LORDI 293

It has been a spontaneous trip to Germany (Frankfurt) where we couldn’t even feel our legs because of the cold, and a four day stay in Spain(Madrid) where we had the most questionable of hotel rooms – It was a large square with Jesus on the cross on the wall, two beds, high roof and a sink. It felt like we were in a horror movie.

lordimemroies12lordimemories13lordimemories18 lordimemories17

It has been going through a damp and cold English harbor village (Southampton) where we randomly offered this guy chocolate cake, because why not? And it was probably the best decision made ever, seeing that is how we met Nathan. It has been traveling to beautiful Brighton living in a hotelroom that was made for Royals.


And not to mention: That one day we threw Mr L completely off his game at Sabaton Open Air! All hail us, the Swedish Lordi Crew: Paula, Hanna, Michelle, Me, Ludvig and Jonathan.





Thanks to Lordi, I’ve gotten to experience some of the most treasured moments with my best friends. Like the New Year Celebration in 2012, where a group of Lordi fans (PEML94, GoodToBeBadGirl, Thomas, FlameCurry and me) gathered at GTBBG and celebrated the new year together.


It was been those “GroupieBFF’s” weeks where we have just randomly gone somewhere. It has been all those nights spent with The Awesome Threesome, where we went to bed at eight in the morning and spent all the night recording stupid videos about seigemenn and superdupermegamojängen. One of my favorite memory is the Tuska weekend. Ten years after The Arockalypse tour, I was allowed to witness almost the same identical set with Sophie and Nathan under the burning Helsinki sun. That day, and the whole weekend was amazingly perfect in a way that I can do nothing but smile when I think about it. Even with the pepperspray.

lordimemroies32lordimemories30 lordimemories29 lordimemories28lordimemories23 lordimemories22 lordimemories21 lordimemroies14lordifans


As you can see, you who read this… Being a Lordi fan has been so much more than just simply liking their music and going to a show here and there. I practically owe my life to this band. It’s because of them that I’ve gotten to experience all the amazing stuff that I have, and I couldn’t even thank them enough for all of it. And all of you who were mentioned in this, I thank all of you for in one way or another, making these years the best.


And here’s to the next ten years: May they be as amazing as these first have been!

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting part 8

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So yes. What had they seen?

It was a statue. A statue… well. Literally – it was two humans and one pig. The humans were hugging each other, and one of the humans had his hand up… the back… of the pig.

And… well… yes. I mean, what is that? What do you make out of that? And do you honestly blame the girls for laughing their asses off (HAHAHAHA). Adn actually, as the madness went on, two guys came out of the bar, two guys named Markus and Lorenz. They joined us on the square with madenss – and I knew these guys would be fun, because Markus were wearing a christmastree in the neck of his coat. Only epic people do that. So we had a bit fun with them, and then we OF COURSE, had to ask them, WHAT THE HELL is that.

And thing is, they weren’t from Lichtenfels, so they had no idea! They, on the other hand, started asking all the citizens that passed us what it was, and NO ONE knew!  I think we kinda ruined Lichtenfels. And oh.. HAHA.

Look, I’m afraid of robots and non natural moving things right. So we saw this Santa standing in the window and we all just like, you know, like a scared horse, first hitting off but then cooling down. So what I mean with scared horse is a scared horse with a rider or someone holding it. Anyway… A little later, we sorta had the same situation, just ten times worse. All I saw at first, was Cecilie turning around then kind of jump up in the air and then down on the ground, rolling into a little ball. We all were like WTF so Michelle was the next one to check, and all of a sudden, she jumps up and then down into a little ball on top of Cecilie. I looked up, and saw there was an old lady standing in the window and smoking. Lorenz and Markus started talking a little to her, until her insane husband came, I think they asked her about the statue, and she got her husband.

And he was mad. He and Markus started to argue. Lorenz told us that they were arguing about that youths nowadays never work and is all party. But how the hell, how do he think we got to Lichtenfels in first place? Insane stuff. Either way, he left, and then came back, and then left again but he kept an eye on us. Thats mad stuff. We hung out a bit more with them before we had to head back to the hotel because Michelle needed…. nevermind : D. We head back for “Pirates Of The Caribbean”  and just chilling.

After watching, or maybe actually during the movie we figured we would take a powernap to be energetic as the norwegians came home, and well, it didn’t work out that much, so we eventually went to bed. Thing is though – due to my insane travelling in Finland, my rythm is kinda fucked up and I’ve learned how to get as much energy as possible out of sleeping as little hours as possible. So I was awake when Martine came home and listened to her stories and kept her company as she packed and showed me her stuff.  We woke up the others so they got to say good bye to the norwegians… and I could go back to sleep.

For like ten minutes before Martine woke me up because she forgot her beer. TYPICAL. But once she got it… SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. For two hours. Damn it. Then we got up, started packing, having one last epic lunch, one last look on the view… before we left our VERY and HIGHLY beloved Markt 17.

So as we head for the trainstation, we took a last look at the city. And of course, OF COURSE we found a horsestore. What the fuck, why didn’t we find it the last time? Oh well. As we hit the station.. the next dilemma came around. We didn’t find our train… however… we did find a train to the same destination, so we got on, and then the conductor told us we were on the right train, so no worries. And of course, like always with me, we were sitting on the trainfloor. WHAT ELSE! On the train we also took ourselves the freedom to make our own lyrics to the Norwegian Pocahontas dub too… HAHAHA.

Dette er favorittmobilen her i Djermaniiii, der ute finns det mange hundre trén! Og om jeg sitter forsiktig her på tåggulvet, vil ikke denne dören denne veggen her få vondt!
Nei Dominique ikke skyt Cecilie hun er söt! Og lyden som hun lager de er kule… og hon har pins som vi kan stjele ta den her!
Hvis ni Brenner Lichtenfels så gråter jeg! Och Michelle vil cutte seg med smörkniv… og Paula er en Kake TENK PÅ DET!!!”

