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I Want The World…. And Everything In It!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 31, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, after a night that ended way too late (in a good way) yesterday, I got up in the morning finding myself slamming into everything and anything. To make it even worse for myself, I had placed my suitcase right in the middle of the bathroom door. Open. Why, I have no idea.

Started the day out with breakfast at McDonalds, and then hit up the Australia shop I had found when I was out with Daniel. Seriously, THEY HAVE AN AUSTRALIA SHOP IN FRANKFURT, LIKE, WHY? But why should I complain, I found Vegemite!

I hit up Michelle at the big Primark and after picking up a new powder brush (finally) we headed out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Ironically enough though – we’ve just returned from Australia, and this is an Australian restaurant. It seems to me, no matter where in the world we are, Australia WILL chase us forever, and ever, to quote Epica.

After dinner we walked around the city centre for a while, taking in the amtopshere. It was dark and cold, but on the same time… It was so good to be back home in Europe. To have your feet on the right side of the world again. Afterwards, we went our separate ways and once back home I started packing up as much as I could. I wanted to be ready, because tomorrow is Powerwolf, and once I get back after the show there’s no return as we’d leave early on Saturday.

// Sara

Werewolves of Armenia

Posted in Uncategorized on March 30, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, you know, how when I came to Australia I was expecting to get jetlagged but in reality didn’t? Well, I guess everything is working in reverse, because I REALLY didn’t expect to get jetlagged when all the flights fit so well… but yup. That is exactly what happened. I went to bed at a normal hour, but when I got up I literally smashed into the walls a couple of times, because despite sleeping a good 10 hours, I was still DEAD.

Met up with Michelle at the railway station for some breakfast before heading out on the town to get some last minute pieces for my Powerwolf ‘costume’ or whatever you wanna call it. For once in my life I’m really sticking to black, so I went to stores as Claires and Six to pick up som decorative jewellery. Got home, and started getting ready to meet up Daniel for some catching up time.

So, of course, just as I’m about to leave that ONE thing that cannot happen, happens. My phone decided to run off somewhere. Great. Now I’m gonna be late too. Gladly, I found it at last, and after some misguided directions and 15 minutes late, I arrived at the destination and met Daniel. Last time I saw him was at the Powerwolf show in Antwerpen last year, so it’s been a little bit of time!

We started off by walking around in Frankfurt, him showing me around historic places and other good sightseeings, and then went back to the restaurant we originally met at and had a nice dinner talking about pretty much everything and nothing all at once. Once finished, we walked around the neighbourhoods again until darkness fell and we went our separate ways. A lot of talking, a lot of laughters and a generally good evening. Thank you, Daniel!

Later in evening I mostly sat and chatted with my ladies in the Metal Mass group on Facebook and starting to prepare my pants for Friday. I don’t know how many times I had to relace them, but it’s always easier with good “company” and good music. Seriously, that group. We always start out very seriously, but somewhere it spirals and all of a sudden, the important stuff are gone, which sucks when some of the members are in the Astrodome, at times. Haha. Oh well. Fun times!

// Sara

Blank Space

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Sooo… the next thing I see is light. Dimming lights. And flightattendants handing out the wipes. It’s morning. Which also means, we are very soon in Amsterdam! Finally.

See, as you all know, I do love flying, but when I’m going HOME from somewhere, it’s hard to be excited. And sure, I wasn’t technically going home, I was actually going to Germany to continue my damn adventures, it was still… I want to be in Frankfurt like, NOW.

But, breakfast came, and soon enough we landed in Amsterdam. Nice. My first time in the Netherlands! And the first thing that hit us, also like a brick in the face was minus degress.

About 7 am. Amsterdam. March. Damn damn damn. So you’ve seen Frozen, right? You know where Anna is walking around like “cold cold cold cold”. Yeah, that was us in Amsterdam.

The weirdest thing though was that we had to do another security screening, like, a real one like when you go in the first time. And guess what people? They stole our fucking Vegemite. Damn damn damn. Oh well, maybe next time, or Chiara would send it down to us.

Gladly, the flight change in Amsterdam was only an hour and a half, so we didn’t have to wait too long, because at this point I was like “I wanna go home, I wanna go home”. Eventually we started boarding, and the weirdest shit ever… Halfway through boarding the attendants had to announce “We’re only boarding Frankfurt now”. And I’m like, seriously guys? It says Frankfurt on the monitor, how hard can it be?

