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Metalfest Open Air 2019 – Day 1: Friday, Part 2

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Here we go! I realized it was getting very very long, so here comes the second part of day one of Metalfest!


HammerFall. Old time heroes, a band I’ve loved for about 12 years now. While I’ll admit that the feelings go up and down, and that at this point I look at them more as a fond something, I still owe a lot to them. They were, give or take, my first metalband and that is not something you simply just take away, am I right?

So I was excited to sit here. And to finally see them again. Again, as with Kissin’ Dynamite, it isn’t that long since I actually saw them, but nonetheless.

Surprisingly, they opened the set with “Legion”. This is the first time I’ve heard it live in a very, very long time and it took me a bit by surprise. It was quickly followed up with “Hammer High”  The place was crowded, and it was an amazing crowd. The band start out energetically, and the crowd was with them from the start.

“Renegade” was next song on the list, oldie but Goldie I guess we can say, and then it was time for yet another – “Bloodbound”. This was quickly followed by my personal favorite – “Any Means Necessary”. It has been ten years since this album came out, and still I hold this song as my absolute favorite.

After this, it was time for the new single from the upcoming album, “(We Make) Sweden Rock” to premiere. I find it personally it a bit odd they’re premiering it here in Czech Republix when they play in Sweden just a week from now, but oh well I guess? I’m not a massive fan of the song, but it was well recieved by the audience!

“Hero’s Return” was next on the list, one other of those for me little unexpected songs to be honest, but it’s good to hear some new stuff, you know? “Riders of the Storm” was next on the list, another well executed song. I mean, these people are pros so what did I expect anyway?

“Hector’s Hymn” followed suit, and then they apparently had a live premiere of “The Sacred Vow”. It felt odd hearing this would be the first time ever played, and I want to call bullshit, but I can’t find any traces of it being played before, strangely enough, seeing this is the single. I stand corrected, I guess. Good hearing it live though!

“Last Man Standing” and “Let The Hammer Fall” wrapped up the set for now, and the band left the stage.

The intro of “Templars of Steel” started shallowly, and then more strongly, appear across the festival field, and the band returned to rip off this classic of a song. It really is, and have become more so, emotional to hear this song. I guess it comes down to what a song represented at a period in ones life, no?

“The Dragon Lies Bleeding” was next, and I’m so happy that this has come to be more of a permanent song in their list these days. Lastly, they wrapped it all up with “Hearts on Fire” before leaving the stage for Powerwolf to conquer.


As clockwork, and also by fucking luck, Szilvi and Marci had left for the bathroom right after HammerFall and made it back JUST as the intro for Powerwolf started echoing. “Lupus Daemonis” was throwing and eerie feeling over the now dark and moist (it was raining) festival grounds, and as “Fire and Forgive” started, the frontdrop dropped, pyros set off, and the show was a fact.

An epic, powerful start was later followed up with “Army of the Night”. The venue, the poor little amphitheater, was full beyond capacity (if you ask me) at this point, and gave Powerwolf the most amazing reception.

Attila went across the stage, swining his incense and talking about what you need to beat down your opponnents. And anyone who has ever seen Powerwolf before knows damn well what this is – “Incense and Iron”. This one is such a crowdstarter, and the performance was yet again polished, and well executed.

Funnily enough, we noticed that Attila stumbled on the lyrics every now and then. And when “Amen and Attack” was coming, and he asked if we knew the lyrics of Powerwolf, Szi and I just looked at each other and said “Yes, because you don’t!” but, off we went with the song. Perfect, as usual.

The temp was taken down a notch as “Let There Be Night” was next song on the list. This song is seriously, one of the most perfect songs, to be performed at night time like this. The organ, the chants, it’s just. I’m sure I’ve fangirled enough over it before, but seriously.

“Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend” was next on the list, which caused a MASSIVE sing along, and then onto my personal favorite. My absolute personal favorite of “The Sacrament of Sin”, “Killers with the Crocs”. Seriously, I cannot get over how good this song is, and I can’t get over hearing it live.

Another singalong and audience favorite, “Armata Strigoi” was next on the list and continuing down the stroll of the preceeder of “The Sacrament of Sin” with “Blessed and Possessed”.

The stage got mellow and calmed down again, down to a piano, Falk and Attila only pulling through “Where the Wild Wolves have Gone”. Beautiful, serene and sweet. I will admit I’ve never been a too big fan of the song personally, but made like this? Beautiful.

From that, to the next, as “Resurrection by Erection” is next song on the list, followed by “Stossgebet”.

After this, they left the stage… And crew came out to light the stage on fire, the lights turned to red as “Agnus Dei” starts echoing over the eerie festival area, and “Sanctified with Dynamite” set off the encores for this time. Or as always, as you please I guess.

