Wow. Today has been quite the stressful day, if you ask me. Not that I’ve done a lot particularly, but it has become draining mentally. First of all, I’m still trying to get my orders on CDON through, and I have tried for about an hour now. And then Adlibris.

I guess Xmas-shopping on Black Friday IS a bad idea, after all.

Anyway. Today was also the day I finally picked up the tickets for HammerFall, which we are set to go to tomorrow. I’m not sure what tomorrow has to offer, except from a possibly new episode by Gravity Falls in the morning. Oh yeah, it feels good to have DisneyChannel back in the house. And despite me not being too fond off “O.W.C.A Files”, I must admit, the themesong is ridiculously catchy. It’s my new groove, if you like.

// Sara

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