Werewolves of Armenia

So, you know, how when I came to Australia I was expecting to get jetlagged but in reality didn’t? Well, I guess everything is working in reverse, because I REALLY didn’t expect to get jetlagged when all the flights fit so well… but yup. That is exactly what happened. I went to bed at a normal hour, but when I got up I literally smashed into the walls a couple of times, because despite sleeping a good 10 hours, I was still DEAD.

Met up with Michelle at the railway station for some breakfast before heading out on the town to get some last minute pieces for my Powerwolf ‘costume’ or whatever you wanna call it. For once in my life I’m really sticking to black, so I went to stores as Claires and Six to pick up som decorative jewellery. Got home, and started getting ready to meet up Daniel for some catching up time.

So, of course, just as I’m about to leave that ONE thing that cannot happen, happens. My phone decided to run off somewhere. Great. Now I’m gonna be late too. Gladly, I found it at last, and after some misguided directions and 15 minutes late, I arrived at the destination and met Daniel. Last time I saw him was at the Powerwolf show in Antwerpen last year, so it’s been a little bit of time!

We started off by walking around in Frankfurt, him showing me around historic places and other good sightseeings, and then went back to the restaurant we originally met at and had a nice dinner talking about pretty much everything and nothing all at once. Once finished, we walked around the neighbourhoods again until darkness fell and we went our separate ways. A lot of talking, a lot of laughters and a generally good evening. Thank you, Daniel!

Later in evening I mostly sat and chatted with my ladies in the Metal Mass group on Facebook and starting to prepare my pants for Friday. I don’t know how many times I had to relace them, but it’s always easier with good “company” and good music. Seriously, that group. We always start out very seriously, but somewhere it spirals and all of a sudden, the important stuff are gone, which sucks when some of the members are in the Astrodome, at times. Haha. Oh well. Fun times!

// Sara

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