“Coleus Sanctus” was next song to be put out, before Falk and Attila had their usual battle with “Werewolves of Armenia”.

As one last thing, Attila asks us what we need, and what we drink, and for one last time, the bells chime, the “Kyrie Eleison” chants echo out and with that, the Holy Heavy Metal Mass came to an end.

And after this, we made our way back to the camp in the cold, dark and misty night… Getting ready for tomorrows adventures.

// Sara

HammerFall @ Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary 24/10 – 18

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So, third show down the road. The day started off as a real lazy day, actually. I slept until like 13 or something, but oh boy did I need it, after all. Tour is always a hassle, and it’s rarely you get time to you know, REST. Considering we had the show tonight, at this point I felt it was barely any point to get out and do anything, so instead, I focused on working and resting, and when time got closer, getting ready for the show.

Once the clock hit around 17, Szilvi came home, got ready real quick before we headed out to meet up with Marci, her boyfriend, and head off to a really nice burgerplace for some dinner.

After that, we headed off to the venue. We got started late, and that combined with me eating real slowly, we missed out on the first band, but made it well in time for HammerFall at least.

We met up with their other friends once there, and after some time, HammerFall finally started playing.


They started off, as per usual, and very energetically with “Hectors Hymn”, and the success was a fact. “Riders of the Storm” was next on the list – and at this time it was quite obvious it was about to be the exact same set as it has been all throughout Built To Tour – which is okay, not a bad set.

“Renegade” was next on the list, and this song is always a killer live. I miss the way they used to play it like, 11 years ago? Yeah I know, old habits die hard but what can I say? It is still killer as hell!

“Dethrone and Defy” from the most recent album followed suit, and you know, sometimes you forget how big HammerFall actually is. It’s been some time since I saw a band where they were chanting the lyrics at all times.

“Bloodbound” was next on the list – have I ever told you guys how much I love this particular song? Right after this, my personal all time favorite of HammerFall, “Any Means Necessary” came. Oh, they never quite reached the level of this album again, did they?

Joacim started talking about growing up, buying his first album and all of that, and we all knew what was about to come – “B.Y.H”. Things are getting so predictable, aren’t they?

This was quickly followed by the heavy monster “Crimson Thunder” – words cannot describe how much I truly love this one. “Threshold” was next, followed by “Built to Last” and “Last Man Standing” before it was time for the little guitarsolo that wound up in a “Legacy of Kings” medley, ending it with the full version of “Heeding The Call”.

They wrapped up the show with “Let The HammerFall”, before leaving the stage. Once returned, they started off with “Hammer High”, later telling us the tale of “Bushido” before setting our “Hearts on Fire”.

The band thanked for the evening, and left the stage.

We stuck around the venue for a while talking and having fun before we finally made it home. It was a nice evening with HammerFall, and I look forward seeing them more on the festivals next year.

// Sara



HammerFall – Built To Last

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After all these years, HammerFall’s still going strong. “Built To Last” marks no less than the tenth studioalbum from the Swedish Heavy Metal crusaders from Gothenburg. As the, now, longtime HammerFall fan that I am, I was as usual looking forward to see what they could come up with this time. Ever since “No Sacrifice, No Victory” I have somewhat felt it going a bit downwards – “Infected” being a basic disaster, and “(r)Evolution” starting to pick up the pieces of a shattered era. So, will “Built To Last”, well, last?

To be honest… The album is a bit so-so. It’s still not really reaching the heights that I would want it to do. It starts off with a pretty bland song, for being HammerFall. After having albums open with songs as “Any Means Necessary” and even the more recent “Hector’s Hymn”, “Bring It!” feels very bland. It’s not exactly the punch in the face, or even the premonitions about an epic adventure that you’ve gotten used to over the years.

Right after the bland opener, it picks up the pace – and it’s essentially like all the interesting and good songs managed to find themselves chunked together in the beginning here – powerful anthem “Hammer High”, the “here I am, here I stand” in “The Sacred Wov”, the heavy, fast and anthem like “Dehtrone and Defy” as well as the beautiful, interesting and fairytale like “Twilight Princess”.

After this chunk though, the album loses its magic again and goes back to being a bit of a transport, and a bit bland. The songs melt together, no one really stands out and I find myself sitting there like “Ok.”, probably because I know they can do, and have done, better than this. But I guess it’s a good thing, on the one side, as it leads up to a very mysterious and interesting last song – that opens up with a keyboard solo, and evolves into a melancholic, yet at times aggressive dystopia kind of song. Very interesting and good end to an album that was otherwise a bit bland.