The lyrics originates from a little guy pointing handguns at us when we hung out with Markus and Lorenz, the pins part about Cecilies bag full of pins, Michelle tried to cut herself with a plasticknife, Paula ate cookies, and when downtown the firealarm of Lichtenfels went off.

Back in Würzburg, change of trains, ending up on the wrong train, conductor not caring because we didn’t speak german.. and then we were back at Frankfurt Airport. Where we had to part with Paula. It was the saddest moment… but it had to be done. Because me and Michelle had to figure out how the fuck to get to Hahn airport, and after a few asking AND ALOT walking we… BY A FUCKING BREATHE and Michelles brilliant brain, we found the bus. And it was so scary, the busdriver we bought the tickets off, reminded us of a certain dictator, and also, the other busdriver who drove the bus we rode, he was SO ANGRY and yelled at someone the ENTIRE trip! Or well, I guess so, because he yelled when I fell asleep and were still yelling when I woke up!

And then we were there.. at Hahn… We fixed the remaining food before checking in and going to the gate.. and before boarding, we bought these TINY toothbrushes for one euro… as one last thing… and then… boarding. We had dinner on the plane and all of a sudden we landed.. We were home. In Sweden. It was over.


This trip… was the best trip I have ever done. And I really mean it. I’ve never had so much fun that I had this trip, and topping that with seeing two of your absolute favouritebands… It doesn’t get better. I proudly encourage EVERYONE to this with your bestest friends. And for me? I can’t wait to get back to Djermani, Lichtenfels and Christmas Metal Meeting. See you next year, bitches! And for Lichtenfels, I’m coming to get you in March!

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting part 7

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So yes… The concert day was overepic but now it was time for us to have a day off. Or well, for us SWEDES to have a day off! The norwegians went up pretty early and headed over to Stadthalle for what I call the “death metal day”. Not saying all the bands playing were death metal – just that they were a bit heavier metal than I personally like, and half of the logos were at the start impossible to identify so, yes. They head over and we went back to sleep for a few hours…

Then we got up, got on our way to some grocerystores to pick up breakfast… or general stuff to eat. We went to Lidl at first were we picked up GOD know what! After that we head over to another store which I can’t remember the name of, E-Mart maybe! Or something similar, where we got the rest of the shit, but also stuff as plates, knives, forks, tape… you name it! Then we head home again to have breakfast or whatever, and just relaxing you know. We also got two kindereggs each… and this would have a big impact on Michelle.

Well you know how kindereggs work. Its a chocolate egg, and inside there is a yellow container with a toy? Yes. So, Paula got this. And then she got this little paperball, a similar one to that I have at home, you blow it up and its a catface or dragonface and so on. Michelle looked very suspisciously at it already before Paula gave it to me to blow it up, and once she saw it… I’ve never seen Michelle so scared/disgusted before in my life. She REALLY hated it! Hahahaha, lovely!

Well… yes! Haha. After this, we actually headed for Stadthalle, because Paula and Michelle wanted shirts from the festival that Martine were supposed to fix, so we figured we would go there and talk to her instead of calling, considering the hall was like, ten minutes away. So we met up with our lovley girl and she fixed the shirts after a few buts and ifs, and after that… we first picked up some beer for Martine and then we started wandering around in Lichtenfels, doing some sort of sightseeing I guess you could call it!

We also started to look for a restaurant, and it took a while before we found anything promising. Or actually, at first we found a pizzaplace right across the street from the hotel, but we figured we would find something a LITTLE fancier for our last day in Lichtenfels. So we kept walking, actually, we walked towards a clocktower and would you know… we found a restaurant! Actually, the only thing we REALLY saw was a sign that said STEAK, and we figured, it can’t be bad and we checked the menu and we chose it. It’s not like we were gonna find much more anyway.

So we went inside right.. and it was like the hotel situation again. We didn’t know what to do, so we went to the bar and actually found the waitress and she directed us to a table and gave us the menue. Here is the thing. She didn’t speak english that well.And we don’t speak german that well. What do you do in a situation like this? Google Translate.

Yes, for real! We did use Google Translate to get by in the restaurant. Me and Michelle went both for a mushroomschnitzel kind of thing, and Paula went for a steak. While waiting, we made up plans about what we will do in the future when we meet Lordi, and goddamn did we have a good laugh? Oh yes. I’ve never laughed this hard really… And then.. the salad came.

You see, to mine and Michelles dishes, they served a small salad to it. One thing just. This salad was HUGE. Or well, if this was a salad in a Swedish restaurant, this would be a XL salad. It was that big! But here, it was considered a SMALL salad! We were like… Oh my god.

And then, she brought us the maincourse. I swear to god… these 11 euros we spent on this restaurant… I mean… These dishes were considered small. If this would’ve been Sweden, these dishes would be XL or maybe even XXL! We were extremly ambushed and weren’t even sure if we would be able to finish! But we started eating you know… and oh my god… it was so delicious! At least I thought so!

By the time we sat and ate, Cecilie called us. Apparently she had left the concertarena a bit earlier and looked for us, so we directed her to the restaurant, and offered her our salads… not sure if she ate but anyway! We finished.. or.. something, and paid the tab and on the way out we saw a Christmas Metal Festival poster… so shiny… We couldn’t help outselves. Fast as a fucking wind they tore it down and we ran off as far as we could. We found a statue that Paula started raping for some reason. And after that, we started some sightseeing! But first we  went into this… handyshop kind of thing. It was kinda great – Michelle found loads of cheap make up, I found a brush and a pair of earrings… and we found a sign.

