GF Challenge – Day 4:Favorite Fan Theory or Headcannon

Hmm. This one got me thinking for a little while. I think I like the idea of Stanford’s twin though.


Just as Dipper and Mabel are twins, the theory is about Stanford having a twin as well, called Stanley. If you look at the numberplate of Stan’s car, you can see it says “STNLYMBL” rather than “STNFD”, which is one of many, many reasons the theory has started. The theory and it’s “evidence” are explain pretty good in _THIS_ Tumblr post, so go check it out!

It seems pretty reasonable to me, considering that he’s Mabel’s and Dipper’s GRANDUNCLE it only makes sense he’d have a brother, and since the two young ones are twins, why couldn’t Stan and Stanley? I hope this is something Hirsch is truly working on, so we don’t end up with nothing. God, I wish Seasons 2 of Gravity Falls could just start here in Sweden!

// Sara


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