So, how do I conclude all of these shattered thoughts – while there’s a block of good songs in the beginning stretching to the middle, it’s still overall a bit bland, BUT, IT IS a step forward from “(r)Evolution”, so at least it’s going in the right direction after the painful “Infected”. So, well done in that perspective, and, still a little bit to go to get back to the REALLY good days.


CDON I Amazon I Ginza

// Sara

The Sacred Vow & Hug You Hardcore

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What an interesting day it has been. So, Lordi did finally release their new music video for “Hug You Hardcore”… and well…

First and foremost – I’ll give you the censored version. I’m not at all a fan of the uncensored version… which makes me not so much a fan of the video at all in all honesty. I mean… I like the parts where you see the band play. But aside that… it’s too much for me. It’s like, it doesn’t make sense anymore. Who here remembers music videos like “Blood Red Sandman”, “It Snows in Hell” or even “Would You Love  a Monsterman?” – both versions of it? It just… it’s like… they are just trying to shock in a way that it just becomes tasteless and boring. Sounds horrible to say, but it’s the truth.

However, the song on the other hand I love! I love the riff and the groove, I feel this will be one of those songs you go really crazy to on the shows!

And then, yesterday, HammerFall released a lyric video of the first single of their upcoming album, “Built To Last”, “The Sacred Vow”

I’ll give you this link to Decibel Magazine, since they are the one who has the “right” to publish the song.

It’s a very typical HammerFall song – much in the veins of “Templars of Steel”, lyricwise, about them defending the sacred vow that is the heavy metal lifestyle. The lyrics seem to made up of a lot of old HammerFall lyrics or songtitles, which just adds up even more to what I already said – it’s basically a homage to their own vow to defend heavy metal, to show the way like they did way back in 1998.

Musicwise, it’s also that very HammerFall – big choruses, heavy riffs and even some speed thrown in the mix. Very, very HammerFall’ish.

This song makes me really excited for the new album, I honestly can’t wait! Sadly, I have to wait A LONG TIME, since I won’t even be home when this precious little album will be delivered to my doorstep. Luxuary problems, huh?

Maximalism: Built to Last

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So! Today has been a bit of an eventful day since not one, but TWO of my favorite bands has unveiled the artwork and tracklist for their upcoming albums!

First up, I’ll start with HammerFall‘s new album “Built To Last“, set to be released on November 4th.


So here it is guys! Makes me think of “Glory to the Brave”, colorwise, and it’s different to see Hector in such a positing! I’m not going to say too much since I can honestly say I don’t remember every single cover in my head, but he usually just stands there. The tracklisting, however, is as follows:

1. Bring It!
2. Hammer High
3. The Sacred Vow
4. Dethrone And Defy
5. Twilight Princess
6. Stormbreaker
7. Built To Last
8. The Star Of Home
9. New Breed
10. Second To None

Well, the names sounds very typical HammerFall ish, so I’m really just excited about this coming! I must admit, the cover itself didn’t really stirr up a lot of emotions more than that I had completely forgotten they were actually coming out with new material, but yeah, I’m excited!

Secondly, and what actually got me REALLY going is this:
Amaranthe‘s upcoming album “MAXIMALISM” which is set to be released on October 21st.


And ohhh damn. Baby. Like, damn, the artwork is so simple (Although I’m IN LOVE with the all seeing eye, the people who understand will understand) but I just… I love it.

I think it might be the color rather than the artwork itself, but when I see this, just by looking at it, I feel a burning passion and fire inside, and I just want the album RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW so I can listen to it – preferably in a living room with dim lights on a major soundsystem together with Sophie. Damn! How can one get so excited by a cover?

Moving on to the tracklist:
01. Maximize
02. Boomerang
03. That Song
04. 21
05. On The Rocks
06. Limitless
07. Fury
08. Faster
09. Break Down And Cry
10. Supersonic
11. Fireball
12. Endlessly

On one side, it feels very Amaranthe-ish with very simple names but there are a few standouts – “That Song” and also “21”. The first one seems like a super-odd title, almost something I’d expect Lordi to put out. It’s easy to judge it just on it’s name, but it feels sooo out of place. And “21” just seem very interesting because of the number… Intriguing.

There’s a slight chance my excitement for HammerFall was beaten a bit by Amaranthe’s powerful cover, but honestly – this fall is filled with so many releases, starting now in August with Delain and Sabaton, September holding Epica, Lordi and Serious Black then Amaranthe, Sister, HammerFall… it’s a babyboom of albums! So much new. So much.

But it’ll sure as hell be a musicfilled one, and I guess that’s the perk.