I mean.. Ok, only those who understand Swedish finds it fun probably, but still. We kinda had a good laugh over this!

Well, after this little minishopping, we continued the tour and after a while Michelle started chasing Paula and after the chase, they started raping each other or something? Eventually we did get on with it and found a marketsqure with a lot of small pigs to ride. As I was trying to take a photo of them riding, they all burst out laughing.

The question is. Why?

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 6 HAMMERFALL SHOW

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Yes. Mr Lordi was coming up the stairs just as we were there and we were all… fangirling. Not like Justin Biebers fans, actually, we are pretty cool when we see our stars. Inside we are fucking raging, but outside we are calm as fuck. Although, it would be nothing if we actually WOULD freak out. Okay, before I get snyde, well there he was. He went up to Martine at first and then he stopped, haha, apparently saying “one second please…” It tired him more to walk up the stairs than it did being on stage!

He told Martine that Otus had already went to the hotel, so we were like ok fuck it, it will be his lost in the end, and then.

You know. Mr Lordi must be one of the greatest rockstars out there. The only thing he was going to do was to tell us that Otus left, but instead, or, he did tell us that, and then he had a mini meet n greet with everyone there. He took his picture with everyone, wrote autographs… he even gave Martine a facepaint! He also got Michelles drawing of him riding a unicorn, and he was… happy for it… but a bit suspicious. He is afraid of horses, you see. He eventually had to leave, but fuck were we happy? YES. Awesome. And at this point, when he had left. We all started fangirling. You know, being “omg omg omg” and loosing our breathe and everything.

Saxon had started to play during the m&g, so we stayed put on the balcony to watch them, when, out of nowhere… Exodus appears! They came over to us and cheered us and talked to us and shit. We hada little autograph/photosession too of course, but mainly just hanging out, with Gary mainly. He took the freedom to try on both Paulas and Martines hats. And you know. Even though he kissed me goodbye when he left, it doesn’t fucking make up for saying HammerFall sucks! GO TO HELL.

As Saxon led to its end, we decided to head down for HammerFall, and we surprised Alexander a bit, ambushed him from behind, haha! (No, not in the dirt way, kinky bastards!) and watched the last songs with him… and then it was soon time for HammerFall! We actually managed to get to second row, and that is well good, considering HammerFall was the headliner for the day! Eva and Michael joined us too, as well as Alex’s sisters and we had a great chat, as well as I explained my love for Mr Dronjak to them.. the show began!

They opened up with “Patient Zero” quite normally, considering it’s the opening track, and they followed it up with “Heeding The Call”. You know… Look. Any Tour Necessary… must have been one of the best tours, not only for HammerFall, but in general that I’ve ever seen. So yeah, I know its kinda hard to try to beat that one. But this was just ridiculous. They went from kickass waterfalls, fences, fire and outragous lightning shows with kickass costumes to neonsigns and.. no stageclothing. That IS kinda sad you know.

But on the other hand, Waterfalls or no waterfalls, I fucking loved it anyway. “Any Means Necessary” was the next song up, and I can’t tell you enough how much I fucking love that song. It was from Joacim Cans during Any Tour Necessary I first heard the expression “slayer-neck” so if it was ANY BAND on this festival that I was gonna get a slayer-neck to, it should be HammerFall! And goddamn, its like the Lordi show. I don’t recall that much from the show because me (and Paula for that matter) was too busy… you know, headbanging and such.

Fittingly enough, “Bang Your Head” was the next song on the setlist, followed by the classic “Blood Bound”. “Lets Get It On” later followed by the very so loved “Last Man Standing”, which was for me and Michelle to have our little moment as she loves it just as much as me. “Renegade” was next… and… yeah.

You know, when I saw HammerFall live for the very first time, and heard “Renegade” for the very first time, this being back in 2007 with good old Magnus Rosén on bass… I loved it. And then I got the Renegade Crusade VHS/CD and loved it. Then I got the record, and hated it. Do you guys remember how they used to play the song back in the days? When they slowed down the second verse? If not, Wacken 2001 is a good example. (While you’re at it, look at the bad ass show! Gotta love Oscar… ahh!)

And you know, back then, on the concert in January was the last time I ever heard “Renegade” that way. Then they started play it like they do on the records. It’s four years ago, but still, everytime I go to a Hammerfall show, I always wish, hope and pray that they will play it the good old way. And always being just as sad everytime they don’t. And Lichtenfels were no exception. But oh well, it’s just details! Overall it was well fine!

Joacim told us they had apparently been doing some research before the show, and found out that people were VERY keen to hear “Always Will Be”, and to be honest, I don’t say no! I’d prefer “Never Ever” of course, but “Always Will Be” is just as fucking great. And I’d pay anything to see Oscar play that piano again. It was a beautiful moment! “Rider Of The Storm” was next, followed by classics as “Steel Meets Steel”, “Legacy of Kings”, “Let The Hammer Fall” before wrapping the whole thing up with “The Dragon Lies Bleeding” which I’ve come to appriciate more and more over the years!

They went out, and everyone, of course, went “ONE MORE TIME”. So HammerFall came back. And what song, honestly, what is the only right song to sing when coming back like this and the crowd screaming One More Time? Well, obviously you play “One More Time”! It was also the last song of the set. As Oscar was by our side to throw out some extra plektras, we took ourselves the freedom that for ONE MORE (last) TIME yell “DET FINNS INGET SKROT – ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER”… and hahaha, the awesome moment when Oscar breaks into this huge grin. Well, we made our point!

