One Last Time

So yes. 5 am. Taxi’s waiting. Heartfelt good byes to Chiara and Curt, it’s so strange. We’ve lived here for the past month and now it’s just… gone. Away. Over. It was just… difficult.

So, we got into our taxi – arrival was to be four hours before departure, to be on the safe side… only to notice the damned check in doesn’t even open for another two hours or so… That’s it. I’m never early for a flight again, because apparently, I’m just getting it thrown in my face again. However, I must admit, the airport did have some fancy and… interesting artwork!

artbne cowbne

But, of course, eventually the check in did open, we got through all the security checks, picked up some vegemite, because of course, we forgot that at the apartment but no worries – taxfree got us covered.

After an additional two hour wait, we could finally board our beloved plane that’d take us back to Guangzhou and the ride was awesome. Seriously, they had gotten Mockingjay Part 2! I thought I was damned if I didn’t watch it properly on Emirates, but gladly, I could enjoy it on this one as well!

Nine hours or so later we were finally back in China and this time for a seven hour flight change. And that… like. China Southern are fancy stuff, giving us food and all, so we didn’t really need to eat, but the terminal we are going at is fairly small, not a lot to do. Despite this, Guangzhou is seriously the cutest and coziest airport I have ever been to. It’s amazing.


I did some shopping, we had some italian food before we proceeded to just walk. Walk around the entire hall repeatedly for like, an hour or two. We figured – we’ll be sitting a lot on the planes, so we better NOT sit while here. But for the last half an hour or so we did, and we met this super sweet man who was a metalhead back in the 80’s, telling us stories about what they used to do before and after gigs and all that. He’d seen my Sweden Rock shirt and got intrigued by Black Sabbath being the headliner.

guangszhou guangcagn

Seriously, this trolley is my best friend.

Eventually, we got on the plane and heh… this is fun. So we got our seats, getting comfy, getting ready to sleep as we see two metalheads get on. And my first reaction was “M, nice, hot stuff”. Then I found them looking at bit at us. And then it hit me.

Like a brick in the fucking face.

This plane is outbound to Amsterdam.

This is the boys from Epica.

For a split moment my heart did actually stop, but then I realized. Nice. Planeride home with a bunch of hot dudes. I ain’t complaining.

And after that, I dozed off to sleep once we finished the dinner and the plane got blacked out.

// Sara

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