Once on the plane… First and foremost, I like KLM. They gave us a sandwich and water made in Turkey. And a cookie. And the planeride between Amsterdam and Frankfurt was probably the shortest ride I’ve ever been too. It felt like we never took off before we were about to land again. We were even taken aback at how fast it had gone.


Once landed, we had originally planned to go to the restaurant we always go to once at FRA, the restaurant where we also had dinner with Exodus, but we couldn’t find it. I wrote to Daniel and asked if he knew if they changed anything, but we did find a McDonalds so all good. When going to the train we realized the problem: We were at Terminal 2, and the restaurant is in Terminal 1. Well, that explains a lot.

Got on the train, and it messed with my brain a lot to have someone talking German over the speakers, BUT, what made me superhappy was the station announcements. They don’t have that in Australia and New Zealand. You just need to guess where you are getting off. It was so… pleasant. So, we got to Frankfurt City, but still a bit early for check in, so naturally, we did what we had to do:

We hit up a laundromat for some last minute laundry. And not only a laundromat, but a laundromat that carried the same colors as Jucy Snooze. Good taste, for sure. But, it was out first time ever doing it, and I’m glad we did it because now I can do it all the time. Will help so many tours in the future.


Check in finally opened, and for this trip I stayed at the Comfort Hotel Frankfurt, close to the railwaystation, figured it would be good to broaden our ranges of hotels to use in case. It was a nice room really, great facilities, felt good to be in a “luxury” room again, with my own bathroom and everything. It so rarely happens.


Yes. It’s a mess. This is why people should never travel with me, haha. Once settled I just simply crashed on the bed. And that’s when I recieved the bad news.

At first, I just looked at the text, thinking “oh, so this is the last time then”. But no. This year was cancelled. Väsby Rock Festival, the one festival I had looked forward to the most, was cancelled. No Powerwolf, No Battle Beast and most importantly: No Trixter. This broke my heart. Like, I can’t even… Michelle and I went out for – again, Mc Donalds to drown the sorrows, and on our way home we almost froze to death, walked the wrong direction and wound up in the Red Light District.

City sightseeing is so amazing, don’t you think?


One Last Time

Posted in Uncategorized on March 28, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

So yes. 5 am. Taxi’s waiting. Heartfelt good byes to Chiara and Curt, it’s so strange. We’ve lived here for the past month and now it’s just… gone. Away. Over. It was just… difficult.

So, we got into our taxi – arrival was to be four hours before departure, to be on the safe side… only to notice the damned check in doesn’t even open for another two hours or so… That’s it. I’m never early for a flight again, because apparently, I’m just getting it thrown in my face again. However, I must admit, the airport did have some fancy and… interesting artwork!

artbne cowbne

But, of course, eventually the check in did open, we got through all the security checks, picked up some vegemite, because of course, we forgot that at the apartment but no worries – taxfree got us covered.

After an additional two hour wait, we could finally board our beloved plane that’d take us back to Guangzhou and the ride was awesome. Seriously, they had gotten Mockingjay Part 2! I thought I was damned if I didn’t watch it properly on Emirates, but gladly, I could enjoy it on this one as well!

Nine hours or so later we were finally back in China and this time for a seven hour flight change. And that… like. China Southern are fancy stuff, giving us food and all, so we didn’t really need to eat, but the terminal we are going at is fairly small, not a lot to do. Despite this, Guangzhou is seriously the cutest and coziest airport I have ever been to. It’s amazing.


I did some shopping, we had some italian food before we proceeded to just walk. Walk around the entire hall repeatedly for like, an hour or two. We figured – we’ll be sitting a lot on the planes, so we better NOT sit while here. But for the last half an hour or so we did, and we met this super sweet man who was a metalhead back in the 80’s, telling us stories about what they used to do before and after gigs and all that. He’d seen my Sweden Rock shirt and got intrigued by Black Sabbath being the headliner.

guangszhou guangcagn

Seriously, this trolley is my best friend.

Eventually, we got on the plane and heh… this is fun. So we got our seats, getting comfy, getting ready to sleep as we see two metalheads get on. And my first reaction was “M, nice, hot stuff”. Then I found them looking at bit at us. And then it hit me.

Like a brick in the fucking face.

This plane is outbound to Amsterdam.

