Love Tyger

So… I told you guys I’d tell you more about what happened after the show. We stayed around a bit to chat with Rikard, where he informed us about an afterparty, which we went to.

I’m not sure how much I wanna go into detail on what went down on this very, special event, but let me just tell you this – it was a small place, and it was a lot of fun. It all culminated in me playing peek-a-boo with Joacim Cans at the bathroom stalls, mostly because I could. It was a great night meeting some of Sweden’s metal elite and spending time with new and old friends. I managed to meet up with Chris again after all these years. I’m not sure anymore how many years it was since I last saw him, but it was good to see him again. So, basically, a great night.

After that.. the hellride home began. I shit you not. The storm coming over west of Sweden was going hard at us, and I shit you not.. I pulled over a bit in order to get some sleep before continue to drive, and I thought the car was going to flip over. I was happy of course, that I had roof over my head. But any time we had to get out of the car… brr, it was a dreaded moment.

But finally, at about 8am we rolled in home to Karlstad and hit the bed for like one hour.

Oh how I love touring.

// Sara


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