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Gravity Falls Challenge Day 18 – Most Memorable Quote

Posted in 20 Days Gravity Falls Challenge, Uncategorized with tags on June 23, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

Interestingly enough, the first thing that popped up in my head was quotes by Phineas, quotes as “The only thing impossible is impossibility itself” and “You have to believe you can, Candace”, as those two quotes have basically shaped my life the past couple of years. Phineas & Ferb is so important, it’s so sad it’s coming to an end.

But, this was about Gravity Falls, not Phineas and Ferb, and while thinking in these trails, my mind goes back to Manliness vs Dipper, and something Grunkle Stan said when they were eating at Lazy Susan’s after he comes back from “breaking up” with the manotaurs.

You were your own man and you stood up for yourself (…)Well, you did what was right even when no one agreed with ya. Sounds pretty manly to me but, what do I know?”. – Grunkle Stan

To put some context – Dipper has been very self-councious about not being “manly” enough for Wendy, or all in all really after being teased for enjoying the icelandic pop sensations BABBA, and thus tries everything – work out, eating beef jerky, you name it, in order to become “manly”, where he runs into the manotaurs – half man, half taur. In order to become a man and become a part of the manotaurs, he has to fulfill some quests.

The first ones are fine, it involves things like jumping over a big hole, put your arm in a hole full of bees and having fake tattoos. So far so good. However, the ultimate quest, which will make him A MAN, is to kill the multibear, which is a bear with many heads, I may add.

Dipper hesitates, but he goes up to the mountain and fights the multibear, who eventually surrenders and says “alright, you win, you can kill me, but first, let me listen to my favorite song one last time. It’s in the recorder, just press play”.

And what song is it? “Disco Girl”, by icelandic pop sensation BABA. Dipper looks surprised, and says that he also loves BABBA, where the bear tells him that all the manotaurs made fun of him for liking BABBA.

Dipper returns to the man-cave, throws his weapon down and tells the manotaurs that what makes you a man isn’t in what music you listen to, what food you eat, how strong you are and so on, and killing the multibear really won’t make him a man.

Dipper: You keep telling me that being a man means doing all these tasks, and being aggrel all the time, but I’m starting to think that stuff’s malarkey.”
Leaderaur: Kill the multi-bear or never be a man!
Dipper: Then I guess I’ll never be a man.

Of course, this has him thrown out, and enters the scene above, where Grunkle Stan tells him that he became a man by standing up for what he believes in, and what is right.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 17: Favorite Antagonist

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Without a doubt, Bill Cipher.


Since we haven’t gotten too many episodes of S2 just yet + my cable box not working, all I have to judge this bad boy on is “Dreamscaperers”, which gave away quite a lot already. Thinking about it, I’ve named all my ipods after GF Antagonists – Bill, Gideon…. Oh who would have thought.

Anyway, Bill Cipher, also known as the dream demon. Goes into people’s mind and dreams to screw things up. What I always liked about him, unlike Gideon, is that he just goes for it. Gideon gets distracted occasionally, and you know his weakpoints, Bill on the other hand, being a demon, makes things a lot harder. And judging on the writing in the book, he seems to be very dangerous.

I really can’t wait to see more of him in the series.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 16: Favorite TV Program

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Oh wow. Favorite TV show… Well, I must say Duck-tective.

It’s a duck, that is a detective. What else can you actually ask for? The TV show was featured in seven episodes so far, I’m not sure if I’m familiar with all, since some of them seem to be Seasons 2, but the first appearance was in “Headhunters”, who aslo, so conveniently, happened to be my first Gravity Falls episode ever. And that freaked me out. You know, looking for normal headless waxfigures…


// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 15: Favorite Relationship

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Okay, this one is DEAD easy. I know this may not be at all what the title and questions is meant, but it doesn’t really matter.

My favorite relationship in this series is Dipper and Mabels. Without question.

Dipper and Mabel are siblings as you know, twins to be more exact, and that bond they have to each other is amazing. The way they, despite being so different – Dipper being the more analytical, hysteric and worrying kind of person, and Mabel being the easy-go-happy-no worries- hakuna matata kind of girl with silly sweaters and a pet pig, they still work fantastically together, and they are always there for each other.

