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Sooo… the next thing I see is light. Dimming lights. And flightattendants handing out the wipes. It’s morning. Which also means, we are very soon in Amsterdam! Finally.

See, as you all know, I do love flying, but when I’m going HOME from somewhere, it’s hard to be excited. And sure, I wasn’t technically going home, I was actually going to Germany to continue my damn adventures, it was still… I want to be in Frankfurt like, NOW.

But, breakfast came, and soon enough we landed in Amsterdam. Nice. My first time in the Netherlands! And the first thing that hit us, also like a brick in the face was minus degress.

About 7 am. Amsterdam. March. Damn damn damn. So you’ve seen Frozen, right? You know where Anna is walking around like “cold cold cold cold”. Yeah, that was us in Amsterdam.

The weirdest thing though was that we had to do another security screening, like, a real one like when you go in the first time. And guess what people? They stole our fucking Vegemite. Damn damn damn. Oh well, maybe next time, or Chiara would send it down to us.

Gladly, the flight change in Amsterdam was only an hour and a half, so we didn’t have to wait too long, because at this point I was like “I wanna go home, I wanna go home”. Eventually we started boarding, and the weirdest shit ever… Halfway through boarding the attendants had to announce “We’re only boarding Frankfurt now”. And I’m like, seriously guys? It says Frankfurt on the monitor, how hard can it be?

Once on the plane… First and foremost, I like KLM. They gave us a sandwich and water made in Turkey. And a cookie. And the planeride between Amsterdam and Frankfurt was probably the shortest ride I’ve ever been too. It felt like we never took off before we were about to land again. We were even taken aback at how fast it had gone.


Once landed, we had originally planned to go to the restaurant we always go to once at FRA, the restaurant where we also had dinner with Exodus, but we couldn’t find it. I wrote to Daniel and asked if he knew if they changed anything, but we did find a McDonalds so all good. When going to the train we realized the problem: We were at Terminal 2, and the restaurant is in Terminal 1. Well, that explains a lot.

Got on the train, and it messed with my brain a lot to have someone talking German over the speakers, BUT, what made me superhappy was the station announcements. They don’t have that in Australia and New Zealand. You just need to guess where you are getting off. It was so… pleasant. So, we got to Frankfurt City, but still a bit early for check in, so naturally, we did what we had to do:

We hit up a laundromat for some last minute laundry. And not only a laundromat, but a laundromat that carried the same colors as Jucy Snooze. Good taste, for sure. But, it was out first time ever doing it, and I’m glad we did it because now I can do it all the time. Will help so many tours in the future.


Check in finally opened, and for this trip I stayed at the Comfort Hotel Frankfurt, close to the railwaystation, figured it would be good to broaden our ranges of hotels to use in case. It was a nice room really, great facilities, felt good to be in a “luxury” room again, with my own bathroom and everything. It so rarely happens.


Yes. It’s a mess. This is why people should never travel with me, haha. Once settled I just simply crashed on the bed. And that’s when I recieved the bad news.

At first, I just looked at the text, thinking “oh, so this is the last time then”. But no. This year was cancelled. Väsby Rock Festival, the one festival I had looked forward to the most, was cancelled. No Powerwolf, No Battle Beast and most importantly: No Trixter. This broke my heart. Like, I can’t even… Michelle and I went out for – again, Mc Donalds to drown the sorrows, and on our way home we almost froze to death, walked the wrong direction and wound up in the Red Light District.

City sightseeing is so amazing, don’t you think?


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