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Love Tyger

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2015 by Sara Hammerzmith

So… I told you guys I’d tell you more about what happened after the show. We stayed around a bit to chat with Rikard, where he informed us about an afterparty, which we went to.

I’m not sure how much I wanna go into detail on what went down on this very, special event, but let me just tell you this – it was a small place, and it was a lot of fun. It all culminated in me playing peek-a-boo with Joacim Cans at the bathroom stalls, mostly because I could. It was a great night meeting some of Sweden’s metal elite and spending time with new and old friends. I managed to meet up with Chris again after all these years. I’m not sure anymore how many years it was since I last saw him, but it was good to see him again. So, basically, a great night.

After that.. the hellride home began. I shit you not. The storm coming over west of Sweden was going hard at us, and I shit you not.. I pulled over a bit in order to get some sleep before continue to drive, and I thought the car was going to flip over. I was happy of course, that I had roof over my head. But any time we had to get out of the car… brr, it was a dreaded moment.

But finally, at about 8am we rolled in home to Karlstad and hit the bed for like one hour.

Oh how I love touring.

// Sara


Phineas&Ferb: Last Day of Summer

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This, my friends, is a day I’ve dreaded for a year or so now. And to make it even worse, I lost DisneyChannel and DisneyXD for quite some time, and I was certain I’d miss out on it. And I did miss out on the DC premiere, but not the DXD premiere.

So, as the title suggest, Last Day of Summer – it’s the last, very last episode ever of Phineas & Ferb. All good things comes to an end I guess, and even so Phineas&Ferb.

Crisps, dip, candy and Perry the Platypet accompanied me what would probably do it, for this very last episode.


So, since us non-native English countries, this comes a little later than in the US, so I rule it as fairly safe to write about it here. Phineas and Ferb and the gang decides to build the biggest and most amazing thing they did all summer – and of course, Candace tries to bust them but fails. Instead, she decides to return some DVD’s to Vanessa, leading her to Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Once here, she talks a bit with Heinz while Vanessa makes tea, leading up to Candace finding out he had a repeat-the-day-inator, which repeats the day. She activates this, with Doof also in the bubble, and the day keeps repeating itself.

However, playing the the time and space quantuum, there’s always going to be bad sides – occasionally, a rip in time and space appears, and anything that disappears, disappears in a way that no one remembers them. After a while, the whole gang is stuck in the other time-dimension, trying to get back. However – there’s a catch. As the days are repeated, they get shorter and shorter, and once they get out of the rip, they have mere seconds to fix everything. Candace throws a spoon and managed to save the entire Tri-State-Area. The whole show is wrapped up in a song about everything that has happened these past four seasons, and it was… quite emotional in a way.


So, what do I think about this episode? Well.. It’s good. And it was emotional. But I must still admit… There has been better. You can sort of tell they were running out a bit of ideas – I mean hell, “Mission Marvel” was a big hit if we are going to compare special episodes. Maybe it’ll grow on me, maybe it won’t…

But it feels weird. That it’s over and done. I’ve even started to notice it already – how little Phineas & Ferb airs on Disney Channel, and this is what I was afraid of. It going away completely. Gladly, DXD has marathons every day these days.. I hope I manage to catch “Act Your Age” at least.

Anyway. Swampy, Danny and crew – Thank you for these four seasons. Thank you for all the joy, for all the tears (yes) and for all the ideas. It might be a childrens show, but my creativity hits the rocket when I watch this. I noticed, when I stopped, that I got less creative. Once I started to watch it again, I’ve already made a lot of blue prints of inventions to use in the future.

Thank you, Phineas & Ferb – for everything.

// Sara


HammerFall @ Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 28/11 – 15

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So, it was time for us to get going towards Gothenburg and what looks like to possibly be the last gig of this year.  For once, we actually got going at a good time – I guess I’m a bit of a time-optimist, and have the tendency to get going way too late, but for once, we got going early. However, that only lasted so long when first of all a GPS showed us the wrong way to a candy store, and then getting through one of the slowest Subway services to date. Seriously, I understand that you need to refill things sometimes, but if you are about four people, can’t another person go for you if you have a LONG line of customers? Oh well.