Also, I must say, Paula managed to catch a plektra of his earlier during the show that she gave to me, and during Saxon she had caught a Saxon one which she gave to Alex. This is why we call her our golden girl. Love her!

But you know… it’s like the Dschinghis Khan Family song. “The party is over.. empty bottles on the floor..”. Christmas Metal Meeting were over. We said goodbye to Alexander, and then to Eva (I kissed a girl and I liked it… oh yeah!) and Michael before heading back to the wardrobe, and on the way to the wardrobe we ran into Antha, Marcel and Renate again. And for one last time, for this time, Antha and I pulled off our fangirl screams, running towards each other and hugging each other. Only this time a random guy happened to come between, and I’ve never seen someone looking so… terrified before, HAHA! So yeah… one last chat with them, and then they had to leave and so did we…

We got our coats. Picked up the norwegians. Took a round around the shops. And then we left Stadthalle, singing that melody you always sing to bands from Gothenburg, and actually, some germans got it and sang along! Sad they didn’t do it during the show. We had a little chat with them outside Stadthalle before heading home for our afterparty.

I don’t know what the hell went wrong, but somehow the afterparty just snapped. And then it calmed down again, talking about impressions and everything that had happened. And before we knew it, the clock was 4am and the norweigans were supposed to go to the second day as well, so we went to bed.

This was, without exagguration, one of my absoulte best days in my life. I’ve never had this much fun during a show, I’ve never had this much fun at a festival or concert ever. The company… it was perfect! Everything were perfect.

I’ll write about our last few days in Lichtenfels tomorrow.


// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 5 – LORDI SHOW.

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Well yes… I must say, we got like, second row place for Sepultura, which I find kinda marvellous you know, usually you have to queue like AGES to get good spots, but I guess this is why I love metalpeople and clean metalfestivals. Front isn’t necessary. Or well, of course it is, but it’s not like you go cut yourself if you are in second row. And also, as the waiting began, we met up with the lovley germans, and this time Marcel and Eva had arrived too! For the first time I also got to meet her husband, and he is just as great as her! Oh I love the germans.

Okay, I know how racist this is gonna sound, so I hope you take this the right way. The first thing I actually noticed with the singer, was that he was black. And everyone else reacted on that too, and… Thats freaking cool! I think I can honestly say he’s the first one I’ve seen within heavier metal, and thats just freaking awesome! LOVE IT!.

It was also under Sepultura I came to the conclusion… that PVC is not the most optimal fabric choice for inside concerts. DAMN THE HEAT! I had to run out, literally take off my PVC top (I was wearing something underneath, you kinky bastards, what did you think?!) and chill down until I was so cold I was standing there freezing, then I put it on again, went inside, bought two bottles of water and moshed into my friends again. You kinda have to mosh when a concert is going, or just dance and say “Excuse me, excuse me” and sooner or later you shall pass through.

I actually came back at the end of Sepultura, and this ment… just minutes to Lordi!! As we were awaiting Lordi… for the first; both me, Paula, Michelle, Marion (Alex’s sister), Antha and Renate (I think) managed to get front row!! FUCK YES! We planned a little what we were gonna do, as you know, from Paris and now on we shall do weird stuff during Lordishows. We also cooperated with the germans, who suggested we were gonna clap our hands like Mr Lordi when he asked us, and I mean, we aren’t late to sign up for such!

Also, Cecilie and Martine catched up with us again, we had lost them after Exodus, and now we learnt why. Cecilie… came back with her hand bandaged. Apparently, she had gotten a drumstick frm the drummer in Exodus, and someone fought her for it, and managed to break her pinkyfinger. She’d been rushed to the hospital where they casted it, and then she managed to get back just in fucking time for Lordi! GREAT. Would’ve been a disaster else, don’t you think?

Yes… the lights went out. Michelle put her horse on the fence. And before we knew it… “God of Thunder” began. WTF. Cut the… no ok, Mr L’s gonna kill me. And then, after “God Of Thunder”… Scarctic Circle Gathering 5 began.

OH THE FEELING. Otus entered… Awa entered… Ox… Amen… “Babez For Breakfast” started. FUCK I MISSED THEM. The spirit oh… they followed it up “Dynamite Tonite”. Goddamnit Lordi! (Sorry, it’s me personally who dislikes the song just) before the big L said “Alrite, you wanna sing?” and you know… you know you are close to a band, when you know what song is about to come, even though you have never seen the song live before. I’ve never heard/seen “Nonstop Nite” live before, but it was so obvious somehow that he was talking about that one. When I look back on it now… it ain’t that obvious at all, could be anything, but… yes. It was. And I love it, its my favourite off the “Babez” album so I was well pleased! 

I don’t really know when, but pretty early in the set, probably after or before “Nonstop Nite” Mr L informed us that they had managed to leave ALL KIND of theatrics at home in Finland… AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Way to go! I love them, seriously… HAHA. Surprisingly, “Devil Is a Loser” was up next, as the fourth song in the set! Now THAT was new! “Rock Police” followed and it was time for the first TheAwesomeThreesome shit to be done. You better lock the door…

Right after this, it was time for “It Snows In Hell”, where we had planned something new! During The Arks last show, Ellinor and her friend had been watching the show upside down, by turning around and bending over… backwards. And since we weren’t sure how well this would work out, we decided to try it out on a ballad. So, the song went on and we turned around.

And you know… FUCK HOW COMFORTABLE IT WAS! I was like oh my god, this is gonna be pain. And then when I laid there I was like… I don’t wanna move. I wanna lie here. This feels great. Comfortable! The guards looked at us a bit suspicsouly, but do I always say? Suspiscious guards shall be suspiscious! Poor Amen though.

