Uh. I haven’t updated my spoiler pic it appears. Oh well, you get what I want to have said with it…


I’m not even joking. Seriously. I’m almost at loss for words. It wasn’t as I had expected it to be, it was BETTER. Comparing to previous episodes of Gravity Falls, I must say that things got fairly more intense in this one. Not only the storyline, but also the language. I read somewhere on Tumblr yesterday about how they didn’t understand how Alex had been allowed to put certain things in, and now I understand them. It has been some time since we saw something like this on DC, that’s for sure…

But you know, I’m confused. I always thought Bill Cipher would be the worst thing the Pines’ would come across, but it appears I was wrong. I mean, I have seen the show before, I do know who Gideon is and what he is and has been capable of doing, but seriously, SCREWING OVER THE DREAM DEMON? BLOWING UP THE SHACK WITH PEOPLE IN IT? This 9 year old ain’t joking around, that’s for sure! Now I can barely wait for “Gideon Rises”.

Although I must say, I was a bit surprised to see that they’d actually translated and voiced the backwards message in Gideon’s summoning. I always thought they’d leave it as it was, appears I was wrong! They do this better than I expected them to. And also, as I thought, they did translate Bill’s last name (it became Chifer in Swedish, based off Chiffer, literally meaning Cipher). Even though it wasn’t the actor I had in mind to voice Bill, I still think they did a smashingly good choice, and he did a fantastic job as hell! I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy who do McGucket’s voice, but I won’t swear on it. And I don’t know today who it is. I have planned to go on a voice-hunt some time now to figure who did who besides the five main characters.

Well… Yes. This was well worth it’s waiting, I can say that much. “Gideon Rises” can’t come soon enough now!


3 Responses to “Dreamscaperers”

  1. The voice of Bill Cypher is Alex Hirsch, who does voice McGucket, but also Soos and Grunkle Stan. (Also he’s the Creator of the show.)
    And the entire episode was top-notch, both with writing and animation, as always. Can’t wait for season 2!

    • Hello!
      I realize now when I read it through that I wasn’t very clear. I was referring to Swedish voice-actors (I know it’s a bit of a paradox, given that I write this blog in English). 🙂

      When they show the credits for the Swedish voice over, they put them on a simple line after each other, without stating what actor did what character, and so far I’m only 110% positive about Dips (Freddy Åsblom), Mabes (Cecilia Wrangel Schoug), Stan (Ole Ornered), Wends (Anneli Heed) and Soos (Alex Kantsjö).

      Even though Alex do all these characters, we don’t necessarily have the same doing them all on Swedish. I do think McGucket, Bill and also Quentin Trembley share the same actor (Most likely Linus Ingelsbo), as well as Gideon and Blandin Blendin sharing an actor (most likely Daniel Sjöberg, but I’m not sure about either of them)

      Sadly, the names appearing after Alex Kantsjö (Soos) in the list are unfamiliar to me, making it difficult for me to place them on a character. But I’m starting to come on to it, since GF and Scaredy Squirrel got almost the exact same cast of voice actors.

      So yeah, my mistake! =D

      It was indeed! I was ready to be a little disappointed, given that I’ve been waiting for this episode so long (we’re very much behind in Sweden) but gladly I wasn’t! Now I just can’t wait for ‘Gideon Rises’ to air, not sure if it will do this year though… Damn!

      // Sara

  2. Linus Ingelsbo Says:

    How did I end up here? Well, now I am so I can tell you that I do the swedish voices of: Gideon, McGucket, Deputy Durland, and the time travel guy.
    Glad thet you like the show =)
    Best wishes / Linus Ingelsbo

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