// Sara

HammerFall @ Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 28/11 – 15

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So, it was time for us to get going towards Gothenburg and what looks like to possibly be the last gig of this year.  For once, we actually got going at a good time – I guess I’m a bit of a time-optimist, and have the tendency to get going way too late, but for once, we got going early. However, that only lasted so long when first of all a GPS showed us the wrong way to a candy store, and then getting through one of the slowest Subway services to date. Seriously, I understand that you need to refill things sometimes, but if you are about four people, can’t another person go for you if you have a LONG line of customers? Oh well.

Well, despite these mishaps, we were still on time pretty well. A few pitstops later we were finally on a straight way to Gothenburg… until Michelle missed the turn. And we found ourselves driving in circles before finding out where to go. Once we hit the parkinglot, it was basically a streetrace to Scandinavium where we were put in the queue, and after a few if’s and but’s we finally made our way into the arena, where we ran around like chickens with a headache before finding our way into the arena and the floor, which we entered to the tunes of “Braveheart”.


Yes, third song in the list. That’s what you get when you a) miss the turn and b) are put into a long, long line. But you know, at least we didn’t miss the whole show. Funny thing; when standing there watching the band, I notice that Rikard is waving to me. I was unsure at first if he was really waving to me, but I waved back. Then I looked around, and noticed there were barely any other person around me. Huh. Who would have thought he’d remember me?

Anyway. “Gods And Generals” were next on the setlist, followed by “Bay of Pigs”. The band was really energetic, the crowd… well, it wasn’t too bad. The only thing I sort of noticed is how little people there were. I mean, this is Scandinavium we are talking about, it’s a pretty big venue actually. And despite being ten minutes LATE, we still made it basically front row. So yeah, that surprised me a lot. But, the people who were there gave them a warm reception.

“I Will Rule the Universe” and “Rome is Falling” were the last two songs before it was time for Civil War to leave the stage. Seriously though, this was a great set, and a great way to start this evening.

Hammerfall 013

After they left the stage, the wait for Edguy began. Which wasn’t rather long – gladly, the passtimes were pretty short. Hallelujah!


Right on time they began, and opened the whole show with “Love Tyger”. And now, my friends, the venue was getting rather filled, actually. At least where we stood. And the reception from the crowd was MASSIVE. Already before going to the show, despite not being into Edguy, I was unsure about them opening for HammerFall, getting slight Monster of Mora flashbacks.

The band was really on. They delievered a good set – seven songs long, 50 minutes and a lot of energy. Seriously, these are the kind of bands who you just love to see. Just look at me – I’m not into them, or more, I didn’t know a lot about them, and even I enjoyed it. I love the sassiness the singer had, by the way, when he scolded us for not sounding excited enough. Haha. I love sass.

There was one thing that frightened the hell out of me though. And that was the gigantic austronaut that they blew up right next to the drums. Seeing it getting bigger and bigger and filled with air was fucking traumatizing, I shit you not. While I found it scary as hell, I also found myself not being able to take my eyes off it. The human contradiction, huh?


They left the stage, and here’s where my Monsters of Mora vibes showed to be true. You see, in 2007, HammerFall had this anniversary show or whatever, Steel Meets Steel 10 years of Glory or something like that, and they had three openers: Tryckvåg, Sator, Sabaton.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sweden’s geography, I’ll put it to you this way: Mora lies in Dalarna, which is also the home county of Falun, which is the homecity of Sabaton. To make a long story short; despite this being before Sabaton’s big fame, half of the venue left after Sabaton. Despite it being HammerFall’s headline show. Oh dear.

And the same thing happened here. It got nearly empty after Edguy, most people obviously going to buy drinks. Michelle got us popcorn since we were getting really hungry, and then we manically ate the popcorn until the lights went out and HammerFall began their show with “Hector’s Hymn”.


So, some people obviously came back, but not as many as when Edguy played, sadly. Not that it matters. The audience reception were INSANE, and of course, why wouldn’t it be? This was strongly followed up by one of my personal favorites – “Any Means Necessary”. It’s been what, like six years? Since it came out, and I’m still in love with the song, and the whole album for that matter. “Renegade” was next on the list, followed by “Bang Your Head”.

I must admit, setlist wise, it wasn’t a lot of surprises. As a matter of fact, there were no surprises. I guess I’m the one to blame a bit, who expected something else than the average World Wide (r)Evolution tour setlist. However, what I WILL give the band, is that they were ON FIRE. So energetic, so going for it!

However, there was one slight surprise. It was time for Oscar’s, David’s, Pontus’ and Fredrik’s solo, so I stopped my headbanging for a moment to catch something to drink when Joacim yells out:


I shit you now when I say I fucking dropped that juicebox and almost choked on the juice by the mere sight of my homeboy Stefan. I mean… It’s hard. I’m used to see him – since he was a part earlier this year, but it was so weird to see him on stage with the whole band. Not as a substitute, just as a secret guest. You know, I loved the gig so far, but this were the point where my face cracked up in a smile.