Or maybe not. Actually, both Mr L and Amen spent alotta time on our side of the stage. But then again, our side, or, or gang of people, WERE the freakiest (yes this includes the germans of course) and then when the fans suddenly turns around… yeah you know. Suspiscious band. Shall remain suspiscious.

And no surprise, but “Who’s Your Daddy” was up afterwards, and I swear, we did try to make “Jingle Bells” happen, as the germans did on the last tour, but no : (. It didn’t work out, but fuck, it was fun to flirt around with Amen! Sad part is, he didn’t flirt back… HE ALWAYS FLIRTS BACK. Maybe he had a bad day. But it was a little WTF moment.

Hm. “Blood Red Sandman”… then “This Is Heavy Metal”. You always know when “This is Heavy Metal” comes on, since Mr L keep asking you about all these bands and if you like them or not. But then again, like Fairy of Darkness said in Paris, who the fuck dares to say they dislike KISS infront of the big L? (He is an extremly big KISS Fan, in case you didn’t know : ) ). But yes, “This Is Heavy Metal” means TAT time. And this was the first one we ever made, so it was kinda special you know! I think the band DO recognize this dance though, but still they were like WTF. And that what we want. The WTF reaction from the band.

After THIM (yes, I can’t be bothered to write the full name anymore…) SCG3 began.. and this is another moment when you know you are close to the band. We Norwedens just got togtehter in a small little group screaming the whole SCG3 together. I mean. We even know the intros. WTF. And just as we scream “THE AROCKALYPSE” (or actually, I did scream ‘The Acockalypse’, but still) and the insane drums on “Bringing Back The Balls To Rock” begins… you just know every second you know. You know exactly WHEN and WHERE everything is happening, even if it’s live because you’ve heard it live on clips and shit so many times.

And then… Robots. Demonic Robots. And Mr L yelling “BIOMECHANIC MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”. Seriously, I hate it. Or, the song is good, I just get the creeps of it. I’m scared of robots, scared of disfunctional technology and haunted stuff. The intro of “Biomechanic Man” is a haunted disfunctional robot. Just awesome, don’t you think? I think the fear comes from when my Sim in The Sims 2 was killed by her robot. Yup, true story. But the song is actually kinda good. A little sicko little mean…

Awa plays the keyboard, stops, plays, stops. Guess what. Of course, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. We tried to lie down again, since it is a calm intro you know… and then when the song actually started, we could remain. NO PRESSURE!! However, that is kinda lame (No, I know that Eva and Michael were protecting us, its the other audience that was lame) so we stood up straight and started to freak out again. Have you ever thought of that, that girls rarely do freak out, headbang, jump and such on concerts? Then we show up and tear the shit apart, and people are terrified.

After this, They start play a metalversion of “A Question Of Lust“… and on the second. ON THE VERY SECOND we all, together with Mr Lordi… “WOULD YOU LOVE A MONSTERMAN, COULD YOU UNDERSTAND BEAUTY OF THE BEAST? FIRE AT WILL” and headbang. I mean… that is almost ridiculous. That you know a band so well, that you almost know it better than the band itself. And in a breathe… it was over. Done, FINITO!

But you know something. I barely remember the show. I remember the songs and how they sounded… but not the actual show. I was rocking out TOO much to even notice. AND THAT, MY FRIENDS, is how it is supposed to be! They had difficulties with the sound apparently, but since you know the band so well, you know the guitars and how it sounds anyway, so you can just keep on rocking even if the guitar dies. I missed “My Heaven Is Your Hell” on the setlist, but you know, I got in Paris, and I didn’t even expect to EVER hear that song live, so I guess it’s ok. And I got “Nonstop Nite” so. But apart from all this, this is one of the most FUN concerts I’ve ever been to. HELL, I need to do this more often. Or wait.
Setlist: God Of Thunder/SCG5 – Babez For Breakfast – Dynamite Tonite – Nonstop Nite – Devil Is A Loser – Rock Police – It Snows In Hell – Who’s Your Daddy – Blood Red Sandman – This Is Heavy Metal – SCG3 – Bringing Back The Balls To Rock – Biomechanic Man – Hard Rock Hallelujah – Would You Love a Monsterman

After this we got a little dilemma. We figured we’d go up to the wardrobe again to see about Otus interview, but on the same time… we had front row. And it was only Saxon inbetween before HammerFall… would you really give it up? What we did was to begin with to sit down and just… POUR water into our bodies. You don’t really think about it much during the show, and then you are dehydrated afterwards. After a few buts and ifs, we did eventually get up to join the others upstairs (it was only me and Paula keeping places I think, or maybe Martine. I really don’t know anymore…) and as we walked over to the wardrobe…

We saw someone coming up the backstage stairs. Someone familiar.

Mr Lordi.

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 4

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THIS HAVE HAPPENED: The girls made it to Lichtenfels and the hotel, and are now heading for the arena!

So yeah. Finally here, Stadthalle, Lichtenfels. Seriously, we’ve been planning this trip since like, May or something. And now we were here. Outside the arena… and then we entered. I mean… why the hell not. And I was expeceting this huge ass securitycheck and I was so certain we would barely be let in considering we had alotta shoes with us and all you know. But actually, no security at all!

And then.. the confusion! We were like, okay, there have to be a wardrobe. But we didn’t find it immidiatley, and it was like okay. I mean, we saw signs, but our lack in language made us like OK WTF. And the thing was, we asked a salesman (yes, they had this small cute market, a miniature of Sweden Rocks) where the wardrobe were, and he said it was upstairs, but there was nothing upstairs, so we figured we’d try out different doors. And you know what.

