Dippers Guide to the Unexplained

I’m sitting here, 10 o clock, trying to write a personal letter for an important job oppurtunity, also knowing I have to get up in five hours to go to my temporary work, but all I can think about is Jason Ritter.

I just thought I’d let everybody know that I really, really, really love Gravity Falls.

In case you didn’t know, you know.

I hope these comes to Sweden. I love Jason Ritter, but I can’t wait to hear Freddy kill these. Seriously.

// Sara

One Response to “Dippers Guide to the Unexplained”

  1. Skriva jobbsökningar/personliga brev etc är inget vidare roligt, bara tanken på behöva göra sådant igen framöver om det går illa gör man nästan får panik, aja bara att kämpa, men lycka till och du fixar det. 🙂

    Nog märkt du gillar den serien.

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