He, and the rest of the boys played through the “400 Meter Medley” before he left the stage and the show went back to normal, continuing on with “Threshold”.

“Last Man Standing”, “Glory to the Brave”, “We Won’t Back Down” and “HammerFall” where the last songs to be played before the band left the stage.

Of course, as the audience cheered for them, they returned and continued on and started with “Templars of Steel”.

And it’s here, things get funny again. See, I’m standing there, minding my own business when I feel someone getting close to me. As the bitch I am, I narrow my eyes for a second only to realize it was Rikard! And then my narrow eyes turned to shocked and happy eyes and we hugged and chatted a bit, whenever the show was silent. He stayed with us, I might add.


They continued on with “Bushido” before wrapping up with “Hearts on Fire”.

And with that, they left the stage for good this time.

Sincerely, HammerFall, Thank you so much for this show. Even though it was “the same” it was still great. It still gave me a slayer-neck. Thank you so much.

After this, we started talking a bit more with Rikard, where he also invited us to the afterparty.

But that, my friends, is another story that I’ll tell some other day.

// Sara

Sweden Rock Festival 2015: Thursday

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So, because of various mishaps like with my knee, I got to bed extremely late. Around 6-7 in the morning. For all of you partypeople, this may not seem late, but to me it is, since I had been up since 7 the day before. But some things, like cleaning an open wound full of stones and filth, is something you have to do. Which is bad for me, because I cannot deal with my own blood. I can fix other people easily, but get dizzy and nauseous by my own blood and wounds.

My plan was to catch Delain in the morning, but had to give it up because of the knee. I need a certain amount of sleep to function, or more, to function without having my brain whining about too little sleep. I can’t enjoy things properly if I’m tired, you see.

So, I stayed in the tent a bit longer and once I was up and running, or well, not running, no running on this little leg, I first hit the pharmacy store for proper sterile compresses and proper cleaning fluids and bigger bandaids, and I was back in the tent to keep clean and disinfect the wound, and in all honesty, aside Delain my first band for the day was Toto at 19, so I had plenty of time.

When all was done with the wound I hit the streets and dashed immediatley for the festivalarea. Not because I was late, not because I had a band I wanted to see… but because I had to get to the one place I’ve been waiting the entire YEAR to visit….

Hot Shot Records.

I can honestly say that is my number one favorite record store in the entire world. I could fucking pay to go to SRF only to visit that store, I shit you not.  So finally, after a year of waiting, I was in the little piece of heaven on Earth. The biggest mistake on my part though, was that I had forgotten the long list of rare bands and CD’s I was looking for, but it didn’t matter. In my desperate tries to find and Delain CD’s I stumbled upon a very familiar name.


My heart started to beat a little faster. The album I had found was NOT “Anima Mundi” which was the album that was on my list, but I picked it out anyway. I kept on looking through the Dionysus albums, but “Anima Mundi” was nowhere to be found. Damn. Well, Dionysus is good anyway so I might as well take their other albums.

Then I noticed, that “Fairytales and Reality” was a little bigger, I figured it was some limited super duper deluxe including a DVD version, and you know, why not? Why not get the best? But then I noticed it wasn’t a super deluxe edition, it was actually just a bundle of two Dionysus albums. And when I turned it over about 90° to check what the other CD was…. my heart practically stopped, and my eyes teared up.

“Fairytales and Reality” was bundled with no other album than my long lost friend, “Anima Mundi”.

I am not, under any circumstances exaggerating when I say I literally teared up when I finally found the album I’ve been looking for for so long, that I’ve longed so much to have. Oh god. The relief. Seriously, I can’t even properly explain the relief.

When most of the shock had laid down, I looked through some other sections and stumbled upon a few Nostradameus albums, which I remembered I was looking for. Same here as with Dionysus, I first found and album I was not looking for, but hey, I like the band so who cares? Gladly, I managed to find “Words of Nostradameus” as well after a bit of looking. So. Three Dionysus albums and two Nostradameus albums later I left Hot Shots for the first time this year in favor of getting something to eat before Toto. And I took the opportunity to catch the last few songs of Slash while eating, nice company.


I went down to the parkinglot (and did not get lost this time!) to drop off my newely bought CDs and made it back LITERALLY on the SECOND that Toto’s intro started. Talking about making it just in time, huh? I got pretty good spots on the side of the stage, so I’m more pleased than ever.

They opened the show with “Running out of Time” and was well recieved by the audience. The continued on with “I’ll supply the Love” and the show was on.