We end up backstage. More precisely, outside Sepultura and Exodus dressingrooms. We were like… WTF. This only happens to us, right? Either way, a roadie came and we asked if he knew where the wardrobe were, and he said next door, so we went out again, and tried it. AND THERE, we found the wardrobe! Apparently they had this platform above the whole audience were you could stand or sit during the show, so we turned in our bags and all and then just stood on the balcony looking at all the people beneath us, like a boss. We located the Lordifans, as we saw Anthas vest and went down to say hi to them.

And I love meeting up with Antha. First we freeze. Then we scream. Like fangirls. Then we, if possible, run to each other and hug each other for a while. And of course we did it today too, what else? Fucking love them. Alexander was there too, so I got to introduce Martine, Paula, Michelle and Cecilie to them finally! We also found Anushka amongst the people, and we saw Argo and waved to him, as he were… in a situation. No really, he was just holding his spot, which was a bit away from where we were.

Heathen were currently playing as we got in, and right after them it was time for the first band I wanted to see, Lizzy Borden. And OK, thing is, we were supposed to interview Otus for a project, and Otus had told us we should look for Rikk and he’d give us passes. But did we find Rikk? And how the hell were we – it’s not like we had his phonenumber or anything. So we simply went up to the Sepultura dressingroom again, and asked them for Rikk.

They told us Lordi was in the other building, so we went there, and we met this real cranky guard. Ok – I’m not gonna be blueeyed, I KNOW alotta people do that trick just to get backstage, but we actually just asked him to ask someone to go look for Rikk. After a bit cursing, we actually got a hold of Rikks number, and on the same time, we learned, he wasn’t even present at the arena! HOW GREAT IS THAT.

Not at all. So we tried call him, and he didn’t pick up, actually, he might… By the way, do you guys even know who Rikk is? Maybe not, but Rikk is Lordis tourmanager. Tall guy. REAL tall guy. Yeah, well, he didn’t answer so we were like… Ok fuck that, Lizzy Borden is up!

So we went to Lizzy Borden and… I LOVE LIZZY BORDEN!! Seriously, I’ve seen them live three times now, and sure, I may not really know their songs like a hardcore fan, but FUCK how I love their music and their shows! This is one of the bands that I’ve started to enjoy as I saw, and see, them live. They changed the theatrics a bit since I saw them on Stockholm Rock Out, so instead of “cutting” his arms with “razors” he brought a fucking axe and “cut” his tounge! INSANE!

But just as we enjoyed Lizzy Borden… As I always do, I look on the crowds. And up on the balcony. And when I reached the balcony… I saw someone I recognized. Someone special. Someone we needed to talk to. So I grabbed Martine, asked Paula to stay and watch our spots.

So who was this guy? Actually… I’m not gonna tell you exactly who it was. The people who was there knows who it was, but it was someone from the Lordi camp, I can tell you that much. So Martine and I went up there and asked him about the Otus situation, and he told us he would check it up and asked us to stay close to the wardrobe area. With that solved, we just pretty much got back to our regular positions. Or almost, Martine, Michelle and Cecilie stayed upstairs as I ran down to Paula again and updating her on the situation, and rocking out to the last Lizzy Borden songs. And yeah well… As Lizzy Borden resigned from stage both me and Paula was supposed to go upstairs and join the rest of the girls, but we took a bigger way around passing the bathrooms, and as we did so, we ran into Anushka again! Whom had gotten a good share of Mr Bordens blood all over her face…. hahaha!

So yes… The sad part is, not much happened here from. Or haha, thats a freaking lie. ALOT happened. First of all, Destruction got on and for the first time in my life, as you know, I’m not the biggest fan of heavy heavy metal, so for the first time in my life, I got to see an actual and real mosh pit LIVE! During Destruction I believe! Well… Paula and Michelle went to grab something to eat, remaining us three only. What did we do? Well, we started our own minimoshpit. It was only me and Martine in it, but apparently a few guys tried to join, sadly, we gave up pretty quickly so they never managed to do so…

Michelle and Paula came back, Anvil got on stage, we enjoyed them… getting slightly pissed that we hadn’t heard anything from the Lordicamp just yet, but it was okay. Exodus was entering after Anvil and as they did so, Martine, Cecilie and Paula decided they wanted to go downstairs to watch them for real and I think even Martine engaged in the real moshpits, it’s possible she did during Destruction… no. It must have been during Exodus. Michelle and I, as the swedish pagans we are, remained at the spot, when I guy came and asked me if I wanted to have a beer with them.

This is something I don’t understand. I said that I’d love to, but that I was waiting for someone I couldn’t leave. So they asked me who I was waiting for, and I said I was waiting for Lordi. And then he gave me the weirdest look ever and then was like “Why are you waiting for Lordi?” with a voice so full of despise it almost pissed me off. I said it was for work, and then he asked me what my favourite band was, and naturally, I said it was Lordi, since you know, it is! And then he looked at me again and was like “Why?” Well… just because!
And the thing I don’t get here is – why do people judge others by the bands they listen to, or like “how can you like that band?” – WELL. Let me like the bands I want, and then you can like the bands you like. Okay? Good, glad we settled that one.

And actually, we got a nice visit from the always so lovley germans (Antha & Alex) too! Loved it! They had these amazing Finland hats, and I even got to try on Alexanders. It was too bit though…

I told Michelle as Exodus went on stage, having only Sepultura before and then Lordi, I was giving up waiting for Lordi. At this point we had been waiting about five hours, and we figured that we could always keep an eye up there, in case, but that we would go down. So as, when we thought, Exodus was gonna end we went down to the… you know, main area. As the concert was finnished we walked towards the herd, moshing ourselves, like the Swedish pagans we are, to the… almost front row. Catching up with Paula again, finding good spots to watch Sepultura from.

