Gravity Falls S2 & Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars

A lot of exciting things has happened in the Disney camp lately. On July 26th, the newest Phineas & Ferb Special STAR WARS had it’s premiere in the United States, and I can’t fucking wait ’til it gets to Sweden. It’ll probably be here by November, seeing that both “Where’s Perry?” AND “Mission Marvel” was released in Sweden in November.

Man, I can’t even tell you. I still remember the day Disney bought Lucas Film and EVERYBODY tweeted Povenmire and Marsh asking them if there would be a Star Wars special, and I also remember when they mysteriously dropped sketches and fake posters…. and when it was finally revealed they were ACTUALLY doing this I sort of lost my shit.

It’s been a year or so since they announced this, and now it’s here. It’s finally freaking here. Or well, in the States. Not here. I’ve even heard some exciting things about it, which I won’t bring up here (in case it turns out to be fake, haha). Nevertheless, I can’t wait.

Yesterday, Gravity Falls season 2 had it’s premiere in the US as well, with the first episode being called “Scary-oke”. Of course, I have yet to see this, and if you calculate as they did back in 2012, this will come around the same time as Star Wars, or perhaps a little behind in order not to clash.

Gravity Falls… where do I begin about that series. I love it to death. Phineas&Ferb in all it’s glory, but Gravity Falls, damn it. That series excites the hell out of me. And I’ve heard that apparently, this season is supposed to be a tad bit darker than the first season, which excites me even more.

At times like this, I really, REALLY wished we were quicker in getting our shit voiced and released over here. I just can’t wait for these specials.

// Sara

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