Since these entries will cover an entire day of concerts, I’ll keep all the reviews pretty short. But what I can say is that the set was close to perfect. And it’s not really all about the band on stage, but also the atmosphere. You can say what you want about pits with headbanging and jumping around and stuff like that, but nothing beats the calmness and the epicness of witnessing a band like this, in the sunset. I’m talking about “Africa” in the freaking sunset. By that time, the knee and the broken fridge was all forgotten and it was all worth it.

That’s the effect music should have on you. Thank you Toto, for the most epic first gig of the festival.



Right after Toto, I headed over the Rock Stage which is opposite side of Festival to catch up with the templars in HammerFall. I had spots pretty far in the back, but that’s what you get. I’ve come to notice I’m ALWAYS in the back when it comes to festivals. Why is that.

Anyway, they started off on time with “Hector’s Hymn” and continued down the same setlist, more or less, they had had throughout World Wide (r)Evolution tour, to my dismay if I may add. It’s really the same old story – same songs over and over, just changed the opener to “Hectors Hymn” and replaced “One More Time” with “Bushido”. Aside that, all the same old goodies are there – “Bloodbound”, “Any Means Necessary” (I do love this one though) and so on. But what can you expect from a festival gig?

But aside this, they were really good. Good energy on stage, despite having the sun straight in their eyes.



So, from Rockstage, back to Festival stage. When it was time for Def Lepard to hit the stage, the darkness had started to lay its cover over the festival, which was absolutely perfect considering their massive light show. They opened the whole set with “Rock! Rock! (’til you drop)” and continued on with “Animal” and “Let it Go”. They were planned to have  a greatest hits set of the night, but I must admit… I was almost to mesmerized by the lightshow to think too much about the setlist.

It was like a big crossover between Katy Perry’s Prism tour and Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster Ball. The lights from Katy, and the stage set from Lady Gaga. Different road signs and various animation on big screens accompanied with well designed lights made this show a delight, not only musically but also visually.

Thanks you, Def Lepard!



After Lepard it was run time deluxe. Or no running, like I said, but fast walking over to Sweden Stage which on the other side is a bit further away from Festival stage. While passing Rock stage I asked myself if I shouldn’t see Ghost instead. They were about to start 15 minutes after Michael, so I figured I could see how I felt about it once Michael got on stage. I’ve seen Michael Monroe, and Hanoi Rocks for that matter, quite a few times, as recent as last year, but I’ve never seen Ghost. And since my platypus in crime wasn’t there, I figured I could perhaps go see them for her.

Sadly, for Ghost, once Michael Monroe hit the stage I kinda forgot all about it. Michael… he has this certain kind of energy that is just so contagious it almost makes you wonder what he’s on, and I assume he’s like me, high on life.

The set was as good as a Michael Monroe show always is. High energy, good tunes, well played and all that. And of course yes, the mister was climbing high in the stagebuildnings this time as well. He really did this already in the Hanoi Rocks days.


But. I can’t deny, that I kept looking over my shoulder to see the distant lights of Ghost. And still pondering. Should I stay or should I go? My love for Michael kept me there for quite the time, but as it got closer and closer to the end, I dashed in the middle of the last song in favour of catching Ghosts last song, to at least snap some pictures of Papa Emeritus III, which I had planned to have printed for my platypus.


I made it pretty much in time for “Monstrance Clock” to begin, and I realized I knew the lyrics. And why did I know the lyrics? Because this is the same song Lordi kept playing when setting up their stage during Tour Force One. Who would have thought! It was a good ending, thanks for that Ghouls and Papa.


With all of this being said, I hit the tent and hit the bed immediatley. Never before have I had to stay up this long at Sweden Rock. What just happened.

// Sara

Our leader’s heart is made of gold

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So, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that just mere two days ago, I was in Frankfurt, Germany enjoying six amazing live shows. Serious Black, Orden Ogan, HammerFall, SinHeresY, Palace and Lordi.

And not only that. But this could possibly the best trip that I have ever done. That I have ever been on. Together with my two best, and most pathetic I might add, friends, going to the scared land of Metal (yes, Germany is because you guys get all the concerts!) to catch some of the best bands in the entire world live.

I still can’t comprehend what happened during HammerFall – how Stefan literally locked eyes with me, stuck with me for the majority of the gig and made sure I got a pick after the show. Like, since when did this happen? Or Serious Black, where do I even begin with these amazing people? Down to earth friendly kind of people. People are seriously missing out on something fantastic.

And then we have the monstars. The best band in this world, that award will always go to Lordi. I don’t want to know how much money I have spent on this band, but I sure as hell know that it’s worth it. It’s worth it, for everytime we’re there and raising our Swedish flag with pride, most certainly during “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and “Would You Love A Monsterman” because yes, we would love a monster. Or would, we do.