I have been told, afterwards, that my friends…. apparently…. yelled…. “HammerFall SUCKS!” after Exodus was done…. What… the…. hell. They… you know. Are supposed to be my best friends. And then they do this. I’m like, WHAT THE FUCK. FUUUUU.

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 3

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THIS HAS HAPPENED: We had lunch with Exodus on the airport, and after a long but fun trainride, we are finally in Lichtenfels!

We had to stop for a moment. We were here. We’ve planned this trip since like, May. And now we were here. In Lichtenfels. We started our walk to the hotel, and as we reached the roadcrossing thing, we saw a poster. The first thing that greeted us, obviously we had to take a picture with it. We found a map over the town, and as we figured out the way and started to walk the empty streets of Lichtenfels, we, or at least I, but I guess the other ones felt it too, like they were the queens of the world. Like, WE OWN THE FUCKING TOWN. It would later show we did, but we take that another time.

I must say, it was the cutest little village I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen alot really. As we walked during the, now christmas decorated town… I felt not only like a queen, but happy too. We asked a friendly citizen for the last roadquestions and soon we found it. Markt 17. The hotel that was gonna be our home for the next days. We opened the door, and the only thing behind it was stairs.

We were like, Okay, what the fuck. And it wasn’t short stairs, it was long. We didn’t find a reception either, so we carried out luggage upstairs, one floor, and left all the luggage there and then went into the restaurant where we found the manager, and his assistant I guess. They were so kind, and they even gave us the room a little cheaper! And gladly, it turned out, we had gotten the rooms where we had carried our luggage! So we didn’t have to take it anywhere else. And the rooms… DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED! This is the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen, and you know, this hotel was cheaper than Hotel Micro in Sweden, and it was so… Luxuary! Gigantic bathroom and bed and TV and gigantic rooms! I LOVED IT! It was a moment of this when you never want to leave the hotelroom.

We settled in the rooms, Paula and Cecilie in one room and Michelle, me and Martine in one room. We all unpacked and changed into pyjamas before we all gathered in our room, opening all the snacks we had brought, put on some good music, bring up the videocamera and just fucking chill you know. It was so awesome I don’t even… We had such a good time, and it was qutie early too, only around 11pm you know. Normally this would happen, 2am or something. But we decided after a while to go to bed pretty early, considering the big day we had ahead of us.


So. We woke up at 9 – 9.30, having breakfast together on the bed. Texted a bit with Argo about the current situation at the arena, was nice to be updated! For breakfast, we had brought food from home, bread, butter, water/cola… you imagine! Anything! And after that… the preparations began. Preparations for the gig, I mean, sure, we are not like other girls, but we ARE girls and need time to get ready! I was getting in my PVC outfit, Martine was getting into her Rock Police outfit, Michelle was fixing her hair, Cecilie and Paula got all heavy metal. Eventually, after like, two hours, we were finally ready to hit the streets.

So, then the journey to the arena began. We decided to bring a pair of extra shoes for all us highheeled people so it must have looked pretty funny with our handluggage, haha! BUT… on our way to the arena, when we managed to take a too long way… we saw it.

The legendary place. Paunchy Cats Inn Bar. It’s like I wrote on Facebook, maybe it’s only Sister fans who understand why this is so epic… but yes. Paunchy Fucking Cats. Paula and I are hitting Paunchy Cats next year, but just seeing it made us all fangirl. And that it had a Crashdiet poster on it right now just made it even better!

We kept walking, singing a little, swearing over the fact we could have chosen a shorter route, but eventually… we found it. A giant parkinglot with cars decorated with their owners favourite bands logo, metalheads blasting music from their cars, drinking beer, prepartying, fixing. We found it. Stadthalle.

“Thats where I’m meeting all my friends, six hours before the concert begins, gonna drink some beer and smoke some pot, in the Heavy Metal Parking Lot”

// Sara

Christmas Metal Meeting part 2

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THIS HAVE HAPPENED: The Fantastic Five have reached Frankfurt with smaller difficulties and mishappenings, and are now heading to eat, as they realize, there is a band!

Yes. A band. We were standing there just like oh my god, a band. We didn’t really see anyone we recognized, and how could we with all the roadies and all, so we figured we would just walk in, sit down, and have lunch. But we didn’t get long, until the bands sitting there stopped us and asked what band we played in.

We all were like, what? What band WE play in? Martine tried to convince them that we didn’t play in any band, but after a while she gave up and said we played in a band called GroupieBFF’s, haha, which is kinda what we call our group from now on! We either way, sat down and had lunch until Cecilie finally got up and had the guts to ask them what band they were in.

Exodus and Heathen. Oh dear, I never forget Martines face when she heard it. It was kinda.. intense. Randomly, at Frankfurt Airport, we are having lunch with Exodus and Heathen. Would you know. But sadly, the excitement didn’t last long, as Exodus guitarist Gary Holt stands up, smiles to his bandmates, and yells pretty loudly (apparently they had a discussion about something) but what he said loudly…

“Because HammerFall….. SUCKS!”

At first I choked. Then I just yelled MEN NEEEEEJ (yes, in Swedish!). Who. The. Fuck. Does. He. Think. He. Is. Sure, he is the guitarist in Exodus, and played with Slayer and all… BUT STILL. YOU DO NOT SAY, HAMMERFALL SUCKS, WHEN I’M AROUND! As Michelle would say, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!

Either way, after a while they left, and we left… or no, we didn’t. We still had around five or four hours before our train was supposed to departure, so we sat there for a while… then we relocated on a chilly bench having a nap for an hour or so, before we, finally, could get downstairs, get the norwegians their tickets and get on that damn train to Lichtenfels. But seriously – it’s at times like this time never moves fast enough. While waiting for the train at the station Cecilie also taught me how to shuffle, so yeah, now I know that!