Well, despite these mishaps, we were still on time pretty well. A few pitstops later we were finally on a straight way to Gothenburg… until Michelle missed the turn. And we found ourselves driving in circles before finding out where to go. Once we hit the parkinglot, it was basically a streetrace to Scandinavium where we were put in the queue, and after a few if’s and but’s we finally made our way into the arena, where we ran around like chickens with a headache before finding our way into the arena and the floor, which we entered to the tunes of “Braveheart”.


Yes, third song in the list. That’s what you get when you a) miss the turn and b) are put into a long, long line. But you know, at least we didn’t miss the whole show. Funny thing; when standing there watching the band, I notice that Rikard is waving to me. I was unsure at first if he was really waving to me, but I waved back. Then I looked around, and noticed there were barely any other person around me. Huh. Who would have thought he’d remember me?

Anyway. “Gods And Generals” were next on the setlist, followed by “Bay of Pigs”. The band was really energetic, the crowd… well, it wasn’t too bad. The only thing I sort of noticed is how little people there were. I mean, this is Scandinavium we are talking about, it’s a pretty big venue actually. And despite being ten minutes LATE, we still made it basically front row. So yeah, that surprised me a lot. But, the people who were there gave them a warm reception.

“I Will Rule the Universe” and “Rome is Falling” were the last two songs before it was time for Civil War to leave the stage. Seriously though, this was a great set, and a great way to start this evening.

Hammerfall 013

After they left the stage, the wait for Edguy began. Which wasn’t rather long – gladly, the passtimes were pretty short. Hallelujah!


Right on time they began, and opened the whole show with “Love Tyger”. And now, my friends, the venue was getting rather filled, actually. At least where we stood. And the reception from the crowd was MASSIVE. Already before going to the show, despite not being into Edguy, I was unsure about them opening for HammerFall, getting slight Monster of Mora flashbacks.

The band was really on. They delievered a good set – seven songs long, 50 minutes and a lot of energy. Seriously, these are the kind of bands who you just love to see. Just look at me – I’m not into them, or more, I didn’t know a lot about them, and even I enjoyed it. I love the sassiness the singer had, by the way, when he scolded us for not sounding excited enough. Haha. I love sass.

There was one thing that frightened the hell out of me though. And that was the gigantic austronaut that they blew up right next to the drums. Seeing it getting bigger and bigger and filled with air was fucking traumatizing, I shit you not. While I found it scary as hell, I also found myself not being able to take my eyes off it. The human contradiction, huh?


They left the stage, and here’s where my Monsters of Mora vibes showed to be true. You see, in 2007, HammerFall had this anniversary show or whatever, Steel Meets Steel 10 years of Glory or something like that, and they had three openers: Tryckvåg, Sator, Sabaton.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sweden’s geography, I’ll put it to you this way: Mora lies in Dalarna, which is also the home county of Falun, which is the homecity of Sabaton. To make a long story short; despite this being before Sabaton’s big fame, half of the venue left after Sabaton. Despite it being HammerFall’s headline show. Oh dear.

And the same thing happened here. It got nearly empty after Edguy, most people obviously going to buy drinks. Michelle got us popcorn since we were getting really hungry, and then we manically ate the popcorn until the lights went out and HammerFall began their show with “Hector’s Hymn”.


So, some people obviously came back, but not as many as when Edguy played, sadly. Not that it matters. The audience reception were INSANE, and of course, why wouldn’t it be? This was strongly followed up by one of my personal favorites – “Any Means Necessary”. It’s been what, like six years? Since it came out, and I’m still in love with the song, and the whole album for that matter. “Renegade” was next on the list, followed by “Bang Your Head”.

I must admit, setlist wise, it wasn’t a lot of surprises. As a matter of fact, there were no surprises. I guess I’m the one to blame a bit, who expected something else than the average World Wide (r)Evolution tour setlist. However, what I WILL give the band, is that they were ON FIRE. So energetic, so going for it!

However, there was one slight surprise. It was time for Oscar’s, David’s, Pontus’ and Fredrik’s solo, so I stopped my headbanging for a moment to catch something to drink when Joacim yells out:


I shit you now when I say I fucking dropped that juicebox and almost choked on the juice by the mere sight of my homeboy Stefan. I mean… It’s hard. I’m used to see him – since he was a part earlier this year, but it was so weird to see him on stage with the whole band. Not as a substitute, just as a secret guest. You know, I loved the gig so far, but this were the point where my face cracked up in a smile.