Some people don’t get it. Why we do it. Who the hell travels to Frankfurt, to catch the opening act of a show? Who travels to Frankfurt to see some stupid Eurovision band? Well. I can only say one thing.

Passion. It’s the passion for music, the love for music that drives us. The long days outside the venues, despite the minus degrees. It’s the moments when a bunch of Lordi fans stands together in a pile to keep warm, it’s the moment when you sit outside the doors at Neue Stadthalle and people ask you if you are really there all the way from Sweden.

It’s about the adrenaline rush that hits you when the doors open and it’s a game of life and death to hit the first row. It’s about the moment when Mana hits the drums after the keyboard to set off “Blood Red Sandman”. It’s the moments when you are all there singing “Ooooh Ooooh Ohhh HAMMERFALL!”. When you come home and see that the amazing people you met want to stay in touch with you.

And you know everything was worth it, when you get home and find these kind of messages waiting for you.


Our leader’s heart is made of gold. It sure as hell is.

I can’t wait to get on the road again. I seriously can’t.

// Sara

Seroius Black, Orden Ogan, HammerFall @ Stadthalle, Langen, Germany 4/2 2015

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Alright people! Yesterday was the D-Day, and it was fucking amazing I’m telling you! So, once we hit the hotel we started to get ourselves ready for the gig, mentally and physically. After an hour or so (we actually had to go pick up some candy at a store, hello!) we were ready to hit the road. We had planned to be by the venue by 16-17, so yeah, hurry hurry!


Since we didn’t manage to get on the train we planned, we had to take a later one and after running around a little bit in Langen we finally found Stadthalle. And you know, remember what I wrote about Amaranthe when we got to queue INSIDE with a private bar and everything? Like, sure, we didn’t have a private bar, BUT we did get to queue inside! And that was more than enough for us. The queueing system was a little fucked up, but yeah. It’s inside, what more can we ask for. We even spotted a REALLY cute guy, and that doesn’t even happen that often.

But aside that, it was fun as hell. Being with the girls on the road again just makes you SO FUCKING happy. Of course – most of the people around must have thought we were insane given that we were pretty rude to one another, but you know. This is how we roll, so if you ever see us at a gig and catch us almost starting to beat the crap out of each other, that’s good. If we sit in silent, that’s bad. VERY bad.


They opened the doors around seven, and after a few ifs and buts we managed to get to the front row and Paula and Michelle held my place as I dashed to the merchtable to pick up some Serious Black merchandise. Tank top as planned, as well as a patch! Bingo! Ran back to the crowd, which wasn’t even a crowd and eagerly waited for Serious Black.


At around eight sharp, Serious Black entered the stage and opened the show with “Temple of Sun”. To my surprise, we seemed to be the only fans upfront for this band. And what disappointed me SO MUCH is that everyone else, but us, stood completely still. You remember how said in my Amaranthe review that there really is a certain place in hell for people who aim for the front row and doesn’t do shit? Well, they are gonna get some new people down there!

The band however, was really energetic despite bad lame as fuck. They continued on with “Setting Fire to the Earth” before ripping off “High And Low”. Gladly, some people seem to awaken a LITTLE when “H&L” started, but I was still very surprised. I thought they had gained a LITTLE more popularity than this. Appears not.


Well, I’m gonna have to admit that I was again defeated by my camera this time around, so not a whole lot of good photos sadly. The show went on with “Older and Wiser”, “Sealing My Fate” and wrapping it all up with “I Seek No Other Life”.

This was was REAL good. I really enjoyed it, despite it being very short, but then again, how long can you go with only one album? I was well pleased, and to top it off even better Mario flipped his pick at me! Woho!

Urban said on stage that the band would be by the merchstand so naturally, me and Michelle dashed! The first person we came across was Mario, and this is insane. He asked us what brought us here, all the way from Sweden, and I told him that I was really only at the HammerFall show because of them, and do you know what happened.

Do you fucking know what happened.

He got down on his knees.

And kissed my shoes.

LIKE. WHAT. That’s what I could have done with him. I didn’t even know what the hell to do, I was just standing there like oh my fucking god.

We worked our way around the band, and since Orden Ogan just started, we didn’t manage to Urban THIS while, so we dashed back to front row (how the hell was that even possible?) and rocked it out to Orden Ogan.

The only album I ever heard really and thoroughly with Orden Ogan is “Ravenhead”, so obviously I wasn’t very familiar with them aside the “Ravenhead” songs. BUT – they were REALLY good on stage, REALLY good live. I enjoyed it far more than I usually enjoy bands I’m not too much into.