Eventually the train did come, and it was like.. INSANE. It was so small and all seats were like taken, and after a while a few seats got free, as we hit Frankfurt Mainstation, so me and Michelle got a seat finally, and…. HAHA, the horror! My bag was extremly heavy, because of the camerastand and the colabottles, and well yeah, all other stuff, and then we got this crazy idea that we should put that one on those shelves over the seats. OH DEAR LORD. I thought we were gonna kill someone, but Cecilie and a friendly german made it happen, without anyone being injuried!

And yes, we got seats, however, they were reserved, and Martine was sitting in someones spot but he was kind, we thought, and said Martine could sit there until he had to get a seat. But thing is, he kept staring at her like crazy, as if he were pissed at her! Sooner or later we did hit Würzburg eventually, and then we had the horror taking down the bag again… but no one was hurt!

In Würzburg we had a 30 minutes change, which was well needed! For the first, the first train were a little delayed, and for the second it took us a little while to locate the train, but as we did, we realized it was on the platform already! AND BEST OF ALL – the train was EMPTY! Or okay, there was one old lady on it, but apart from that, it was empty! So we gladly, and slowly, got on the train, put away or luggage and sit down together at a four person table and having the fifth person sittin gon the fourtable next to us.

The trainride was insane. Since we were now FINALLY on the last route to Lichtenfels, we kinda chilled down and relaxed and just… enjoyed the ride. We planned what we were gonna do, talked girly talk and… scared the hell outta the germans apparently. We had this real angry german in the seat behind us, not angry at us, he was yelling at someone on the phone, and all of a sudden both me and Martine burst out in a “DET FINNS INGET SKROT, ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER!” (Mulle Meck)… AND ALL THE TRAIN SHUT UP!  Even the angry german just, shut up! And worst part? The train was silent for the rest of the trip as well! I also managed to say “I said a glass of juice, not gas the jews” pretty loudly, just to realize, maybe not in Germany…

As time went on, we got closer and closer to our last goal, and being unsure if we missed out station, we asked a friendly german if this station was Lichtenfels, and he informed us that the next one was. We pulled down our luggage and the speaker said “Näschte, Lichtenfels“. The train stopped, we clumsly got off the train and then stopped.

We were here. We finally made it. Lichtenfels.

// Sara


Christmas Metal Meeting part 1

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Alrite, now it’s time for me to pour out the story! I don’t know how many parts it will be, but I know I’ll divide it ALOT to get it more readable.

The epicness pretty much began just as Michelle arrived to Karlstad, or as we arrived to pick her up, since we pretty instantly went to pick up Paula, and at the busstation we also managed to meet up for a shortie with Maria! When Paula arrived with her bus we ambushed her with the vidoecamera, the videocamera that have documented EVERYTHING outside the arena haha, oh the madness! We hit off for some last minute shopping before heading home for the last preparations.

Once at home the madness started already here. Me and Paula sort of invented some kind of weirdscaryinsane kind of laughter that made Michelle extremly suspicious. Suspicious Michelle shall remain suspicious! She worked a bit on her mask before we finally threw out all the luggage, which were a lot, and headed down town!

So yeah… Well, we had a nice busride I suppose. Of course it kinda snapped – three crazy maniacs in the back of a bus? And on top of that, watching the norwegian parodydub of Pocahontas? Yeah – SNAPPED. But sooner or later we did eventually fall asleep actually, and when we woke up – it was 4.30, and we had arrived to Arlanda. Seriously, Arlanda feels like my second home right now… Feels like I spend more time there than I do at home. Either way, the first thing we did was to hit bathrooms and then… you know, or, Nikola knows, that I have a thing for floors. Trainfloors, airportfloors, bathroomfloors… you name it! So of course, we were having our breakfast on the infamour floor! But this time we actually turned it up a notch, and I had brought a pink lepard blanket! Suck on that one!

Well, then the chase began. Our flight, if I remember correctly, wouldn’t leave until 9 something, so we just wandered the place, picked up a few bottles of cola and water until we could FINALLY board our plane!  The planeride were fine, I guess, I kinda slept through all of it. Fun trivia is that the norwegians were gonna get there a few hours later than us, so we figured “There is no rush for us to get off the plane”, so we just sat there and waited, and all of a sudden we were the last ones standing, AS WELL as the others were waiting for us. OOPS. Oh well, it’s not like they died.

So, we picked up our luggage and went out in the lounge and looked up a restaurant we would eat in… oh the arrival! When we walked out of the arrival doors, we were greeted by probably 20-30 albanian people cheering, singing, screaming, videotaping, taking pictures with flags and flowers and what not! We were like what the hell, and then we realized that apparently an albanian family/tribe were moving there, arriving the same time as we. And we walked around for an hour, and when we crossed the point again, they were still there! This kinda inspired us.

 After this, after looking up the restaurant, the waiting began. It was still an hour or so until the norwegians would arrive, and seriously, time has never went as slow as it did at that point! But after a while, we could finally see the Oslo flight as landed, and we got ready at the arrival section. Like I said, we were inspired by the albanians, and figured we would do the same thing to Martine and Cecilie! HAHA, imagine how ridiculous it turned out as Martine and Cecilie MISSED the luggage collection and came out another way! We were like, hello, where is your luggage, and they were like OH MY GOD OUR LUGGAGE IS GONE and then they managed to get back in to get their stuff.

After this, we went to the bathrooms and then, we headed to the restaurant.

The first thing we see, is a LARGE group of hardrockers. SWEET! Hopefully they were heading for Lichtenfels!
Next thing we notice is the luggage.

I turned to the girls and said. “This is a band.”

// Sara