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Gravity Falls Challenge Day 16: Favorite TV Program

Posted in 20 Days Gravity Falls Challenge, Gravity Falls, Uncategorized on May 4, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Oh wow. Favorite TV show… Well, I must say Duck-tective.

It’s a duck, that is a detective. What else can you actually ask for? The TV show was featured in seven episodes so far, I’m not sure if I’m familiar with all, since some of them seem to be Seasons 2, but the first appearance was in “Headhunters”, who aslo, so conveniently, happened to be my first Gravity Falls episode ever. And that freaked me out. You know, looking for normal headless waxfigures…


// Sara

Gravity Falls Day 14: Creature I’d like to see

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Like I start almost ALL my Gravity Falls challenge entries… this one had me a bit in a pickle. Creature I’d like to see… that’s a tough one. I mean, Alex evidently has no trouble coming up with any kind of creature, so just trying to think about all the possible things he could come up with are difficult as it is already.

But I guess I’d like to see some sort of companion to Bill, I guess. Another demon of sorts, not as a lover or anything, more like a business partner. Like, they conquer Bill and OH NO, another demon lurking and destroying things or just co operating. What kind of demon he would be, and what he’d look like though, that’s hard for me to come up with right away right here.

But yeah. Another dream demon who is in it to win it with Bill. I’d like that.

// Sara


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*** Spoiler alter ***

Today was the day for a new premiere of Gravity Falls here in Sweden, and today it was “Scary-Oke”, ironically, since this is actually the first episode of this season. Would have been good if they actually got the episodes in the right order you know…

Anyway. So, basically, what happens is that they have a re-launch of the Mystery Shack after finally imprisoning Gideon, and they start that off with a special day at the Shack and wrapping it up with a party. In the middle of the re-opening, a couple of agents shows up because of unusual paranormal activity (caused by Stan). Of course he denies, but Dipper calls them up anyway and to make a long story short, he manages to awaken the dead. After running around for a while and having Soos turned into a zombie, Stan comes to rescue and admits to the twins that he is well aware of the paranormal shit going on, and then, by singing together as a family, they managed to kill all the zombies.

Well, what can I say? THIS SEASON IS INTENSE. I LOVE this episode, especially since we finally are starting to get closer to finding out things about Gravity Falls. The revelation by Stan is a HUGE step on the  way, and seeing inside his cabinet is just amazing.

I’m a little surprised as to how, obscene the season is getting. For being a Disney series, it’s getting creepier and creepier. Zombies with eyes hanging out of the head? What a step!


I can’t wait for the next episode. Bring it on!

// Sara

Into The Bunker

Posted in Gravity Falls, Uncategorized on February 21, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith


Today was an exciting day! Or perhaps not, but the morning sure as hell was! Brand new episode from the brand new season of Gravity Falls. Yes, yes, I know you Americans have had this out for like A LONG time, but we are a little behind here in the North, ok?

I’m not sure if this is the first of the new episodes we air here in Sweden, my schedule has been pretty cray cray making it difficult to keep up with new premieres – hello, I even missed out on “The Night of the Living Pharmacists” with Phineas&Ferb… Anyway. Gravity Falls.

So, basically, what happen is that the crew (Dips, Mabes, Wends, Soos) goes out to seek for the author of the books, and end up in a crazy shapeshifiting scientists hideout. Originally they were only snooping around until Mabes pushed Dips into a desinfection kind of chamber with Wends in order to “force him” to tell her he loves her. Obviously, shit got real after this. The ultimate moment of the whole thing is hwne the Shapeshifter takes on the form of Wendy and eventually has her fighting herself. And in the midst of that, Dipper ALSO managed to confess his feelings for her. They weren’t mutual, but they are still good friends. Oh yes, they killed the monster too.


One thing that I really like about Gravity Falls is that it ain’t really like any other Disney series. Alex has this mysterious way of getting his way – and making it a lot more violent than the average series. And now I’m not just talking about the fights, I’m talking about showing blood, paranormal things, legit monsters and things like that. Things that even I as an adult can be a bit “heh” over.

I loved the episoded though. I need to catch Scary-Oke soon enough, or else I’ll go mad. But it’s possible that, again, DisneyChannel in Sweden has turned it around. We’ll see we’ll see. And I’m excited about the new codes to crack. Ahh!

// Sara


Gravity Falls Challenge Day 13: Guest Star I’d Like To See

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Okay wow. This one was a little tougher, I must admit. Guest star I’d like to see…

My first spontaneous thought would be someone from Phineas&Ferb, preferably Ashley Tisdale with her manaic-like Candace voice. I could totes see her voicing a friend of Wendy, who’s similar to Candace, you know?

But Peter Stormare could also be cool. He voiced Whiplash in Mission Marvel, and I mean, imagine him voicing a temporary villain in Gravity Falls? Wouldn’t that be pretty epic? Alongside Thorup and Alex (Gideon, Bill, respectively).

Well yes. I think that summarizes it. Ashley Tisdale and Peter Stormare are the two people I’d love to see on Gravity Falls.

But I’m in reality just hoping for a Phineas&Ferb / Gravity Falls crossover. I’m currently TRYING to write a fanfic on the matter, but it’s going slowly.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge: Day 12: Favorite Song

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After a bit of debating, I decided on this one:

“Lil Ol Me” by Gideon Gleeful, episode “The Hand that Rocks Mabel”. The reason I choose this one over the others are the melody. The catchy tune, the melody and Thorups voice. It’s all really just spot on, and I kinda love how they, at least in the clip, shows HOW he knows all of this things, yet everyone thinks he’s a psychic. Haha, love it.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 11: Favorite Teenager

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Too easy. Mabel may be my spirit animal, but one of my favorite characters on this show is Wendy.


I love her. Laid-back, doing things she wants to,calls it as it is and just generally cool. I love the way she treats Mabes and Dips as a part of the gang despite them being “only” 12 years old. She never let people walk all over her and she’s a trustworthy friend. I think this should be enough for you to understand why she’s the best.

// Sara