20 Days Gravity Falls Challenge: Day 01: Favorite Character

So, since I only have a few extra bonus days left on my 30 Days Song Challenge, I’ll start another challenge. This time we’ll focus on one of my favorite Disney Channel series – Gravity Falls. Nerdfactor 1000, but who cares.


Day 1 – Favorite Character.

I’ll be honest about this one. I actually turned to Michelle and asked HER if she knew who my favorite character was. At first I spontaneously thought Mabel, but then I came to think about Dipper. But do I love Dipper or do I love his voice actors? Then I cam to think about the epicness that is Bill Cipher, and the viciousness that is Gideon Gleeful, or the characters that are Wendy and Stanford.

That’s when we came to the conclusion that pretty much ALL Characters on Gravity Falls are so lovable it’s hard to choose one.

But, I have to, and therefore I’ll go with this one.


Mabel Pines.

Mabel… what can we say about her. She’s basically my spiritanimal. Despite her being like, 12, I still relate to her so much on a personality level. I tend, A LOT, to do things the goofy way and more often than not do people get fed up with it. Fed up with my childish behaviour in the sense of making stupid voices to animals or being playful at a concert and doing things like hanging upside down during “It Snows In Hell” or screaming “DET FINNS INGET SKROT – ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER” on a German train in the middle of the night to shut up the angry german or to just run around and love myself, or at least try to.

Mabel Pines is the exact kind of character that kids need to see featured in television today. A girl who is nothing but herself, who’s witty and smart without compromising other interests. Alex Hirsch, I salute you. You sure know how to properly write a good, female lead character. Thank you, Thank you.

// Sara

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