Amen & Attack

Oh wow. For some reason, I have waaay too much faith in certain bands, like when we bought our tickets to Korpiklaani about a day or so before the show, and here I come and do it again. I have FINALLY bought the tickets for HammerFall. I seriously need to make some sort of fund where I can have savings only for concerttickets so I never again have to wait to buy the tickets. This is getting ridiculous.

What else can I update you on… not a lot really. Not a lot is happening. We’re still in the midst of planning Australia, and it’s going so-so. We’re almost there. Just need a few more bookings and we’ll be all set. We’re working hard on our projects and hopefully they’ll all show themselves some day.

And I’m about to go to bed before I start rambling even more.

// Sara

3 Responses to “Amen & Attack”

  1. I didn’t know you were a Powerwolf fan πŸ™‚ now I know. They’re awesome.

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