Phineas&Ferb: Last Day of Summer

This, my friends, is a day I’ve dreaded for a year or so now. And to make it even worse, I lost DisneyChannel and DisneyXD for quite some time, and I was certain I’d miss out on it. And I did miss out on the DC premiere, but not the DXD premiere.

So, as the title suggest, Last Day of Summer – it’s the last, very last episode ever of Phineas & Ferb. All good things comes to an end I guess, and even so Phineas&Ferb.

Crisps, dip, candy and Perry the Platypet accompanied me what would probably do it, for this very last episode.


So, since us non-native English countries, this comes a little later than in the US, so I rule it as fairly safe to write about it here. Phineas and Ferb and the gang decides to build the biggest and most amazing thing they did all summer – and of course, Candace tries to bust them but fails. Instead, she decides to return some DVD’s to Vanessa, leading her to Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Once here, she talks a bit with Heinz while Vanessa makes tea, leading up to Candace finding out he had a repeat-the-day-inator, which repeats the day. She activates this, with Doof also in the bubble, and the day keeps repeating itself.

However, playing the the time and space quantuum, there’s always going to be bad sides – occasionally, a rip in time and space appears, and anything that disappears, disappears in a way that no one remembers them. After a while, the whole gang is stuck in the other time-dimension, trying to get back. However – there’s a catch. As the days are repeated, they get shorter and shorter, and once they get out of the rip, they have mere seconds to fix everything. Candace throws a spoon and managed to save the entire Tri-State-Area. The whole show is wrapped up in a song about everything that has happened these past four seasons, and it was… quite emotional in a way.


So, what do I think about this episode? Well.. It’s good. And it was emotional. But I must still admit… There has been better. You can sort of tell they were running out a bit of ideas – I mean hell, “Mission Marvel” was a big hit if we are going to compare special episodes. Maybe it’ll grow on me, maybe it won’t…

But it feels weird. That it’s over and done. I’ve even started to notice it already – how little Phineas & Ferb airs on Disney Channel, and this is what I was afraid of. It going away completely. Gladly, DXD has marathons every day these days.. I hope I manage to catch “Act Your Age” at least.

Anyway. Swampy, Danny and crew – Thank you for these four seasons. Thank you for all the joy, for all the tears (yes) and for all the ideas. It might be a childrens show, but my creativity hits the rocket when I watch this. I noticed, when I stopped, that I got less creative. Once I started to watch it again, I’ve already made a lot of blue prints of inventions to use in the future.

Thank you, Phineas & Ferb – for everything.

// Sara


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