He, and the rest of the boys played through the “400 Meter Medley” before he left the stage and the show went back to normal, continuing on with “Threshold”.

“Last Man Standing”, “Glory to the Brave”, “We Won’t Back Down” and “HammerFall” where the last songs to be played before the band left the stage.

Of course, as the audience cheered for them, they returned and continued on and started with “Templars of Steel”.

And it’s here, things get funny again. See, I’m standing there, minding my own business when I feel someone getting close to me. As the bitch I am, I narrow my eyes for a second only to realize it was Rikard! And then my narrow eyes turned to shocked and happy eyes and we hugged and chatted a bit, whenever the show was silent. He stayed with us, I might add.


They continued on with “Bushido” before wrapping up with “Hearts on Fire”.

And with that, they left the stage for good this time.

Sincerely, HammerFall, Thank you so much for this show. Even though it was “the same” it was still great. It still gave me a slayer-neck. Thank you so much.

After this, we started talking a bit more with Rikard, where he also invited us to the afterparty.

But that, my friends, is another story that I’ll tell some other day.

// Sara


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Wow. Today has been quite the stressful day, if you ask me. Not that I’ve done a lot particularly, but it has become draining mentally. First of all, I’m still trying to get my orders on CDON through, and I have tried for about an hour now. And then Adlibris.

I guess Xmas-shopping on Black Friday IS a bad idea, after all.

Anyway. Today was also the day I finally picked up the tickets for HammerFall, which we are set to go to tomorrow. I’m not sure what tomorrow has to offer, except from a possibly new episode by Gravity Falls in the morning. Oh yeah, it feels good to have DisneyChannel back in the house. And despite me not being too fond off “O.W.C.A Files”, I must admit, the themesong is ridiculously catchy. It’s my new groove, if you like.

// Sara

Amen & Attack

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Oh wow. For some reason, I have waaay too much faith in certain bands, like when we bought our tickets to Korpiklaani about a day or so before the show, and here I come and do it again. I have FINALLY bought the tickets for HammerFall. I seriously need to make some sort of fund where I can have savings only for concerttickets so I never again have to wait to buy the tickets. This is getting ridiculous.

What else can I update you on… not a lot really. Not a lot is happening. We’re still in the midst of planning Australia, and it’s going so-so. We’re almost there. Just need a few more bookings and we’ll be all set. We’re working hard on our projects and hopefully they’ll all show themselves some day.

And I’m about to go to bed before I start rambling even more.

// Sara

All Fired Up

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Today has been an… interesting day. But mostly fun. I started really early by having training with my job, but I wound up being so carsick that I had to get off. I was left at 5am at an empty farm, but gladly my mum came very quickly to pick me up.

The day proceeded pretty good though. At first, me and the ladies had dinner at a pizza room where we finally got to bond a little bit more than we do in the rehearsalroom. After that, we headed over to Nöjesfabriken for some bowling… and that was interesting. After only like 10 minutes we had to evacuate the place because of a suspected fire, but gladly, it wasn’t anything serious. After that, we were let in again and we could go on with playing.


I managed to get a strike the first thing I did, but after that I started to fail. Anna appeared to be a queen when it comes to bowling, while Michelle seemed to be… well extremely bad at it, so eventually, it became a neck in neck fight between me and Linn… and eventually Linn conquered.

It was nice to do this, to bond a bit more. Will probably make rehearsals a lot easier. It was a great night, but now.. I’m seriously drenched as far as energy goes. I guess it’ll be an early night, for once.

But hey! HammerFall on Saturday is good.

// Sara

Highway To Hell

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See, there is one thing I really, really, hate with using a shared rehearsalroom with shared equipment. And that is the little, small detail that whenever you arrive, you have no idea whatsoever how things will look. Like when I came today, and there was total chaos. Wires and microphones everywhere, and don’t even get me started on what the drumset looked like… let’s just say it took me about 30 minutes to rearrange everything, and it still didn’t become as good as I wanted it.

Anyway. I must say that today was a pretty good session. We got through the song as usual this time, and we decided to start practicing on a new one. And just by looking at it for a few times, I already managed to pick up on it so quickly that Michelle and I could get through the first verse and chorus without any problems.

I love when things move smoothly.

