Te Deum

Te Deum is the name of the Eurovision anthem, apparently. You know that, that melody that goes off before the show starts. I love that little piece, or the whole piece, but even just that little part just brightens my day so much at times. I think I really love Eurovision Song Contest. Or well. I must do, I wouldn’t spend all this money that I don’t have on Eurovision if I didn’t. Iceland’s entry in 2008 represents my feelings about Eurovision pretty damn good.

But on a more serious note, I found out today that Dreamscaperers, the first part of the 2-part-season finale will air on Tuesday, already. Literally four days after “Land Before Swine”. I’m not ready for this. It’s too soon. I don’t want to let go just yet. I mean. Think about the day when “Gideon Rises” have aired. Sure, the people in the US has already gone through it, but you know… what will I do with my life. I… I’ve waited for this so long. Perhaps I’m just scared it’ll be bad you know. Or that they’ll fuck it up. I can’t wait to hear who’ll voice Bill Cipher though. Oh happy days!

Dreamscaperers, TUESDAY, Dec 3rd, at 16:50 Swedish time, Disney Channel. There. Don’t fucking miss it because I’ll go beserk if you do. I also recommend you all to buy gold for the oncoming apocalypse.

NP: We Built This City – Starship



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