Dipper saves Mabel and stands up for her when Pacifica is being a jerk, and she helps him solve the mysteries in sometimes the most childish ways possible. And more often than not with a grappling hook.

Oh that grappling hook.

So yes, Dips and Mabes are my favorite relationship in this series, tightly followed by the twins with Stanford. He might seem grumpy, but he cares a lot for the kids. You can tell.


// Sara

Gravity Falls Day 14: Creature I’d like to see

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Like I start almost ALL my Gravity Falls challenge entries… this one had me a bit in a pickle. Creature I’d like to see… that’s a tough one. I mean, Alex evidently has no trouble coming up with any kind of creature, so just trying to think about all the possible things he could come up with are difficult as it is already.

But I guess I’d like to see some sort of companion to Bill, I guess. Another demon of sorts, not as a lover or anything, more like a business partner. Like, they conquer Bill and OH NO, another demon lurking and destroying things or just co operating. What kind of demon he would be, and what he’d look like though, that’s hard for me to come up with right away right here.

But yeah. Another dream demon who is in it to win it with Bill. I’d like that.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 13: Guest Star I’d Like To See

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Okay wow. This one was a little tougher, I must admit. Guest star I’d like to see…

My first spontaneous thought would be someone from Phineas&Ferb, preferably Ashley Tisdale with her manaic-like Candace voice. I could totes see her voicing a friend of Wendy, who’s similar to Candace, you know?

But Peter Stormare could also be cool. He voiced Whiplash in Mission Marvel, and I mean, imagine him voicing a temporary villain in Gravity Falls? Wouldn’t that be pretty epic? Alongside Thorup and Alex (Gideon, Bill, respectively).

Well yes. I think that summarizes it. Ashley Tisdale and Peter Stormare are the two people I’d love to see on Gravity Falls.

But I’m in reality just hoping for a Phineas&Ferb / Gravity Falls crossover. I’m currently TRYING to write a fanfic on the matter, but it’s going slowly.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge: Day 12: Favorite Song

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After a bit of debating, I decided on this one:

“Lil Ol Me” by Gideon Gleeful, episode “The Hand that Rocks Mabel”. The reason I choose this one over the others are the melody. The catchy tune, the melody and Thorups voice. It’s all really just spot on, and I kinda love how they, at least in the clip, shows HOW he knows all of this things, yet everyone thinks he’s a psychic. Haha, love it.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 11: Favorite Teenager

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Too easy. Mabel may be my spirit animal, but one of my favorite characters on this show is Wendy.


I love her. Laid-back, doing things she wants to,calls it as it is and just generally cool. I love the way she treats Mabes and Dips as a part of the gang despite them being “only” 12 years old. She never let people walk all over her and she’s a trustworthy friend. I think this should be enough for you to understand why she’s the best.

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 10: Place I’d like to go

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This one is EASY.

In all of Gravity Falls, where would I rather go? Of course – The Mystery Shack.


The home of Stan and the Twins. Mostly because I wanna meet them all – Mabes, Dips, Wends and Stan. AND SOOS! Always Soos. But to make it a little more… interesting, I think the place I REALLY wanna visit the most is the basement. You know, Stan’s hidden room behind the soda machine.


I really just wanna know what is in there, what all of this means. It’s possible we have already found out, since the second season has yet to begin here in Sweden… We’ll see when I get my answers!

// Sara

Gravity Falls Challenge Day 9: Favorite Minor / Background Character

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I’m not sure who or what counts as a minor character, especially since we haven’t gotten around to Season 2 here in Sweden, but one character I really like is Tyler.


You probably all recognize him as “Get ’em Get ’em!” guy. And this is probably why I find him exciting, I just love how he randomly pops up a little here and there and just “GET EM GET EM!” whenever there’s close to be a fight, and the most memorable moment must have been in “Gideon Rises” when the cops where just about to handcuff Gideon and one them goes “Tyler?” and Tyler sobs and faintly says “get him, get him” and wipes his tears. Oh Gideon, what did you do…

But yes. Tyler it is!

// Sara