After Orden Ogan was done, we dashed back to the merchtable and caught up with Serious Black again, and this once around, we actually got to Urban thanks to Jan. I’m quite shy as you know and I don’t like interrupting other fans, but eventually we got there. At first he asked me, in Swedish, if we should exchange necklaces, but being half deaf as I am, apparently, I had to ask him three times what he said haha. But all was well – and we got to meet&greet him before running back with a LITTLE better time plan to HammerFall than we did for Orden.


Like, this is something that intrigues me though. How the hell is it possible for us to continually running in and out between the shows, and still make it to the front row? The people didn’t cheer much more for Orden, I might add. I was so surprised, I thought “Well, this is gonna suck” but on the same time I felt like, have we gone this far, and managed to get to the front row, then we sure as hell are going to stand in the front row too.

Pretty much right on time they entered the stage and opened with “Hectors Hymn”. FINALLY – the audience awoke a little, not a lot, but a little. They followed the epic opening up with “Any Means Necessary”. I fucking love this song, do you even know? Like, “No Sacrifice, No Victory” is really my FAVORITE album with HammerFall, and particularly this song is SO FUCKING GOOD it ain’t even funny.

“Renegade” was next song to go, and I’m just. This is like the perfect setlist. Why are the bands treating me so good these days?


“B.Y.H” was the next song to go, unfortuneatley, the amount of people ACTUALLY banging their heads was close to zero. Like, I expected SHIT TO GO DOWN in Germany, but it appears not?!

After “BYH” it was time for the song Paula had been waiting for all night – “Bloodbound”. Seriously, why are they so good to us? All this amazing songs, we don’t even deserve it! The band was going hard at it too, giving us a damn good time.

“Heeding the Call” was next, and finally we see some fists in the air and some singalong. Damn. Took you long enough.

Something that caught my eye on this particular gig was Stefan. Not that he was there, because that I knew. But how happy he was. Like, he seemed to be so FUCKING HAPPY to be back with the crew. I don’t mean to say he was unhappy before, I know nothing about it, but on the same time, it was just… so good to see you know?


After “Heeding The Call” it was time for the big ole one – “Let The Hammer Fall”. And here’s the deal people. You know you’ve seen HammerFall live before if you can even talk with Jocke with all he says – “What do you say if I say Let The Hammer?”. I’m not sure how I should deal with that.

A new song was the next “Live Life Loud” before it was time for Stefan to get some spotlight. At first it started with Pontus doing his thing, and all of a sudden he let go of his guitar and it kept playing. Oscar made himself visible, so everyone was like “what?!”, ok, not really, most of us understood it was Stefan.

So he came out, and together with David, Oscar and Pontus on bassguitar they went over quite some HammerFall solos from many familiar songs. LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT.

Right after, the continued on with “Threshold”. “Threshold” hold a bit of a special place in my heart, as it was my first HammerFall album EVER, and my first HammerFall show ever was a the Threshold tour. So yeah, it was kinda mighty to hear it again.

“Last Man Standing” was next to be executed and they soon continued with “Glory To the Brave”. I fucking love it when they play this one live – it’s so mighty in a way, you know? Joacims voice doing all the work in the beginning and then it just.. it’s like “Amarathine”.

Another song off (r)Evolution was next – “We Won’t Back Down” before they wrapped the whole show up with “HammerFall” and left us wanting more.


They soon returned, of course, and started off with “Templars of Steel”, “Bushido” and then wrapping the whole show up with “Hearts on Fire” (what else). And here’s where the next weird thing happens.

Throughout the show, Stefan has continuely played by me. He’s looked at me, and he’s interacted with me. Almost ALL the time. Afterwards, he locked eyes with me and threw the pick my direction, but someone else took it. So at first, he went onwards to the other side, BUT. He returned, and again locked eyes with me, POINTED at me, and I pointed at myself and was like “me?” and he nodded, and threw the pick at a closer distance and this enabled me to catch it.

Like. This is kinda surreal for me. This has NEVER happened to me before, that bandmembers have LITERALLY locked eyes with and been like “YOU are gonna have it”. Jesus fucking Christ.

After HammerFall was done, we headed back to the merchtable, first in order to pick up “Ravenhead” and have it signed by Orden Ogan and then to catch up a little more with Serious Black before we were removed from the area.

Seriously, I cannot remember a single time where I’ve interacted so much with bands as I did this time. And I’m kind of proud of myself, as I’m usually so bad at this because of my shyness. So yeah, I’m proud and happy. Together with Paulas friend (who is a doll, who kept our spots when we chased after Serious Black) we went back to the trainstation, back to Frankfurt and back to our hotels with one of the most epic experiences in our hearts.


Now we just prepare ourselves for Lordi. Second night – COME AT US.

// Sara