This is the boys from Epica.

For a split moment my heart did actually stop, but then I realized. Nice. Planeride home with a bunch of hot dudes. I ain’t complaining.

And after that, I dozed off to sleep once we finished the dinner and the plane got blacked out.

// Sara


Posted in Australia 2016, Travels, Uncategorized on March 27, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

This was the most difficult day of the trip. The day before D-Day, the day before take off. The day I’d have to make up my mind about what hotel I wanted to stay at in Frankfurt, for instance. I have this nasty habit of either booking things way too ahead of time, or doing it last minute. Seriously, even Chiara had to help me and chip in on what she thought, and Curt too in the end I think.

But anyway, that isn’t the first thing that happened. So, basically, we were supposed to be at this Easter thing at Curt’s parents, but seeing me being ill, and then I really mean ill, I decided to stay home. I walked down the excercise path one last time, and this time it actually BEING the very last time as we were leaving the day after.

I got downtown and wandered about in the Roma Street Parklands, something I had postponed a lot. I had seen signs about it literally everywhere, but never really bothered to actually go there until now.

And it was absolutely stunning, as you can see on the photos below.

roma1 roma2 roma3 roma4 roma5 roma6 roma7 roma8 roma9 roma10 roma11 roma12 roma13 roma14 roma15 roma16

Got home, and once home, I did another trail down the path, it’s seriously hard to say good bye sometimes, got home, took Curt out for a walk and some last time McDonalds on Australian grounds. Packed up all my stuff, dealt with German hotels, talked to my very excited European girls and went to bed waaay too late considering what hour we were supposed to go up to go to the airport.

But you know… Things that happens, I guess?

// Sara


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Another sort of slow day. It may not make much sense to most of you why one would have slow days while being down under, but I guess this is a bit of my travel-fever. That whenever I’m about to take off somewhere, I get a bit.. “sick”, like I’ve talked about before. That I don’t wanna do it, I get very closed to myself… you know, that sort of stuff.

I went downtown and walked around the city for most of the day, came home and walked down the excercise path that I love so much, painfully a bit, knowing this would be the last time I’d see it for now.

I got back in good time, because right when I got home, the skies opened and the rain poured down. Spent the rest of night slowly starting to pack and playing The Sims.

Progress with Aria is moving pretty fast now. She’s finished off yet another career, and once she’s done with this one (Business) I’ll get her into a Get To Work career, probably the Doctor one in order to keep on the legacy from where Anna stopped. It’s all exciting – all these hours put into Aria is finally paying off, and she’s getting so close to Anna that it’s not annoying to play anymore, which makes me extremely happy. There’s nothing I hate more than to start over with a sim, especially when it’s in such an unnecessary case like this.

So mostly now, I’m planning her house. Originally I wanted to move her to a bigger house in the neighbourhood, but after starting to decorate her place I’m thinking more and more about just adding an extra floor… I guess we’ll see what I actually do.


// Sara

Black Ninja

Posted in Australia 2016, Travels, Uncategorized on March 25, 2016 by Sara Hammerzmith

Spent most of my day outside todays. It’s been a 30 degrees day, and since we’re leaving this country in just two days, I figured I’d take the time to actually enjoy the weather and not think too much, so I went down to Lutwych and Kedron Brook and walked around for a good few hours, went home for like fifteen minutes before I decided to go out again because I get insane of being inside when it’s nice weather outside. So I went back, kept walking around until darkness fell around me, and that’s when I decided it could be good to head home.


I did catch some bats, finally, in the free. It was a little freaky at first, but damn. Precious animals. Once home I got dinner, sat down with my ladies from home and started booking the last pieces of this trip, which is the French and partly the German Powerwolf dates. I think we spent a good three hours trying to put this thing together and despite that, we wound up in three different coaches on the train back to Paris. Oh well, maybe we can solve it, haha.

But really, its going to be great to be back in Europe and see Powerwolf again – despite Babyface McDreamy’s absence. I’ll see my girls and boys again – Madlen, Sophie, Laura, Cyril and Daniel, and I’ll have the privilege to meet Marianne for the first time. It’s going to be soo good. And it’ll be good to be back in France for a change, it’s been six years since I were there the last time, but then I spent three days in Paris. Now it’ll be like what, a couple of hours in Clermont, a couple of hours in Paris haha. Oh well.


// Sara