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Gravity Falls Challenge Day 10: Place I’d like to go

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This one is EASY.

In all of Gravity Falls, where would I rather go? Of course – The Mystery Shack.


The home of Stan and the Twins. Mostly because I wanna meet them all – Mabes, Dips, Wends and Stan. AND SOOS! Always Soos. But to make it a little more… interesting, I think the place I REALLY wanna visit the most is the basement. You know, Stan’s hidden room behind the soda machine.


I really just wanna know what is in there, what all of this means. It’s possible we have already found out, since the second season has yet to begin here in Sweden… We’ll see when I get my answers!

// Sara

Gravity Falls: Day 7 – Scariest Moment

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Oh wow. Scariest moment…. That was a bit tricky. I tried thinking through what moments it could be, but I have come down to a few.

It’s split between the chase in Stan’s brain and the moment Gideon destroyed the Myster Shack. These moments are found in episodes “Dreamscaperers”.

The chase – I wasn’t sure what to get from it, but basically, they are being chased by Bill, and I think that’s enough for me to find it uneasy. The showdown… Were they going to get stuck, were they to be killed? Who knows.


The destruction – Mystery Shack is kind of a symbol of safe, you know. Especially for the twins, but you think of the Shack and you think of home. And to see it be shred to pieces… Jesus fucking christ.


These are the moments I’d call the scariest ones.


GF Challenge: Day 6 – Favorite Sweater / Outfit

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Ahhh, Mabel’s sweaters! They are all absolutely amazing if you ask me, so choosing a favorite one is a bit tricky! But here we go.

It has to be this one, a sweater featuring Waddles and Waddles wearing a sweater featuring Mabel. Friendship-sweaters, if you like, haha. I think it’s extremely cute. And I love pigs. And Waddles. But you know, it’s hard choosing. She also has one with a music note that I fancy a lot, the star one, the one with a penguin… Yeah. They are all cute. But.

Yes. Waddles-Sweater is the best sweater.

// Sara

GF Challenge – Day 4:Favorite Fan Theory or Headcannon

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Hmm. This one got me thinking for a little while. I think I like the idea of Stanford’s twin though.


Just as Dipper and Mabel are twins, the theory is about Stanford having a twin as well, called Stanley. If you look at the numberplate of Stan’s car, you can see it says “STNLYMBL” rather than “STNFD”, which is one of many, many reasons the theory has started. The theory and it’s “evidence” are explain pretty good in _THIS_ Tumblr post, so go check it out!

It seems pretty reasonable to me, considering that he’s Mabel’s and Dipper’s GRANDUNCLE it only makes sense he’d have a brother, and since the two young ones are twins, why couldn’t Stan and Stanley? I hope this is something Hirsch is truly working on, so we don’t end up with nothing. God, I wish Seasons 2 of Gravity Falls could just start here in Sweden!

// Sara


20 Days Gravity Falls Challenge: Day 01: Favorite Character

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So, since I only have a few extra bonus days left on my 30 Days Song Challenge, I’ll start another challenge. This time we’ll focus on one of my favorite Disney Channel series – Gravity Falls. Nerdfactor 1000, but who cares.


Day 1 – Favorite Character.

I’ll be honest about this one. I actually turned to Michelle and asked HER if she knew who my favorite character was. At first I spontaneously thought Mabel, but then I came to think about Dipper. But do I love Dipper or do I love his voice actors? Then I cam to think about the epicness that is Bill Cipher, and the viciousness that is Gideon Gleeful, or the characters that are Wendy and Stanford.

That’s when we came to the conclusion that pretty much ALL Characters on Gravity Falls are so lovable it’s hard to choose one.

But, I have to, and therefore I’ll go with this one.


Mabel Pines.

Mabel… what can we say about her. She’s basically my spiritanimal. Despite her being like, 12, I still relate to her so much on a personality level. I tend, A LOT, to do things the goofy way and more often than not do people get fed up with it. Fed up with my childish behaviour in the sense of making stupid voices to animals or being playful at a concert and doing things like hanging upside down during “It Snows In Hell” or screaming “DET FINNS INGET SKROT – ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER” on a German train in the middle of the night to shut up the angry german or to just run around and love myself, or at least try to.

Mabel Pines is the exact kind of character that kids need to see featured in television today. A girl who is nothing but herself, who’s witty and smart without compromising other interests. Alex Hirsch, I salute you. You sure know how to properly write a good, female lead character. Thank you, Thank you.

// Sara

Gravity Falls S2 & Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars

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A lot of exciting things has happened in the Disney camp lately. On July 26th, the newest Phineas & Ferb Special STAR WARS had it’s premiere in the United States, and I can’t fucking wait ’til it gets to Sweden. It’ll probably be here by November, seeing that both “Where’s Perry?” AND “Mission Marvel” was released in Sweden in November.

Man, I can’t even tell you. I still remember the day Disney bought Lucas Film and EVERYBODY tweeted Povenmire and Marsh asking them if there would be a Star Wars special, and I also remember when they mysteriously dropped sketches and fake posters…. and when it was finally revealed they were ACTUALLY doing this I sort of lost my shit.

It’s been a year or so since they announced this, and now it’s here. It’s finally freaking here. Or well, in the States. Not here. I’ve even heard some exciting things about it, which I won’t bring up here (in case it turns out to be fake, haha). Nevertheless, I can’t wait.

Yesterday, Gravity Falls season 2 had it’s premiere in the US as well, with the first episode being called “Scary-oke”. Of course, I have yet to see this, and if you calculate as they did back in 2012, this will come around the same time as Star Wars, or perhaps a little behind in order not to clash.

Gravity Falls… where do I begin about that series. I love it to death. Phineas&Ferb in all it’s glory, but Gravity Falls, damn it. That series excites the hell out of me. And I’ve heard that apparently, this season is supposed to be a tad bit darker than the first season, which excites me even more.

At times like this, I really, REALLY wished we were quicker in getting our shit voiced and released over here. I just can’t wait for these specials.

// Sara


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Uh. I haven’t updated my spoiler pic it appears. Oh well, you get what I want to have said with it…


I’m not even joking. Seriously. I’m almost at loss for words. It wasn’t as I had expected it to be, it was BETTER. Comparing to previous episodes of Gravity Falls, I must say that things got fairly more intense in this one. Not only the storyline, but also the language. I read somewhere on Tumblr yesterday about how they didn’t understand how Alex had been allowed to put certain things in, and now I understand them. It has been some time since we saw something like this on DC, that’s for sure…

But you know, I’m confused. I always thought Bill Cipher would be the worst thing the Pines’ would come across, but it appears I was wrong. I mean, I have seen the show before, I do know who Gideon is and what he is and has been capable of doing, but seriously, SCREWING OVER THE DREAM DEMON? BLOWING UP THE SHACK WITH PEOPLE IN IT? This 9 year old ain’t joking around, that’s for sure! Now I can barely wait for “Gideon Rises”.

Although I must say, I was a bit surprised to see that they’d actually translated and voiced the backwards message in Gideon’s summoning. I always thought they’d leave it as it was, appears I was wrong! They do this better than I expected them to. And also, as I thought, they did translate Bill’s last name (it became Chifer in Swedish, based off Chiffer, literally meaning Cipher). Even though it wasn’t the actor I had in mind to voice Bill, I still think they did a smashingly good choice, and he did a fantastic job as hell! I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy who do McGucket’s voice, but I won’t swear on it. And I don’t know today who it is. I have planned to go on a voice-hunt some time now to figure who did who besides the five main characters.

Well… Yes. This was well worth it’s waiting, I can say that much. “Gideon Rises” can’t come soon enough now!