I Want The World…. And Everything In It!

So, after a night that ended way too late (in a good way) yesterday, I got up in the morning finding myself slamming into everything and anything. To make it even worse for myself, I had placed my suitcase right in the middle of the bathroom door. Open. Why, I have no idea.

Started the day out with breakfast at McDonalds, and then hit up the Australia shop I had found when I was out with Daniel. Seriously, THEY HAVE AN AUSTRALIA SHOP IN FRANKFURT, LIKE, WHY? But why should I complain, I found Vegemite!

I hit up Michelle at the big Primark and after picking up a new powder brush (finally) we headed out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Ironically enough though – we’ve just returned from Australia, and this is an Australian restaurant. It seems to me, no matter where in the world we are, Australia WILL chase us forever, and ever, to quote Epica.

After dinner we walked around the city centre for a while, taking in the amtopshere. It was dark and cold, but on the same time… It was so good to be back home in Europe. To have your feet on the right side of the world again. Afterwards, we went our separate ways and once back home I started packing up as much as I could. I wanted to be ready, because tomorrow is Powerwolf, and once I get back after the show there’s no return as we’d leave early on Saturday.

// Sara

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