// Sara

Live Wire

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So, let’s take the third and last part in my Mötley Crüe memorylane series.

The next time I’d see Mötley Crüe was at Sweden Rock in 2012. It was dreadful in many ways. First of all, this was the same day that I had for the first time ever seen Slaughter live in concert, probably one of the biggest days in my life, to tell the truth. But I was also ill. Very so ill. So I spent the show in the far back, watching Mötley Crüe as small dots in the distance while eating pop-corn wrapped in a blanket together with Michelle. Despite this, it was very good to see the boys again.

2015, June, Sweden Rock. This would be the crimescene once again to see the boys on what was supposed to be their fare well tour. It was really weird, I remember, standing there and knowing that this was going to be the last time I’d ever see them live. The show was perhaps not the best I had ever seen of them, but it was still worth it. And then, then Vince Neil said those few little words: “See you later, Sweden”. And it was revealed they’d come back.

And then enters… well, this monday. When we stood there. In the venue, me, Michelle and Robert. After Alice Coopers show, waiting for Mötley Crüe to start. When the intro started for the last time… when the songs were played through for the last time… It was better. It was better than Mötley Crüe has ever been the last few times, and it was fun. And emotional. “Home Sweet Home” at the end was probably the best but also the worst moment of the entire concert. And before you even knew it, it was over. Gone. Forever.

But this time, I was one of the women in the back, dancing, just like the ones in 2007.

It’s still hard to grasp, that it’s the last time. Last time I ever see these four individuals on stage together. It’s hard to comprehend, but I guess time will heal…

// Sara

Too Fast For Love

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I’m going to continue this walk down the memory-lane of Mötley Crüe. I already talked a bit about the show in 2007, being my start, and now I’ll continue.

The second time I ever saw Mötley live was in 2009 at Peace&Love festival. I queued in the sun for 12 hours that day I remember, and wearing a crossback top, I had the weirdest tan for the rest of the year. Because of my high pigmented skin, I tan very easily and it disappears very slowly. On P&L I was actually fairly close to the stage, for a change.

2010… Oh god. I barely even want to talk about this show. It was Sonisphere. They played after Alice Cooper. Throughout the entire day of Sonisphere, which is a one day festival, it rained. Rained and rained, I have pictures from Alice Cooper where you can see all the puddles. After Alice Cooper, I took off my boots and emptied them on water. I went over to see Mötley Crüe, and then I left the arena with more mud on me than clothes.

In 2011, Mötley Crüe announced their British tour with Def Lepard and Steel Panther, and of course, we were there. Sofia and I took the plane and attended the classic Wembley Arena to witness these three bands. We had seats way in the back, but in all honesty… We kind of decided a bit off. At first we thought no, but then we figured why not? And rather seats than no show. It was an amazing show by all three bands, and I’m so glad we went.

To be continued

// Sara

Smokin’ In The Boys Room

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It has finally started to dawn on me. To dawn on me, that this was really the last time I ever saw Mötley Crüe.

Mötley Crüe is together with Alice Cooper the first few of the bands I ever came into as far as hairmetal goes. I remember when I bought my frist Mötley album – classically, it was a best of album of course. What got me, was when I saw Tommy Lee wearing pink and blue stripes, which reminded me of Stala & SO., and therefore I figured I’d give it a go.

This was at a timeperiod when my computer imported music backwards, or more, they listed all the songs backwards. So the first I ever wound up hearing with Mötley Crüe was “Same Ol’ Situation”. I fell in love instantly, and it remains my favorite song even to this day. This was in October 2006, so technically, they made it before KISS, which I more commonly refer to as my start of my hairmetal era.

In 2007, it was announced Mötley Crüe was coming to Sweden, and we got tickets directly. Ticket wizard as I was already back then, standing tickets it was. When going to the concert, we actually stood at the front row of the second barrier, but once Mötley actually started (Papa Roach was supportband) the pressure was a little bit too much for me at the time, so I snapped some pictures and got out more to the center of the venue.


But my strongest memory, in 2007, is that I saw two women being a bit behind us in the non-crowded area dancing around to all the songs.

That’s why it’s so extremely special that I now, in 2015, am one of those women in the non-crowded area, dancing around with two of my best friends.

And that, is what I call a very special moment in music.

// Sara